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"The Notorious Daughter of Fanny Hill" (1966)

The Notorious Daughter of Fanny Hill (1966) is a classic titty flick produced by David Friedman and Dan Sonney. It is a fictional sequel to the then popular novel Fanny Hill. Kissey Hill is daughter of Fanny Hill, and works as a courtesan in a brothel. We see her with a variety of customers in the first half of the film with little exposure, then comes a lengthy scene where Kissey and two other women entertain three gentlemen, one couple at a time. Each of the three encounters follows the same pattern. First the woman strips, carefully showing her breasts and buns from every angle, then there is a simulated sex scene that shows nothing.

Friedman and Sonny were having lunch at the Santa Monica pier two weeks before shooting, and had not yet cast the part of Kissey. A gorgeous blonde with a Texas accent named Barbara Jean Moore walked up and asked them to buy her a hot dog. Seems she had dropped out of her senior year of college and come to Hollywood. She was broke, and had slept on the beach that night. Friedman told Sonney that they had found their Kissey. Sonney objected to a Texas accent on an 18th century courtesan, but Friedman said, "Who'se going to be listening?" She went on to star in one more film, and one short. She adopted Stacey Walker as her stage name.

There was a huge pool of women who played in these titty flicks, mostly anonymously. Some were married and supplementing the family income, but most were hoping to make a career in mainstream film. Few succeeded. The other two courtesans were credited as Lydia Farrell and Ginger Hale (Get it? Ginger ale!). Titty flicks started in the early 60's and lasted about 10 years. The genre ended with my personal favorite, The Erotic Adventures of Zorro. This film, like many of them, was a costume picture. It was easy and affordable to go to Western Costume in Hollywood (I myself did it for a High School play) and rent exactly what you needed. These were a specialty of director Peter Perry, and Friedman liked them as well, as he thought they looked great, and prolonged the excitement and anticipation undressing.

This would be a solid but unremarkable genre film, except for one thing. The DP was László Kovács. His masterful touch shows beginning to end in the lighting, photography and colors. This is the first half of a double feature DVD from Something Weird Video, who does their own restoration, then has Image Entertainment master the DVD. There is a highly entertaining commentary with Friedman, poster art, etc. There are one or two bad spots in the film, but it is mostly a flawless transfer. C+.

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  • Ginger Hale (1, 2, 3)
  • Lydia Farrell (1, 2, 3)
  • Stacey Walker (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    "Armstrong" (1998)

    Armstrong (1998) is a grade Z action film from Menahem Golan. First, the characters. We have a CIA agent/ex SEAL instructor, his wife, who completed SEAL training, an ex SEAL turned mercenary named Armstrong, and the one honest Russian military officer as the good guys. For bad guys, we have American Mafia, Russian Mafia, corrupt Russian military and corrupt Russian politicians. Now for plot. Charles Napier, the husband, arrives with Kimberly Kates, the wife, in tow in Moscow. He is there to expose a murky plot to sell soviet nuclear missiles to third world terrorists. It is clear that Richard Lynch as a soviet Colonial is one of the leaders, as is Joe Lara as the American Mafia representative, who is chief honcho for all of the bad guys. Frank Zagarino as Armstrong agrees to help the good guys, which is good for Kates, as her hubby is killed off early in the film. Unlike most of the people killed in the film, he does not reappear later.

    This is one of the weakest plots I have seen, and is full of continuity errors. The one I followed with glee was a supposedly continuous chase scene on foot, where the stunt double went from white panties to dark panties to white panties with pantyhose. On the other hand, the photography, while not tricky or innovative, is very clear. IMDB readers say 4.4/10, and as more people vote, I suspect that will drop.

    Now for the exposure. Kimberly Kates is in the shower when the Mafia, disguised as room service, knocks on the door. We know she is nude in the shower because she showers with the curtain half pulled back, and also because we can see her nude reflection in the tile behind her. No through the curtain stuff here. First, we see buns, then a hint of nipple, then a breast and a hint of pubic hair. Then she slowly climbs out of the tub facing the camera, bends over and gets her skirt, then puts it on. At this point, we know for certain she is a natural redhead, and can see more than just pubic hair between her legs. Then she puts on a sheer blouse, and spends the next 20 minutes of the film running all over Moscow in a transparent wet shirt. This is possibly the best exposure I have seen from a mainstream actress (she has 34 credits at IMDB) in a non-porn film.

