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Today's 1970s clips:

Elke Sommer in Lisa and the Devil (1974)

Ellen Burstyn in Tropic of Cancer (1970)

Jane Birkin in Je t'aime moi non plus (1976)



Sleeping Beauty


No pics or clips today, just info - a long spoiler-rich review of Sleeping Beauty.

Saw Sleeping Beauty today starring Emily Browning, who dominates the screen, barely ever off screen throughout. It is an extremely arty film, delicately paced, at times fascinating, at times disturbing, but as a whole, it is disappointing. Feels a bit like Eyes Wide Shut, particularly the 'working' scenes. Emily Browning's character is a very vacant person, she is distant from her friends, she waves to faceless people and is obsessed with making money, keeping two jobs and doing some scientific research. She's not the most interesting person, she's also very callous to people close to her.

Anyway, here's a blow by blow description of Emily's sexy scenes in the film, which contains extensive spoilers, so if you're planning on watching, be warned. I may have missed minor details, but the following is as accurate as possible.

- After a hard day, Emily's character, Lucy, goes to a bar and is picked up by a woman (played by Ivy Mak) who offers her cocaine, they both snort it in the toilets. Lucy joins the woman's group which has two men (played by Joel Tobeck and Nathan Page). Lucy says she is going to fuck one of the men (or the other way around, not sure), and a game of coin toss ensues as to who she will fuck (Joel Tobeck's character), when she will fuck them (today or in a year, today wins) and exactly when they will fuck (now or in 5 hours, now wins). Scene cuts there, we see no more.

- In need of some money, Lucy answers an ad in a university paper. She goes to the interview and is greeted by a man, Thomas (played by Eden Falk). She then enters an office and meets Clara (played by Rachael Blake). After talk of her job, which will include providing 'silver service' waiting in a state of undress and remarking of her unique beauty, Lucy is told that she will not be penetrated and that her vagina is a temple, to which Lucy replies, 'My vagina is not a temple'. Lucy is then asked to strip to her underwear. Thomas enters the offices and joins Clara in giving her the once over of her flaws and habits (this part can be seen on the IMDB page for Sleeping Beauty). Lucy is told that her 'name' will be Sara.

- Lucy gets a rather painful looking bikini wax. We see her bottomless, but don't see anything.

- Lucy goes to her first job at a mansion and is greeted by Sophie (played by Mirrah Foulkes) who tell her to get into her underwear and put on lipstick of the colour of her labia. Lucy strips down to bra and panties with stockings and suspenders, but just puts on a random shade of lipstick. Sophie admonishes her, check her labia through her panties and applies the correct colour. Sophie takes off her coat to reveal her outfit, a bra like garment with the cups cut out to reveal her breasts and panties with stockings and suspenders. Later it is revealed that the panties have the bottom cut out to reveal her bum. Sophie takes Lucy to the kitchen to meet the other waitresses (about 5-6 others) who are all wearing the same outfit and look similar in appearance to Sophie. They all go to the dining room where Sophie announces what the guests are having and Lucy pours a drink for all the guests. Later, they resign to a smoking room (I assume) where two of the waitresses are on the ground, hunched over revealing their bum to all while covering their vaginas with their hands. Lucy (still in her underwear) provides further drinks and ends with Lucy being deliberately tripped by one of the guests smashing the bottle(s) she is holding. Lucy apologises to Sophie, but Sophie congratulates her, gives her some money and tells her she is not needed anymore.

- Lucy goes to her next job and is met by someone (I'm not sure who, could be Mansion Girl played by Lizzie Schebesta). Lucy does exactly as she did in the first job in regards to underwear and lipstick. The woman she is with briefly disrobes to reveal the same waitress outfit as in first job and we briefly see her breasts.

- Lucy goes to a bar (possibly the same one as before) and is chatted up by a man (played by Justin Smith). Lucy hints at what is between he legs and slightly hikes up her dress and opens her legs (which we do not see). Lucy then says that she would like to suck his cock. The man yells 'Hallelujah'. Scene ends.

- Lucy is offered a another job, but this one is different. She is driven to Clara's mansion somewhere far flung and greeted by Clara and told to have a shower, but not to get her hair wet and to put on a gown afterwards (we do not see Lucy take the shower). Lucy comes out and asked about her health and then is told to drink some tea that will make her sleep for a lengthy period of time. We next see Lucy sleeping to the point of comatose, completely naked, but under covers in bed. An elderly man enters with Clara and the man tells a lengthy story about a short story he just re-read about a man wanting to 'live' and he confides that he feels the same way and is shamed by this. Clara says there's no shame here and offers Lucy to him, but no penetration. The man strips naked and joins Lucy in the bed, he pulls back the blanket and reveals Lucy, who is covering her breasts with her arm. He pulls back her arm to see her left breast, then he puts Lucy onto her stomach and pulls back the blanket to reveal the top of her bum.

