(Season 1, 2007)

Showtime did a helluva job on this show. It's raunchy, titillating, and fairly twisted, but also intelligent, funny, realistic, and occasionally heartfelt. Duchovny was a perfect casting choice to play the amoral, burnt-out writer who isn't quite as depraved and world-weary as he would like to imagine. The casting of Madeline Zima as his underage, lover/step-daughter was a stroke of sheer genius, because Zima possessed the perfect combination of adult and child, with the looks and talent to play the perfect little scheming Lolita. Rachel Miner was also consistently entertaining, edgy and sexy as the fetishist secretary who turns out to be quite an opportunist.

The writers will have a hard time doing a second season because season one seems like a completely self-contained story line, like a long film, with all the major loose ends tied up in the final episode. If the creative team wants to keep the show going, it will have to be with completely new conflicts and storylines.

Season 1  is now available on DVD. The film clips from the first two episodes (which have a ton of nudity) are found in yesterday's update. I got through four more today, with a disappointing lack of nudity.

Episode 3: The Whore of Babylon

Episode 4: fear and Loathing at the Fundraiser

Episodes 5 and 6: no nudity.

In my next few columns I will continue the first season until all the nudity has been exhausted.


  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


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Sole survivor


Anita Skinner stars as a commercial producer who is the sole survivor of a plane crash. She is unharmed, and even manages to score with her handsome, single doctor, but recently deceased people keep trying to take care of what the crash failed to do, much like Carnival of Souls or Final Destination.

The director feels the releasing company, which had final edit, not only weakened the film, but seemed to cook the books as well. Even though the film got theatrical distribution, did well in rental, and cost a mere $350k, the filmmakers lost money on the project!

Most of the principals were veterans of legitimate theater, and were able to get lots of favors, which sweetened the production values. Despite the low budget, the film was shot on 35 mm stock and looks very good. And it is refreshing to watch something with no CGI again -- just good, honest filmmaking.

Brinke Stevens shows breasts losing at strip poker


Anita Skinner shows her right breast making love.








Today we return for another visit with "Black Tie Nights". This one is a "Tit-A-Thon" from the episode "The Sex Sense."

Amy Lindsay returns for a little action in the tub. Caps and a clip.

Amber France getting it on with a dude. Caps and a clip.

Tiffany Bolton shows off her melons. Caps and a clip.


Rochelle Renee with some action in the sack. A cap and 4 clips.








Julie Bowe in Katze im Sack
Rebecca De Mornay in And God Created Woman
Aria Giovanni in a video called "Aria"
Natasha Gregson-Wagner in Modern Vampires
Sasha Grey in Cinematic Manipulation
Faith Leon in House Pets
Lynn Thomas in Visual Reconstruction

Peggy Trentini in Virtual Combat
Shannon Tweed in Shadow Warriors
Valentina Vaughn in Teasers 2






Notes and collages



Elisabeth Shue again in kind of a distaff retelling of Flowers for Algernon.










Over-the-top slasher with very explicit sex, violence and nudity.

Candice Lewald: coochie shots and getting gangbanged

Danielle Munro: butthole giving explicit blow job
Stephanie Schachter: topless as goth girl
Saraphina Bardeaux: very sexy

The Chair


A low budget but very well done horror released to DVD recently.

Alanna Chisholm: fuzzy topless.
Lauren Roy: very sexy.

The Four Horsemen


Movie about Iraq war veterans.


Natalie Roy: partial boob
Joanna Douglas: sexy

A Quality of Life: A Dominic Da Vinci Movie


The latest in the Da Vinci series. Ellen Ewusie from Masters of Horror plays the topless stripper who gets undressed by 22 Minutes comedian Mary Walsh. First she has to give Meatloaf a lapdance and then she gets
manhandled by bull dyke Mary Walsh. She should fire her agent.

Ellen Ewusie: Quality of Life
Ellen Ewusie: Masters of Horror

'Robson Arms'

Season III. Episode: Cherchez la Femme

Carly Pope: skivvies
Chelah Horsdal: mega cleavage

Satan's School for Girls

(2000) (TV)

Aaron Spelling remake and still PG-rated.

Julie Benz: brassiere
Shannon Doherty: pokies and cleavage
Victoria Sanchez: cleavage as dead goth girl

'Urban Legends'

Episode: Mail Mixups

unidentified actress having fully clothed sex.

'Student Bodies'

More PG-rated episodes.

Karina Hubert: nude model in episode 'Tanya'
Victoria Sanchez: partial brassiere after being forced to strip in 'The Holdup'
Nicole Lyn: cleavage in 'Boss Cody'
Jayne Heitmeyer: sexy in 'Teacher'
Brigitte Kingsley: very sexy as lipstick lesbian in 'A Gay Friend'

Cleaning up my hard drive...

Amanda Crew: bikini in Meltdown
Kristin Adams: bikini in Absolution
Shannen Carlson: top heavy bikini in Scalpers
Anna Amoroso: bikini lesbian in Insecticidal
Catherine Berube: upskirt in Human Trafficking







Katherine Randolph in Black Ops (2008)

Silke Brodinger in Inselder Furcht


Film Clips

Isabelle Blais full frontal in Borderline (2008)