Cat Deeley
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Comments by NMD:
I scanned these pics from the July 1998 issue of FHM (UK), it's old but I've never seen good scans of these pics before (just small ones from the FHM website). Enjoy!

Jr's tips: The bare facts....#1 and #2, great bikini scans. #3 Very short skirt, lot's of leg. #4 Almost a fully exposed breast! #5 Just a head shot.

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Today's Page 3 girl....Tara, 26, from Birmingham
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Bonus Pics
Whyscan will be away on holiday for a week but have no fear...he's prepared a few days worth of material so all of our Page 3 fans won't miss a beat!

Onto the pics! This is Jodie from 02-09-99.
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A Jade Special!
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Plus a Kelly Burgess Special!
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Cleaning out the hard drive....
Amanda Donohoe

Ginger Lynn Allen

Ginger Lynn Allen

Ginger Lynn Allen

Gabrielle Drake

Wendy James

Wendy James

Nicole Appleton

Jenny Powell

Jenny Powell

Hellen Mirren

India Allen Today's stuff from Schmutz has a common theme...all of these ladies are former bunny babes or pets. Here is former bunnybabe India from "Silk Degrees". I haven't seen this one, but what a great b-movie line up! Marc "Beastmaster" Singer, Deborah Shelton, Charles Napier, Adrienne Barbeau, Michael Des Barres, and Luke Skywalker!
Angela Nicholas From "Affairs of the Heart". Personally I would really like to see some of her earlier works like "Galactic Gigolo" and "Psychos in Love"! Two movies with horrible reviews in the IMDb!
Cynthia Brimhall A Skinemax regular from the Andy Sidaris classic, "Picasso Trigger".
Lisa Boyle Another former bunny babe and late night cable regular, from "Midnight Tease".
Monique Gabrielle From one of my favorite skits in "Amazon Women on the Moon" is Monique as the Pethouse Plaything.
Patty Duffek Co-staring as "Pattycakes" in vidcaps from "Picasso Trigger"
Vanessa Tendler In 'caps from "Sinful Intrigue"
Wendy Hamilton Former bunny babe looking very nice, and probably very cold, in these 'caps from "Ski School 2"
Wendy Kaye From "Miracle Beach"
Eiko Matsuda Comments by Don:
Although I've been accused of doing "C" actresses, I find these caps as good a subject matter as any out there and as far as I know never been done before. For those unfamiliar with this film, it caused an international stir in 1976 and became one of the most talked about films of the 1970's. I have more to come from this, as well as a possible collaboration effort as well.

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"The Man with the Golden Gun", from Tuna

The Man With the Golden Gun (1974) was the 9th of the 007 films, and the second with Roger Moore playing Bond. Reviewers are split on the merit of this effort compared to others, but most appreciate Christipher Lee as the villain Francisco Scaramanga, a spectacular car stunt, and exotic Asian locations.

007 is led to believe that the worlds most expensive assassin, Francisco Scaramanga , is after him. He tries to strike first, and ends up involved with a new solar energy device as well. There are several unusual things about this film. First, the villain has all the great toys. Second, Christopher Lee doesn't have fangs, and gets a pretty girl. The character names, as usual, are whimsical. The character name of the unknown actress is Chu Me, the Brett Ekland character is Miss Goodnight and a Thai millionaire villain is Hai Fat. Lee is great as the villain, Moore is not quite settled in to the Bond role, and Adams looks really good even through a shower door. thumbnails Maud Adams (1, 2, 3) Unknown (1, 2, 3, 4) Britt Ekland

"Autopsy", from Tuna

Autopsy (Macchie solari 1975), directed by Armando Crispino is a whodunit disguised as horror. An intern who works doing autopsies is writing a thesis on telling the difference between suicide and murder, when people start expiring all over Rome of apparent suicides. The intern, played by Mimsy Farmer, is overworked, and starts hallucinating that the corpses are coming back to life. This part of the plot accounts for most of the unknown nudity.

She is drawn into what turns out to be a murder case full of red herrings. The movie is well-made, especially for Italian shock cinema, and the DVD version has lots of nudity. The plot held my interest, and I did not guess the identity of the murderer. It is dubbed acceptably into English. thumbnails Mimsy Farmer (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12) Unknown (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

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