Some of you may have failed two download two or more of Brainscan's Melissa Leo collages from Streetwalkin in yesterday's page. This happened because of a coding error which I made. (Sorry.) Here are all four again, in case you missed them.

(Don't download them if you were successful yesterday. They are the same pictures.)


The Man-Eater (1999)

You can pick up the info at the Movie House. The captures are in yesterday's page. Here is a mammoth zipped .avi  (about 50 meg) encompassing most of the Loredana Cannata nudity.

Get details of the two-for-one promo by clicking on the picture below.

Uncle Scoopy Promo: La Donna Lupo DVD (Mainstream Goes Explicit)


Other Crap:


Mischa Barton Bikini Pictures (meh!)

To remind you that time and tide wait for no woman: It was only a short time ago that Nicole Kidman was a major babe.

Contreras makes it 16 in a row.

RapidShare clip of Marion Cotillard in Mary

Letterman's "Top Ten Other Changes In The United States Army"

Marshall Cheerleader In Tawdry Sex Claims

PCWorld evaluated 17 different services for online file storage.

10 Reasons Why High Definition DVD Formats Have Already Failed


Colbert makes fun of Dr. Stephen Hawking

Colbert admits he is to blame for our poor performance in the World Cup

The Daily Show looks back at the brightest moments of the World Cup

The Daily Show looks at how Butte, Montana has turned a polluted pit into a tourist attraction.

The Daily Show evaluates the USA's World Cup performance.

David Letterman's farewell to Bill Gates

"Huff" has been Snuffed

  • Apu's show got the awards, but never the ratings

Saddam ends hunger strike after missing one meal

  • Little did he know that they were going to set him free if he didn't eat a balanced breakfast!
  • One meal? I think John Goodman could have gone longer than that.
  • And the meal he missed was lunch. I'm not sure whether he was making a point or the prison cafeteria was just serving Sloppy Joes again

The North American trailer for Marie Antoinette

The trailer for This Film is Not Yet Rated

  • This film has attitude, and I like it!
  • "'This Film Is Not Yet Rated' is a documentary from Academy Award-nominated director Kirby Dick and producer Eddie Schmidt - a breakthrough investigation into the MPAA film ratings system and its profound effect on American culture."

TV producer Aaron Spelling dies at 83

  • "Spelling set a record of producing more than 3,000 TV shows."

Opie and Anthony make their comeback

Good news: fat guys are in style.

  • So grab that Snickers, put your feet up, and cancel that raquetball game, because the Jack Black look is what the ladies go for.
  • Yeah, right.

"Welcome to The Origami Underground! It is the place to find erotic origami on the web."

URL says it all:

Blu-ray bows with titles, hardware

  • I'm sorta the classic "early adopter" on entertainment technology, but I'm moving very cautiously on high definition DVD because of this format war. I don't want to maintain two new sets of DVD players, and neither format is available yet as a computer drive. In fact, if Dell or some other neutral player had a desktop with both drives built-in, I'd probably give it a shot, but no such creature exists.

"We're starting to fear that when Katherine McPhee sings at Katie and Tom's wedding she might disappear and be iced down as a back up to Katie."

"The Disney Corporation backed down yesterday after originally threatening copyright litigation against grieving parents who put Winnie the Pooh on their stillborn baby's headstone."

An (incredibly bad) new clip from Adam Sandler's Click

KERRY SETS FIRM TIMETABLE FOR MAKING UP HIS MIND ABOUT WAR ... Will Decide about Iraq "Once and for All" by Year's End. Or next June at the latest.

Ex-Pink Floyd frontman demands Israel tear down 'wall'

  • If it was a drummer or a rhythm guitarist, probably not so much impact, but a frontman? You bet they'll tear that wall down! It'll probably be down by the time you read this.

Jon Stewart asks Anderson Cooper about his new book 'Dispatches From the Edge.'

Jon Stewart explains why Klimpt's painting is worth $135 million

The Daily Show looks at the video game violence controversy

The Daily Show looks at the sale of a Klimpt painting for $135 million

The Daily Show looks at the minimum wage.

Britney - To Dye For! ... the pop princess shows up with jet-black hair.


Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Private Resort (1985)

Private Resort is about two teenage boys (Johnny Depp in his second movie, Rob Morrow in his first) staying at an exclusive private Florida resort for the weekend. Depp wants to get laid, Morrow wants to find true love. Neither counts on jewel thieves, over-zealous house detectives, Nazi hotel barbers, a cock-teasing Baba Rama Yama worshiper, Andrew Dice Clay as a womanizing Alpha male and various other misadventures.

Morrow falls instantly in love with waitress Emily Longstreth. In Depp's attempt to get lucky, he gets Morrow into one scrape after another. Hector Elizondo plays "The Maestro," a man who charms wealthy widows and then robs them. In this case, Dody Goodman is his target. She proves to be all he can handle with her kung fu skills and a liberal supply of Quaaludes. She is the grandmother of Hilary Shapiro (the Baba Yaba Rana girl), and the designated sexpot, Karyn O'Bryan. Also watch for Christopher Wynne as a Spicoli character.

Much of the humor is physical. In one scene, an ugly woman is convinced that the house detective is about to molest her, so she sics her two small, yappy dogs on him. That, in itself, is funny, but when he snaps them with a used condom, it gets me rolling on the floor every time. In fact, the first time I saw this film, without benefit of expert critics telling me how bad it was, I laughed so hard it took 10 minutes to recover enough to to rewind the tape and watch it again the same night.

In terms of nudity, it is T & A from Hilary Shapiro, Leslie Easterbrook and Vickie Benson, breasts and/or buns from several unknowns, and a long bra and panties scene with Lisa London.

