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All my best memories come back clearly to me
Some can even make me cry, just like before
It's yesterday once more

It says that Blockers was made in 2018, and that's obviously true, but this is really a 1999 movie. It is a raunchy-but-sentimental R-rated comedy about high school seniors, filled with lots of candid sex talk and outrageous gross outs, not to mention both male and female nudity. (There's full frontal male nudity from the guy who played Lumbergh in Office Space!) Although this film was not made by the creators of American Pie, you would not doubt it for a moment if somebody told you that was the case. It is cut from the same cloth and even follows the Pie formula, albeit with a gender reversal.

Three senior girls, lifetime friends, form a pact to lose their virginity together on prom night. Their parents get wind of the plan and resolve to cock block the boyfriends of their innocent little girls. As it turns out, their interference is not only embarrassing for all involved, but completely unnecessary, because they have done a good job of raising their daughters to be adults capable of making good decisions. Well, that and the fact that one of the girls is a lesbian going to the prom with a chubby male nerd.

Although the plot focuses on the teens' prom night, the film is really about the character arc of the parents, each of whom learns a little more about a beloved daughter. In the end, needless to say, each of the girls forms a closer bond with the involved parent, as well as with the other girls.

The only thing Blockers lacks from the standard teensploitation playbook is an antagonist. There is no low-rent cartoon villain, nor overbearing authority figure, nor country club snob, nor obnoxious jock, nor colorful frat boy bully. In other words, there is no Porky, Stifler or Dean Wormer. Everyone in the film is nice, reasonable and tolerant, if occasionally misguided. The three boyfriends could have been drawn as malignant characters if the script had been less nuanced, but here they are totally benign: one is a romantic who is really in love, another is a harmless stoner who's just into peace and love. The third is a hopelessly nerdy hipster and choir geek who has plenty of his own insecurities and sexual tribulations, all of which are exacerbated by the fact that his first serious sexual encounter will come with the closeted lesbian. The lack of villainy makes the film richer and more human than the typical sex comedy, but I have to admit that the scheming antagonists are usually my favorite characters in this genre, so I longed for some delicious villainy here ... your mileage may vary.

The critics liked Blockers, which is kind of surprising for a gross-out comedy. It scores 83% at RT, which seems to me about 25 points too high. It's a cute movie, ribald and quite funny, good but not 83% good. Even the original American Pie is only rated 60%. A comparison of the IMDb ratings for the two films is much more reflective of reality (7.0 for Pie, 6.7 for Blockers).

Gina Gershon, although in her late 50s, seems just about as sexy as ever, and shows off her still-youthful breasts in a funny, bawdy set piece.

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"American Gods"

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Scrubs is a medical based comedy set in Sacred Heart Hospital, which follows the lives of employees and patients in the hospital. It can be considered successful given that it went for 182 episodes over 9 seasons. There was no nudity. Sarah Chalke was in most of the episodes and is easy on the eye. There were also multiple appearances by actresses such as Heather Graham and Tara Reid that made the show more enjoyable. These collages are from the fourth and fifth season, and were made in 2005 and 2006.

Season 4 Episode 13 My Ocardial Infarction (2005)

Judy Reyes

Monica Allgeier

Season 4 Episode 16 My Quarantine (2005)

Tara Reid

Season 4 Episode 17 My Life in Four Cameras (2005)

Christa Miller

Judy Reyes

Sarah Chalke

Season 4 Episode 18 My Roommates (2005)

Chrystee Pharris

Judy Reyes

Season 4 Episode 19 My Best Laid Plans (2005)

Heather Graham

Sarah Chalke

Season 4 Episode 22 My Big Move (2005)

Christa Miller

Season 4 Episode 25 My Changing Ways (2005)

Erin Carufel

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Catherine Walker in The Delinquent Season (2017)

Sydney Ray, Lauren Ashleigh, Brenda Osorno, and Elissa George
in The Everglades Killings (2016) in  1080hd

Rakel Bjork Bjornsdottir in Sparrows (2015) in 1080hd

Yulia Peresild, Anna Ukolova and Anjorka Strechel in Krai (2010) in 1080hd




Marisa Tomei in The Wrestler (2008) in 1080hd

Kim Knight, Nathalie Walker, Lori Dawn Messuri and Irina Voronina
in Towelhead (2007) in 1080hd

Knight (blonde) and Messuri (redhead)



Zuleikha Robinson in The Namesake (2006) in 1080hd

April Telek in Bounty Hunters 2 (1997) in 1080hd