(Season 1, 2007)

I'll pick up on this tomorrow. We got a little heavy on vids today with the massive contribution from Johnny Moronic.


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Chained Heat 3: Hell Mountain

This 1998 movie has absolutely nothing to do with the first two Chained Heat movies. Lots of naked flesh, though.

Kate Rodger is a topless "Babe in Bondage". Caps and a clip.


Nicole Nieth, tits, getting it on with her guy. Caps and a clip.

Vladimira Kopal having her boobs exposed. Caps and a clip.

Petra Kulikova, breasts and a flash of bush.

A bunch of unknowns showing off boobs and bush.

Caps and four clips (there are scenes of Petra in one of the clips).







Alanna Chisholm in The Chair
brandi Love in Penn and Teller Bullshit
Jamie Marie and Zoe Taylor in Bachelor Party Massacre
Nicole Marie Lenz in Kush
Jenny Wade in Love is the Drug (with film clip)
Lizzy Caplan in Love is the Drug (with film clip)






Notes and collages

The Saint


Elisabeth Shue one last time.








Lust, Caution


Here are the film clips of Wei Tang

The collages are below:




La Capture


Here are the film clips of Pascale Bussieres

The collage is below:



Sunset Strip


Here are the film clips of Anna Friel

The collages are below:



Tell No One


Here are the film clips of Marie-Josee Croze

The collages are below:



El Lobo


Here are the film clips of Melanie Doutey

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Broken Flowers


Alexis Dziena

High definition (1280x692) film clip, collages below








The Notebook


The Notebook may be my favorite romantic drama of the last few years. A beautifully written story, great acting, and just a generally well-done movie make this excellent viewing.

It's a chick-flick, sure, but it's a lot more.

The story begins with an old man reading a story from a notebook to an old woman in a nursing home. The story he tells starts in 1940 with Allie (Rachel McAdams), a rich city girl who is vacationing in the country for the summer with her family. At a carnival, she meets Noah, a local boy. As they spend the summer together, their love grows, but at summer's end, Allie's parents, disapproving of Noah's modest background, discourage any further contact. For 365 days, Noah writes Allie, but her mother intercepts the letters, leaving Allie heartbroken that Noah has abandoned her.

After a year, Noah gives up, and when war is declared, he enlists. Meanwhile, to help the war effort, Allie volunteers as a nurse's aide, and she meets a wounded captain, son of wealthy parents, and eventually becomes engaged.

What happens next is somewhat predictable, although there are several surprises along the way. Even so, this movie is so well done, you won't care if you guess some of what will happen. It's just a wonderful movie, extremely uplifting but with a sad and poignant ending, and it is a must-see.

Rachel McAdams







Caprice Benedetti in Slow Burn (2005)

Fanny Cottencon in Fanny Pelopaja


Film Clips