- Later that night, Lucy is sleeping in her bed naked (but under covers). She sits up in bed revealing her breasts. Then she gets of of bed and he continue to see her breasts and then her bum as she goes to a chair and puts on a pair of panties, then gets back into bed.

- Lucy gets another job at Clara's mansion. Same as before, Lucy is comatose, naked under covers, and another elderly man (played by Paul Cox stalwart Chris Haywood) enters, given the spiel about no penetration, to which he replies that he can't 'get it up' unless he has a shitload of Viagra and has someone stick a finger up his bum. He goes over to Lucy and pulls back the covers and she is lying on her back and we see full frontal nudity. He climbs atop her saying various abuse and what he wants to do to her. He gets his cigarette and looks as though he burns her somewhere in the back of her neck. He then puts his fingers into mouth and down her throat. The entire time the man is on Lucy, we see her right breast.

- Lucy gets a call from her (seemingly only) friend Birdmann (played by Ewen Leslie) who is dying, most likely from his problem with alcohol. She goes to his place and starts crying at the sight of him. She unbuttons her blouse, revealing her breasts, takes it off and gets into bed with him and he holds her.

- Lucy goes to her third job at Clara's mansion, same applies, Lucy is comatose, naked under covers and yet another elderly man (played by Hugh Keays-Byrne, been a while since he been on screen) enters. He pulls the covers off revealing full frontal nudity from Lucy. The man pulls her over and lifts her up now revealing her bum. Then he drops her on the ground and struggles to put her back on the bed.

- Lucy get a call about getting a job for another job. At her other waitressing job, her co-worker (played by Michael Dorman) asks her to a party, she declines, but he coaxes her with the promise of some drug, which she takes. The next day, Lucy is lying naked, but under covers, in her bed. She gets a call and finally gets out of bed, revealing full frontal and rear nudity and she answers her phone. It is the driver to her job. She gets dressed and leaves with the driver.

- Lucy asks Clara whether she can see what happens when she is asleep. Clara declines, but Lucy has bought a mini spy camera which she smuggles into the room. In the final throes before she goes to sleep, Lucy staggers out of bed to put up the spy camera and reveals full frontal and rear nudity. She then gets back to bed. The first man has come back for more, but this time he takes some tea as well. Clara comes in to check on things and finds that Lucy is not responsive. She tries to get her back to life, and does. Lucy is startled awake, revealing her breasts and then she sees the elderly man also sleeping next to her and she freaks out.

There is absolutely no sex in the film whatsoever. The nudity does not begin until the 30-40 minute mark of the film.

So in total, Emily Browning has 3 underwear scenes and 7 nude scenes in the film. Mirrah Foulkes shows her breasts and bum. Possibly Lizzie Schebesta shows her breasts. Also various women show their breasts and bum, most likely Bridgette Barrett, Hannah Bella Bowden, Sarah Kinsella, Stephanie Menere, Lauren Orrell (who I capped the other day from Rescue: Special Ops), Natalia Siwek and who knows others.



Film Clips

Claude Perron in Le repaire de la vouivre (2011); s1e2; 720p. See below.

Patricia Velasquez in season 1 of Rescue Me (2004); s1e4; 720p. See below.

Isaura Espinoza and Cristina Michaus in El Tigre de Santa Julia (2002; see below)

Ivonne Montero in El Tigre de Santa Julia  (2002; see below)

Anilu Pardo in El Tigre de Santa Julia (2002)




You may not have heard of Nora Arnezeder, today's paparazzi catch, but you probably will. In the next year or so she will be in a Mel Gibson movie, a Bradley Cooper movie, and a thriller starring Ryan Reynolds and Denzel. She's a French singer/actress, only 22. She looks a lot like a younger version of Estella Warren.



Avril Lavigne fell partially out of her bikini this week

Sarah Jean Underwood (former Playmate of the Month) went biking topless through Portland. These pictures are chaste, but you have to think that better ones will emerge.

Eva Birthistle in Wake Wood (2011)

Emma Bell in the Elektra Luxx (2010) special features

more of Emma's character, but a body double this time

more body doubling, this one for Elika Portnoy in Immigration Tango (2010)

Carla Gugino's nude scene in Elektra Luxx

Cloris Leachman in Crazy Mama (1975)

Linda Purl in Crazy Mama (1975)


Collages by Magicman

Esme Bianco in Game of Thrones (s1e10)

Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones (s1e10)

Veronica Diaz in The Gundown (2011)

Lady GaGa bondage

bonus GaGa

Anouck Lepere

Eniko Mihalik

Jennifer Lopez

Rosie Jones

Sofie Grabol in Oviri (1986)