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Mr Skin identified the naked actress in Sunday's True Detective (see yesterday's clips) as Jacqui Holland

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"The L Word"

concluding season six

Aesthete has now completed all the nudity from every season of The L Word

1080hd. s6e6

Mei Melancon



Waiting is a 1990 drama where Clare (Noni Hazlehurst, very pregnant at time of shooting) is about to give a birth, but there is something a little different about this. Clare is a surrogate for Sandy (Helen Jones) who would like another child with her husband Michael (Frank Whitten), but isn't able to get pregnant. Sandy, Michael and their kids head to Clare's property with another friend Therese (Fiona Press) and her daughter joining them as Therese is making a movie about the entire experience. Also joining them Diane (Deborra-Lee Furness), a fashion editor and friend who brings along Bill (Denis Moore) apparently her latest beau, but nobody remembers inviting her. As Clare is preparing for her home birth, things don't go to plan with tension between Diane and Sandy because Diane slept with Michael, Bill being outed as a doctor who would convince Clare to have a hospital birth and Clare's father Frank (Ray Barrett) is watching all this, trying to mind his own business. But, there's one more twist to the tale that Sandy is not going to like.

Feminist drama about a woman's right to choose what she wants to do with her body, but to be honest, I think it cops out with the twist in the end. There is some good things here, mostly revolving around Clare, most of the other characters seem to be there for comic effect more than adding to the drama. Very much of its time with surrogacy far more widespread and accepted than 25 years ago, but still an interesting look at the issues when not going for laughs.

Deborra Lee Furness and Helen Jones film clip (Furness collages below)

Noni Hazlehurst film clip (collage below)



There's also a quick video of Noni Hazlehurst from a short B&W film, Stations, which was on the Waiting DVD.

Sample below:

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Megan Gale in Mad Max Fury Road (2015) in 1080hd

Jennifer Davison, Franziska Weisz and Elizabeth Kinnear in The Devil's Violinist (2013) in 1080hd




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an outtake from Miley Cyrus's recent spread in Paper

here's the Khaleesi (Emilia Clarke) with her natural hair color in a bikini