No nudity on Weeds this week.



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"True Blood"

s2, e2

Anna Paquin 720p film clip (collages below)








Promises! Promises!


Today the Time Machine goes all the way back, nearly 50 years. 1963 was pretty much the Big Bang of screen nudity in the USA, after some 30 years of modesty. I remember seeing this one in a theater back then and it was considered daring at that time. The legendary Jayne Mansfield bared her breasts. On the big-budget Hollywood side, Liz Taylor showed a bit of her butt in Cleopatra, which was also in 1963. There were finally bare breasts in a mainstream American movie when The Pawnbroker was released in 1964. It was promptly condemned by the Legion of Decency.

You won't find much nudity in American flicks before that unless you head back to the early 1930s.

Caps and 2 clips.





TV Land

Over in TV Land the leg & thigh show is by Jamie Colby of "Fox News." Caps and an HD clip.









Notes and collages

"Desperate Housewives"

s4, e4

Teri Hatcher


Hellraiser: Bloodline


Valentina Vargas









Laura Albert film clip (Sample below)

Scoop's note: I have no idea what this is, but Laura looks great.







El Patio de mi Carcel








There is so much on the French scene this week that it will appear over several days.

Today, Day 2 of 3

One very large zip file of Caroline Baehr, Melodie Marcq, and Florence Denou in Sans Titre









You may remember Lucie Benes aka Lucie Benesova from the very first Czechploitation movie "Chained Heat II" (1993). While that is her only English-language movie she did have a nude sex scene in "Vekslak" the following year.

 Film clips

Other info:







More of Amber Heard in The Informers (2008; better quality this time)


Janet Montgomery in "Skins" (2007; UK TV series from BBC3)


Lady Gaga

Some bloggers called this a lip-slip (pussy lip, of course)

I don't really know what it is, but it does not seem to be her labia. It looks like she was wearing some kind of patch beneath her thong, and the patch slipped out of place. Anyway .. here it is. You make the call.

Film Clips

Maribel Verdu and Candela Pana in La Celestina. Very sexy scenes. Curvaceous Maribel in her prime. Pretty good quality. 'Nuff said.

Neve Campbell in When Will I Be Loved

The making of the Pirelli Calendar, 2010. If you liked the preview pics, you're gonna love this, even though the visual quality is so-so. I think it is a report from an Italian TV station - filled with nudity. 

Anna Breuer in Virus Undead (collages right)