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Killing Me Softly


Shakespeare and Rollergirl, together at last

Heather Graham 720p film clips (collages below)










Promises! Promises!


Today the time machine is in the eighties for a bad movie, both in content and quality. The Caged Fury caps and clips come from a DVD but it was obviously just copied from a bad VHS tape. It does have 2 "Babes in Bondage".

Bernadette Williams stars and has her boobs shocked. Caps and a clip.

Then Jennifer Lane gets the same treatment. Caps and a clip.





TV Land


Over in TV Land Courtney Friel looked oh so sexy on Sunday morning's "Fox & Friends," lying down on a bed. She has great legs. Caps and an HD clip.









Notes and collages

Indecent Proposal


Demi Moore









Die Watching


part 1 of 2 from this film

Today: Avalon Anders film clip (Sample below)








There is so much on the French scene this week that it will appear over several days.

Today, Day 3 of 3

The women of Home: Adealide Leroux and Madeleine Budd

The women of Bosom: Alyse Gautier, Noemi Laszlo, Sarah Mesguich

Delphine Kergall in Baby Blues

Penelope Leveque in Sweet Dream, whatever that is.















Lily Allen, braless, see-through top


Sarah Lind in What Goes Up


Teri Polo in a bikini (where the hell has she been?)


Guinevere von Seenus

Helena Christensen

Marina Linchuk

Film Clips

The women of Going All The Way: Rose McGowan and Amy Locane

Anne Knecht in Nosferatu a Venezia

Barbara Carrera in Embryo. The quality is bad because all DVDs of this film are awful. Both Oz and Tuna were frustrated by this project. (Caps in the Encyclopedia)

Barbora Bobulova in La Spettatrice

Charlotte Lucas very naked in an episode of Midsomer Murders (s11, e1)

Emmanuelle Beart and Anja Schute in Premiers Desirs (dubbed in English!)

Inga Marie Granzow and Monica Broeke, also from Premiers Desirs

Liv Tyler and Rachel Weisz in Bertolucci's Stealing Beauty

Mary McCormick in World Traveler. Poor quality, but the best available.

Andreia Horta in Alice, s1, e5 (sample tight)