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Dangerous Passion

(1990; cable TV)

Scoop's note: haven't seen it, but the two stars are Lando Kalrissian and Apollo Creed. They were both past their primes in 1990. Carl Weathers was 42, and Billy Dee was 53, which makes him 73 now. Lando is 73? Yikes!

Lonette McKee is approaching 60 now, but she is busy once again. She's in three 2010 films and one with a 2011 date - after not having had a credit for years!

Lonette McKee film clips (samples below).





Parts of this 2001 movie are boring, but the story is still fascinating, so all in all it is worthwhile. Mathematicians are trying to break the German's infamous Enigma encoding machine. To make matters worse, one of them (Saffron Burrows) is thought to be a double agent.

Saffron Burrows


Lea Seydoux in Petit Tailleur

Melissa Bacelar in an episode of Gravity

Steffi Garrard in an episode of Gravity

Gillian Glasco in an episode of Gravity

Violet Krumbein in an episode of Gravity

Deborah Twiss in an episode of Gravity

Kirsten Baker in Friday the 13th, Part 2

Lauren-Marie Taylor in Friday the 13th, Part 2

Reira Misaki in A Teacher of Driver's License School

Mao Nakagawa in A Teacher of Driver's License School

Erin Wasson

Joanna Krupa

La Alba (non-nude)



When I am asked to name the women who should have gotten naked but did not, Heather Thomas is always near the top of my list. These non-nude clips from Kiss of the Cobra will show you exactly why I hold this position.

Natalie Lisinska in Young People Fucking

Carly Pope in Young People Fucking

Olivia Williams in The Postman

Catalina Denis, Mouni Farro, and Marie-Laetitia Bettencourt in Le Mac (Samples below)

Charlotte Gainsbourgh in Persecution (sample below)

Clara Ponsot in Complices (sample below)

Emilie Dequenne in La Fille du RER (sample below)

Emmanuelle Devos in A l'origine (sample below)

Florence Loiret Caille in La Dame de trefle (samples below)

Isabelle Carre in Le refuge (sample below)

Lea Moratille in Proteger et Servir (sample below)

Lea Seydoux in Plein sud (sample below)

Linett Hernandez Valdes in L'homme de chevet (sample below)

Marieh Delfino in Penance (sample below)