    The film itself is a D+, with far too many plot holes and continuity problems for anyone to stomach, and sappy dialogue as well. You might want to rent it and watch the shower and wet blouse sequence with the sound turned off though.

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  • Kimberly Kates
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  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)
    Do you remember that poster that said "what if they held a war and nobody came"? What if you spent two years of your life making a beautiful movie, and nobody came? Ask Michael Winterbottom. One month ago, The Claim was in first run theaters, and got three and a half stars from Roger Ebert. Now it is already on DVD. Why? Well, Ebert was pretty much the only person that saw it, and I don't think he bought a ticket.

    Encyclopedia, volume H, part 5 is updated

    Graphic Response
  • Britt Ekland, topless in "Scandal" (1989).

    Susan Blakely, topless and gyno-cam views from "Capone" (1975). Not such a big deal these days, but in the history of screen nudity, this scene plays an important role because this was a mainstream actress in a mainstream movie. Link #2 has the gyno-views.

  • Susan Blakely (1, 2)

  • Mary-Louise Parker brief topless scenes from "Let the Devil Wear Black" (1999).

    Be sure to pay Graphic Response a visit at his website.

  • Oz
    Comments also by Oz:


    Georgina Cates is not adverse to taking her clothes off and in Loving, an English telemovie, she doesn't disappoint. The movie is set in England during WWII and Georgina and Sara Stevens are maids in stately home. Sara keeps her clothes on but you can see an example of what she wears underneath. Lucy Cohu is one of the upper class owners of the home who doesn't wear night clothes.

  • Georgina Cates (1, 2, 3)
  • Sara Stevens
  • Lucy Cohu

    "The Astronaut's Wife"

    Some pokie action from Charlize in "The Astronaut's Wife". Some other nice caps but no nudity.

  • Charlize Theron


    No nudity by, just some nice caps of Amy Smart she runs around in her underwear.

  • Amy Smart (1, 2)

    "Quem Matou Pixote?"

    or "Who Killed Pixote?" is the sad but true story of Pixote who was a street kid in Brazil. Luciana Rigueira is the actress who played his wife. She is topless during their first dalliance.

  • Luciana Rigueira

    "Painful Secrets"

    No nudity, just some nice caps. Kimberlee Peterson plays a teenager who has the bizarre habit of cutting herself up with razor blades.

  • Kimberlee Peterson

    "The Getaway"

    This is the 1972 version. Ali MacGraw plays the woman who will do almost anything to get her boyfriend released from jail. Not a lot of nudity by Ali, you just see some lovely sights from her very prominent nipples. Sally Struthers also shows her lovely cleavage in this movie.

  • Ali MacGraw (1, 2)
  • Sally Struthers

    "End of Days"

    The supernatural action movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. Satan. You see some lovely topless nudity by Linda Pine who plays the daughter of a priest. Robin Tunney gives the briefest of nudity and some lovely pokies as she plays the girl Arnie has to save.

  • Linda Pine
  • Robin Tunney


    No nudity in this weird movie. Rebecca Gray plays an artist's model and you see some lovely cleavage by Kristy Swanson.

  • Rebecca Gray
  • Kristy Swanson

    "Where It's At"

    You won't see much nudity in this 1969 movie, but there are some nice caps. The movie is set in Caesars casino in Las Vegas. Rosemary Forsyth plays the girlfriend of the owner. She is topless but too far away to see anything useful but you do see her nice butt. Edy Williams is one of the dancing girls and you can just see some see-through action when she is out the seduce the owner's son.

  • Rosemary Forsyth (1, 2)
  • Edy Williams (1, 2, 3)

    "The Ballad of Lucy Whipple"

    A side view of a topless Judy Gold in the PG-rated western movie. I think this was her sole contribution to the movie.

