TV Recap

Game of Thrones is gone for the year, but we had several new series stepping up to the plate.

There was no nudity in the premiere of the new series of True Detective except a brief flash of an uncredited extra in a fast-cut vice bust, but this video shows all the sexy stuff from the women shown below.


Rachel McAdams

Adria Arjona

Leven Rambin


Ballers is a new series starring The Rock. The nudity in the premiere was provided by:

Michelle Vargas

Christine Bentley (? Not 100% sure of the ID)


The Brink is yet another new HBO series, this one a comedy about geopolitical brinksmanship, Mara Lane was topless in the premiere.

Naked on Stage

Here is a better clip of Amanda Seyfried in The Way We Get By (closer to the stage, clearer)


animated .gif

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"The L Word"

continuing season six (the final season)

1080hd. s6e4

Daniela Sea


Defoe's pics o' the week:

Deborah Francois in Les Femmes de l'Ombre (2008) in 1080hd

Marie Gillain and Julie Depardieu, also in Les Femmes de l'Ombre

Sandra Charpentier in Les Jours Venus (2014) in 1080hd


Film and TV Clips

Victoria Hill in December Boys (2007) in 720p