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The Dramatics: A Comedy

2015; 1920x816

Kat Foster


The Historian


Leticia Jimenez

All comments by Johnny Moronic:

Haven't gone to the VHS vault for a while, so here's two Melbourne comedy movies made by the same people and both released in 1984.

As usual with VHS updates, the quality isn't as the greatest, but both movies have come out quite well. I was reading up on Future Schlock and it looks like the original copies have all been lost and recorded over, so this may be the best it will ever be. As the filmmakers also made Channel Chaos, I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same for that movie.

Future Schlock


Future Schlock is a 1984 comedy set after the 1990 middle class uprising. Melbourne has a wall around the inner city where all the layabouts live in a ghetto while the middle class suburbanite or the 'subbies' live in perfect normality on the other side. Two people run amok through the suburbs in their Corvette, annoying all the subbies and cops while been lauded in the ghetto and they are Sarah (Mary-Anne Fahey) and Bear (Michael Bishop) aka Pancho and The Cisco Kid. They have a nightly show at Alvin's (Tiriel Mora) Hole where they sing up a storm and harass any subbies that dare to enter. After going to far, the subbies set their best two cops onto them Captain Fruitcake (Peter Cox) and Sergeant Tatts (Keith Walker). Meanwhile, during a subbies party where they were wreaking havoc, Sarah and Bear meet Ronnie (Tracey Callander), who is enjoying their antics and they decide to let her hang around, sharing everything they have and even joining in on their act. By now, Fruitcake and Tatts are closing in on Sarah and Bear, but that is exactly what they want.

Bizarre comedy, barely 70 minutes in length, that is very rough around the edges (mainly due to its low budget) and the comedy is very dicey and not as funny as it thinks it is. Some characters are overdubbed for extra comedy wackiness, but it's terrible and doesn't fit the movie at all. Full of old Melbourne comedy types from that period which at least gives it a nostalgic view, but most don't have much to do. I will say that it's a bit of shock to see Mary-Anne Fahey (The Comedy Company) and Tracey Callander (Acropolis Now) naked in this movie (although I was tipped off to this a while back). Wow, a definite nice surprise, too bad the movie is an unfunny curio.
Mary Anne Fahey and Tracey Callander film clip (collages below)

Channel Chaos


Channel Chaos is a 1984 comedy set in a television channel run by George (Clive Hearne) which is dying in the ratings, so new ideas are needed. These include a salacious game show called Showgirls Quiz featuring the JIggler (yep!) and Nudists with Leukemia (double yep...). This catches the ire of the censor Sir Ninian Richards (Peter Thompson) (Sir Ninian, the most 80s Australian gag ever) who has one hit, a terrible cop show starring Mike (Jay Hackett) and Kookie (Tim Scally), produced by Helen (Lyn Semmler) and written by Tim aka Ratface (Alan Pentland). Tim has plans to get a gig on 60 Minutes and has a file with damning evidence of something that is sure to make that happen. But he is found stabbed to death later in the day. Mike and Kookie have a crazy idea that might work and that's find out who murdered Tim as their characters and they film it. And they have narrowed down the suspects to the cross-dressing security guard, the stuttering newsreader or it could be someone else completely.

Very politically incorrect comedy, but sadly not in any good way whatsoever because quite simply, Channel Chaos is desperately appalling. Gags so obvious you almost see yourself in the writer credits and when they're not obvious, they're simply groan inducing as if 'This is the best you can do?' It even ends with the entire cast and everyone else running after the killer in a way that even Benny Hill would've pinched and made his own. So many bad gags, absolutely nothing to recommend it, not even a pointless Gavin Wood cameo. So so so bad...
Diane Fox film clip (sample below)

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