  • Judy Gold

    "Emoh Ruo"

    Emoh Ruo is an enjoyable Australian movie and there's quite a bit of nudity as Di Smith and Joy Smithers keep themselves clean.

  • Di Smith
  • Joy Smithers

    "The Rebel"

    Concluding the Australian contribution we have Debra Byrne. As a teenager, she started out as very well-known pop singer, but went through a lot of trauma in her life and in the last few years has tried to resurrect her career. In The Rebel she shows a bit of nudity when she goes to bed with an American deserter in Sydney during WWII.

  • Debra Byrne

  • Helcrom
    Today's batch from "Sinful Obsession" (1999)

    Nikki Fritz Nikki up to her usual...plenty of robo-hooter action and a little bit of bum too.

    Julia Kruis Topless with Nikki.

    Cheri Lacey This is sorta odd for a Skinemax movie...far off nudity. Amazing, but true. There is some mega-cleavage, but no real breast exposure. Cheri also shows a bit of bum, but not in the usual late night ways.

    Dana Robbins Getting back to normal with bare breasts and phony sex.

    HBS Grafix
    Valerie Perrine Going all the way back to 1972...Topless scene from "Slaughterhouse-Five".

    Margaret Warncke The private dick proving that he's a sex machine with all the chicks...I'm talkin' 'bout topless 'caps from "Shaft".

    Sophie Marceau A little breast exposure from "My Nights Are More Beautiful Than Your Days" (1989).

    and ...
    Athena Massey
    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    A familiar topless scene for fans of the B-actress. Great vidcaps by Donbun from "Undercover".

    Valérie Kaprisky
    (1, 2)

    Topless and full frontal views from "Aphrodite" (1982). Thanks to UC99.

    Linda Dona Breasts and bum in scenes from "Ricochet" (1991), by DeVo.

    Celeb Nudity News
  • Kelly McGillis in "The Monkey's House"

    Hey Scoop,
    I don't know if this subject has been brought up at all, but I was just surfin' around the Internet Movie Database for Kelly McGillis (I just saw Top Gun and wanted to find out more about her) and I came across this movie called "The Monkey's House". It came out in 2000 when it was screened at different film festivals. I read the storyline to this movie and this is what it said:

    "A lesbian private detective dives head first into murder, manipulation and the consuming power of sex."

    And then it struck me - several weeks (if not months) ago I remember watching the European news channel "EuroNews" and there was a Cinema Special (reports from various film festivals) and this movie was included and they had some clips from it - some VERY topless and frontal nudity clips! Kelly McGillis and another actress (don't remember who it was) were laying in each others arms and they were butt naked - you could see Kelly's bush and luscious breasts. I sure was surprised when I saw this.

    So I looked up other movies she's been nude in and there is this movie called "Cat Chaser" from 1989 where she has some explicit nudes (she spreads her legs), but those captures I found at this site were very dark. So "The Monkey's House" has to be the movie where we see the most of Kelly's frontal body... I think. Let me say it like this instead - "Cat Chaser" and "The Monkey's House" share 1st place on the "most nudity" list. But "The Monkey's House" has an advantage because this movie is more recent and the subject is "lesbianism" and I do think Kelly has more frontal nudity and even some love scenes, but now I'm just really guessing.

    I also checked out the release dates for this movie and to my surprise I found out there is no US release date. Here are the dates I found:

    Canada: September 13th, 2000 (Toronto Film Festival)
    Germany: November 15th, 2000 (Verzaubert Film Festival)
    UK: March 28th, 2001 (London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival)
    UK: March 30th, 2001 (London)
    Australia: May 10th, 2001
    Italy: June 1st, 2001
    Japan: June 23rd, 2001 (Tokyo)
    France: August 8th, 2001

    The running length of this movie is 93 minutes and it's certification is 18, which indicates that it must contain a lot of graphic nudity.

    I guess it won't be long until we see a bootleg of this movie out on the world wide web.


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