IMDb readers say 5.6, but IMDb has lowered the score to 4.2. This does mark a gain of a full point over when I reviewed the VHS version. Ebert hated it, and Maltin called it a bomb. I recall seeing a Siskel Ebert episode where they were decrying the glut of bad teen sex movies where the adults were stupid and the kids knew everything. They were specifically talking about Breakfast Club, Secret Admirer and Sixteen Candles. Given my opinion of those three films, it is not at all surprising that I also disagree with them on Private Resort. In fact, critics should not even attempt to review genres they hate. Teen sex comedies are my sort of film. This one, for me, ranks right up there with Hot Dog - The Movie, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Secret Admirer, Porky's, and several others. It has an excellent cast, lots of nudity, Rob Morrow in drag, what I found to be hilarious comedy timing, and believable motives from all of the characters. The newly released DVD version has no features, but sports a very clean transfer. This is a clear C+. If you like these, you will love this particular one. If you don't, go rewatch Citizen Freaking Kane and leave me alone.

Scoop's note:

You readers may not have thought of this, because it's not top of mind stuff, but Private Resort also represents a landmark in male nudity. It features Johnny Depp naked, and Depp has gone on to become about the most idolized male star since Clark Fucking Gable. Rob Morrow also went on to become at least a B-level star, and he got naked as well.

Curiously, although Depp and Morrow hit the big time, their success fever seems to have been a disease that only affected the male members of the cast. All of the women remained enmired in genre movies, although some had lengthy careers. (Leslie Easterbrook is still at it, still working regularly and getting decent-sized roles. Lisa London and Hilary Shapiro are still givin' it the old college try.)

Leslie Easterbrook
Vickie Benson
Lisa London
Hilary Shapiro
Karyn O'Brien








"Sexy Movie" rolls on.

Mary Carey is joined by porn star Kaylynne and these two are not bashful and show all.

Kaylynn goes solo with some pretty explicit shots and you can even play the "Spot the Tool" game here.





Scoop's note: OZ is back in action, and will have a large contribution in tomorrow's page. Today he sent in some miscellaneous comments.


I've been away a few days and have only just caught up with the FH. Last Saturday, you asked about Playboy's Night Affairs. I think the IMDB name is Women: Stories of Passion. Somewhere in the archives (I think) there are caps of Beth Broderick in Playboy's Night Affairs, also by Scanman. They are the same as caps attributed to Beth in a Women : Stories of Passion episode called The Bitter and the Sweet. I've attached the relevant caps.

Sally Kirkland (mentioned on Saturday) is listed as being in Women : Stories of Passion but I have no caps to compare with Scanman's caps from Night Affairs.

I have no idea why there was a name change.





Dann reports on Nude per l'assassino:

This is my kind of murder mystery: 1975's Italian trash-film Strip Nude for Your Killer (Nude per l'assassino) may not be the best mystery ever made, but the film is surprisingly well done, and loaded with nudity.

The plot, probably the weakest part of the movie, is that a woman dies during an abortion. She is a model, and soon, the doctor who botched the operation, and co-workers from the model agency, come down with fatal cases of stabbed-to-death. The stabber is a helmet-wearing motorcyclist, and since the police are clueless, a young female photographer (Edwige Fenech) decides to do some sleuthing, aided by her boyfriend, also a photographer at the agency.

A well-done production, dubbed in English, and very enjoyable despite a fairly predictable ending. Unless you hate beautiful women naked, you'll probably like this one.

Edwige Fenech Edna Schurer Femi Benussi Unknown






Hi Scoopy

Caps from 3 Greek films!


"Loufa kai parallagi"

Iphigenia Matati

Ira Papamichael

Tania Kapsali


Joyce Evedi


"Safe Sex"

Maria Kavogianna

Vaso Goulielmaki

Vicki Koulianou







Incredibly hi-res photo of the late Margaux Hemingway

Pat's comments in yellow...

The New York Post reports that two researchers from Columbia Business School discovered that you will be happier in the long run if you give in to temptation.  They said people think it's hard to be good, but actually, most people over-control and find it harder to indulge their desires.  Their study found that when someone bought something expensive, ate sweets or slept with someone hot, they felt guilty at first.  But as time passed, the guilt quickly dissipated.  Conversely, people who denied themselves tended to regret it more and more.  By the time people reached 80, the things they most regretted weren't their "sins," but the times they ordered salad instead of dessert, or said no to sex. 

*  It's a Catch-22...What if ordering the salad and saying no to the sex
was helped you LIVE to 80?


Researchers for the Oxford University Press compiled a list of the most commonly-used nouns in English.  The top 10, from 1 to 10, were "time, person, year, way, day, thing, man, world, life, hand."  Some observations: people are obsessed with "time," which was #1, with "year" at #3, "day" at #5 and "week" at #17.  "Work" was #16, while "rest" and "play" didn't make the top 100.  "War" ranked 49th, but "peace" wasn't in the top 100.  As much as people obsess about it, "money" only ranked #65.  And "Man" was #7, while "child" was #12, and "woman" way down at #14. 

*  Mostly one-syllable words and "peace" wasn't among them? ... They must've studied George W. Bush.


A 15-nation Pew Research poll found that Muslims view Americans and
Europeans as selfish, immoral and greedy, while Americans and Europeans
view Muslims as arrogant, violent and intolerant

* At last! We're finally starting to understand each other!


Thursday, in the first sale of late artist Andy Warhol's personal
effects, his famous silver wig that reportedly attached to his head via a
snap embedded in his scalp sold for $10,800

* Who'd pay that much for a bad snap-on toupee?  My money's on Shatner.