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Charlie Spradling Store bought boobs and late night cable...what a country! Vidcaps from "To Sleep with a Vampire".
Dame Dench
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Pappy, takes a little break from his coverage of the late night regulars to get these 'caps of Judi Dench mostly naked from 1968's "A Midsummer Night's Dream". Before you start thinking "James Bond's boss nekkid...yuk!" Let me say that 32 years is a long time! In these 'caps she actually looks like one of Captain Kirk's conquests from the original Trek.
WhyScan's Page Three Report
If Page Three is unfamiliar to you, this link describes the Page Three tradition.
Today's Page 3 girl....Nicola, 18, London.
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El Kabong
Amy Lynn A few more TV fitness babes from the Muscular Development swimsuit issue.
Cori Nadine  
Denise Paglia  
Torrie Wilson  
Jazmine More from the Erotic X film guide. Nothing hardcore, but definitely up close and personal!
and ...
Britney Spears Britney on stage during her first concert for her new album, by Stop Motion.
Karen Young More excellent 'caps from the movie "Mercy" by Hugo
Colleen from the TV show "Survivor" Comments and 'caps by Akira:
So, anyone else watching Survivor?

From "Gretchen, Colleen and Greg find a "mud volcano," over which Colleen exclaims in cute "Ohs!" and "Oooohs!" and if she doesn't have a million dollars in the form of a modeling contract by the time this show wraps, I'll be very surprised."

I too, would be surprised. She has a Kate Moss look with the elfen features. She has the upper body of a 12 year old boy but her hips make up for it.

Edie Falco (1, 2) For all of the "Sopranos" and "Oz" fans...Edie from "Trouble on the Corner" #2 has features a little breast exposure. #2 shows a little skin on the dorsal side.
Today's Topic for Debate
Shannon Tweed I saw this Scanman collage of Shannon from "Singapore Sling", and I was immediately drawn into the "controversy" surrounding it. As we all know, Shannon is one of the all time queens of straight to video and cable erotic thrillers. As we also know, the sex scenes in those movies are most often so fake they're laughable. However...these vidcaps seem to tell a different tale. From the looks of things...Shannon and her co-star may actually be gettin' it on! See for yourself.
The Funnies
Things that you'd never know if it weren't for the movies...

Large, loft apartments in New York City are plentiful and affordable, even if the tenants are unemployed.
One of a pair of identical twins is evil.
Should you decide to defuse a bomb, don't worry about which wire to cut. You will always choose the right one.
It doesn't matter if you are greatly outnumbered in a fight involving martial arts. Your enemies will wait patiently to attack you one by one... dancing around in a threatening manner until you have dispatched their predecessors.
When you turn out the light to go to bed, everything in your bedroom will still be clearly visible but slightly blue.
If you are blonde and pretty, it is possible to be a world-famous expert on nuclear fission, dinosaurs, hieroglyphics, or anything else, at the age of 22.
Honest and hard-working policemen are usually gunned down a day or two before retirement.
Rather than wasting bullets, megalomaniacs prefer to kill their enemies using complex machinery involving fuses, deadly gasses, lasers, buzz saws and hungry sharks, all of which will give their captives at least 20 minutes to escape.
All grocery shopping bags contain at least one loaf of French bread and one bunch of carrots with leafy tops.
It's easy to land a plane, providing there is someone in the control tower to talk you down.
If you are beautiful, your makeup never rubs off, even while scuba-diving or fighting aliens. However if you are overweight, your mascara will run and your lipstick will smear.
The ventilation system of any building is the perfect hiding place. No one will ever think of looking for you in there, and you can travel to any other part of the building without difficulty.
You're very likely to survive any battle in any war unless you make the mistake of showing someone a picture of your sweetheart back home.
Should you wish to pass yourself off as a German officer, it is not necessary to speak the language. A German accent will do.
A man will show no pain while taking the most horrific beating, but will wince when a woman tries to clean his wounds.
All bombs are fitted with electronic timing devices with large red readouts so you know exactly when they're going to go off.
A police detective can only solve a case after he has been suspended from duty.

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"On The Border", (1998) from Johnny Web

Well, I'm happy to say I was wrong when I said this week's new releases didn't have much nudity. The story changed when I popped this in the player. "On The Border" is a grade b film noir about the bleak southwest and a bank robbery that involves so many different doublecrosses and counter-stings that I lost track of them, in the manner of "Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels". At one point, the loot is assembled in a remote shack, and the tide turns what seems like a dozen times, as yet another shotgun or rifle barrel pokes through the door, and we look to see who's attached and who he/she is teamed up with as of this minute. Actually, the movie is as slow as can be, and some of the acting is third-rate

This film led me to speculate about the tier system of stars. I've always referred to grade a, b, and z, but this is clearly not enough levels. A grade "z" is one with nobody you ever heard of and a budget equivalent to the price of one Zagnut bar. We all know the "a" list, which includes Cruise and Kidman, Ah-nold, Harrison Ford, Julia Roberts and a few of their friends. But there are several gradations of "b". This particular movie stars Van Dien and Bryan Brown, who sneak into leads in A movies now and then, plus the chubby Baldwin, whatever his name is. I think this is kind of a B-1 group. There are obviously lower levels of B, the kind of films that star Howie Long and Eric Roberts and Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Van Dien is developing an interesting career. He's become the Grade B Brad Pitt. He's so handsome that he keeps getting roles, but he doesn't seem to have the depth to do anything meaningful. His face and body assure him of plenty of work, but maybe not any really good work.

