(Season 1, 2007)

Damn, I'm almost sorry that I said so many nice things about this show. There was virtually no nudity in the second half of season one. On the other hand, the one nude scene was a raunchy classic. Duchovny and the bald dude team up on a hot female boxer (Laura Niles) - until they are surprised by their wives.



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L'Idole contained Leelee Sobieski's first nude performance, and I rushed to get a French copy, that, unfortunately, was in French with no subtitles. Here is what I said at the time:

"L'Idole (2002), or The Idol, has finally been released in France (R2 PAL) at sell-through prices. It was a very long watch, as it is a very talky character driven drama entirely in French with no subtitles. I not only missed all of the plot nuances, but probably main points as well. Leelee Sobieski causes a stir in an apartment house. She is attractive, noisily sexually active, and an aspiring actress. James Hong lives in the apartment opposite her, is a retired chef, and is thinking about moving into a rest home, mostly out of loneliness. Other characters include Leelee's actor boyfriend, a landlady who minds everyone else's business, and her henpecked husband, who even has to sneak smokes.

Leelee and Hong form a friendship, based on their mutual loneliness. He cooks for her, and does her laundry. For her part, she has sex, practices her lines, and contemplates suicide. I will probably watch a sub-titled or dubbed version when and if it becomes available, to see if understanding what is being said helps, but I didn't get much from this film, other than the glimpses of Leelee. We see her nude, from the side, brushing her hair, then from the back sitting on the bed.

IMDB readers have this at 5.5 of 10. Most reviews are tepid, and question the wisdom of Australian writer/director Samantha Long taking her act to France, and making a French language film with two American actresses of different ethnicity. They made excessive use of tinting, such that we have yellow, orange, blue, and green scenes. I couldn't tell if this was done with lighting or in post prod. I will wait for an English version before giving a final score, but, as it stands, it is a C- at best for non-French speaking audiences."

It is now available from RLDVDs.com with English subtitles. It is a much better film when you understand what is going on. Leelee is an understudy, and is sleeping with the lead's husband -- rather noisily, much to the chagrin of other tenants in the apartment, but with one notable exception. Mr. Wong, across the hall from her, is taken by her, and the former chef decides to cook for her, do other kindnesses like doing her laundry, and hopefully talk her out of suicide. His fatherly fondness for her might be related to the death of his family in China during WW2. Leelee plans suicide amidst a rape attempt by a lecherous neighbor, and an apartment-wide petition to force her to move.

Leelee and James Hong give first rate performances and form a believable bond. Your enjoyment of the film will largely depend on how much you like their two characters.

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L' Idole DVD aka The Idol Leelee Sobieski

Leelee Sobieski








Rise: Blood Hunter

Another "Babes in Bondage" day today.

Lucy Liu of all people is string up by her ankles, she is topless. Kind of dark, but hey it's Lucy. Caps and five clips.

Cameron Richardson also winds up in the same predicament in much better light and she is also topless and delicious. Caps and three clips.







Notes and collages



Anne Lockhart, daughter of June Lockhart, who is commonly called "Lassie's mom." That would make Anne Lassie's sister.








Nina Moric sunbathing

Penny Lancaster whips out a tit or two for her husband, the elderly rocker Rod Stewart

Kathleen Kinmont in CIA: Code Name Alexa

If you miss her work, you'll be glad to hear that she has a featured role in Prank, a new horror film directed by Heather Langenkamp, Ellie Cornell, and Danielle Harris (Say what? I had to look that one up. It's a multiple episode thing with three different directors handling the individual segments. None of those actresses has ever directed before.) The same movie also features Abby Dalton, who is Kinmont's mother. (More info)

Don't get your hopes up on the nudity front, at least for Kinmont, who is 43 now and hasn't done a nude scene in many years.


Film Clips

Chelah Horsdal in HP Lovecraft's Dreams in the Witch-House. This was part of the Masters of Horror series, directed by Stuart Gordon, who is a bit of a Lovecraft specialist, having previously done Re-Animator and Dagon. The quality of the clip is outstanding - from HDTV in .mp4 format.