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The L Word

(Season 2, 2005)

Mia Kirshner film clip. Captures below.

I guess this is The L Word's most famous scene

unknown actress film clip




Today's 1970s clips:

Lili Carati in three films:

Professoressa_di_Scienze_Naturali (1976)

Avere (1978)

Senza Buccia (1979)


Connie Stevens in Two Films:

The Sex Symbol (1974)

Scorchy (1976)



Film Clips

Filiz Koc in an episode of Tatort called Im Abseits (2011; see below)

Franziska Weisz in Habermann (2010; see below)

Maria Ribeiro in Historias de amor duram apenas 90 minutos (2009; see below)

Laura Malmivaara in Levottomat in 720p



Anne Heche in Cedar Rapids (2011)

Elitsa Bako in Sweet Karma (2009)

Anna Beben in Sweet Karma (2009)

Shera Bechard in Sweet Karma (2009)

Sasha Kovacs in Sweet Karma (2009)

Anitra Ford in The Big Bird Cage (1972)