Rochelle Swanson plays Rosalita, a Mexican lady with a Hungarian accent. There is a reason for this, believe it or not. Turns out her accent was part of the scam, and she's not really from Mexico. In fact, she's from Seattle. Even so, it seems unlikely that people near the border would be fooled by her accent, which was roughly equivalent to John Cleese's French in Python's Grail. "We already 'ave one. Oh, yes, itsa very nize-a." Of course, I spotted her Seattle origin right away from her intensive latte consumption.

The other babe is Camilla Overbye Roos, remember her from Titanic? She did OK. Her Danish accent was quite realistic, abetted by the fact that she is Danish. Seriously, she's a pretty good performer, with some real subtlety, an irregular beauty coupled with a "lost" quality, and a nice natural body. I hope she manages to edge back closer to the Titanic level.

Camilla Overbye Roos (1, 2, 3, 4) Rochelle Swanson (1, 2, 3, 4) Camilla Overbye Roos - one more just for fun. Here's how she dresses up for a walk in the desert. Like most of us, she prefers the traction you get from high heels in those desert rocks and sands, plus the five inch elevation really reduces the chance of those rattlers biting your heels. (1)

"The Last Stop", (2000) from Johnny Web

Talk about your grade "b" movies. Takes place entirely in a run-down motel which is snowbound in the mountains, and occurs entirely at night, thereby obviating the need for any beautiful mountain panoramas or any other long-distance shots. It was filmed in British Columbia, but the story takes place in Colorado. Not that it matters in the dead of night inside a motel cofee shop. It could have been filmed in Key West, using cocaine instead of snow. Anyway, as luck and movie cliches would have it, bodies start turning up, giant bags of money are floating around, and the honest cop who happens to be there is pretty much the only person in the group nicer than Stalin. Therefore, everyone and anyone could be a suspect. Yawn.

The big news here is that Rose McGowan, who didn't show any flesh, has clearly settled in the b world. This is the second totally obscure unreleased movie I've seen her in. I thought she was quite good in the other one, "Southie", but she seemed quite weak in this film, as if she mailed in her performance, her aloof manner not quite ringing true to this character.

As for the other lady, her biography on the collage says it all. Her other experience includes (I'm not making this up) entertaining her family at holiday gatherings, and high school drama. Honest - I captured the bio straight from the DVD! Check it out. Well, at least she let a breast slip from her blouse.

Rose McGowan, cleavage only Amy Adamson

"Gunshy", (1999) from Johnny Web

Discussed yesterday. Found a couple of Bullock frames. One wet t-shirt and one kinda sorta upskirt.

upskirt wet t-shirt

"F/X", (1986) from Johnny Web

Scoopy Jr has pointed out to me that this movie is the one which breaks the Bryan Brown rule, and by George, he's right. For those of you in the dark, the rule is that Bryan Brown is perfectly competent, even inspired at times, but his movies always stink. This one, however, is an imaginative and interesting thriller. Brown plays a movie special effects man who is asked by the government to stage the killing of a key witness who ratted on the mob, so that the witness can be snuck into the witness protection plan without the mob guys continuing to look for him. But, just as in the special effects themselves, nothing is as it seems. Good, fun, junk picture.

This lady is Diane Venora, a fine actress who plays Gertrude in that new Ethan Hawke Hamlet movie. I think this modest downblouse is about the only time in her career that a face and a breast are seen together.

Diane Venora

"Topsy-Turvy", from Tuna

Tuna's thoughts: Topsy-Turvy is a story about the making of Gilbert and Sullivan's Mikado. They had just had a near flop, and Gilbert proposed a libretto much like something they had already done. Sullivan refused to score it. The entire film is about the politics and process of creating and producing this operetta. I really wanted to like this film. I enjoy G & S, it won Oscars for Costume and make-up and was nominated for best art design and best set design, from the opening credits was beautifully lit and photographed, and I have an interest in "behind the scenes" aspects of show business. Unfortunately, despite great production values and good performances from all, I thought this 160 minute film would never end. I probably expected a plot, and instead got a history lesson (and one with a great deal of artistic license at that).

The exposure came from a scene that really had little to do with the plot. Sullivan traveled to the continent after putting Princess Ida into production, and visited a house of ill repute. The actress in the front in image 1 is Julia Rayner. This is not a bad film, just not a compelling story. Most of the comments at IMDB are very positive, with a few who found it a little slow and-overlong.

I agree with Tuna. I like Gilbert and Sullivan, so I awaited this movie eagerly because of the awards and subject matter, and even at that I could barely make it through the first 60 minutes. Once I got into it, I liked it, but you need to think about whether this is how you want to spend 139 minutes of your life. If you are not a G&S fan, the answer is that it is not 139 minutes you will enjoy. If you are a fan, you'll still need a some patience to extract the eventual rewards.

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