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Damien's Seed

Damien's Seed (1996) is a couples erotica horror offering.

Matthew Sullivan is a PI, and Leslie Harter Zemekis comes into his office wanting him to find her missing sister, Teresa Politi. She offers enough money that he accepts the case, in spite of the fact that he had planned a weekend with his former police partner and current girlfriend Kira Reed. Clues lead to the town of Lost Lake (played brilliantly by Big Bear Lake, California), so he has a goodbye boff with Kira, and heads to Lost Lake. On the road, hitchhiker Jacqueline Lovell stops him and gets a ride all the way to Lost Lake, then asks to use his bath tub. That leads to sex, and then the investigation begins. Lovell sweet-talks the room clerk, and Sullivan goes off to the local gin mill for info, where he is told about a place in the woods where women gather. Once there, he encounters the Women of Darkness led by Shauna O'Brien and Leslie Olivan, performing a naked ritual. They grab and drug him, and then screw him. He awakes back in his own bed, not sure what happened.

Then we have a long sequence of nudity and sex, where Lovell does the room clerk, O'Brien and Olivan, Sullivan does Zemekis and O'Brien and Olivan do Sullivan again. Finally we begin to learn what is going on, and that Sulivan is more than just a hired dick.

Shauna O'Brien, Jacqueline Lovell, Leslie Olivan, Leslie Harter Zemekis and Kira Reed show everything. Teresa Politi, who is bound during every one of her appearances, is topless.

 The story could have been strong had they done more with it, and given it more screen time, but the emphasis here was clearly the nudity and sex. Jacqueline Lovell was adorable, and proved yet again that she can act as well as look cute, and that is what saved the film for me.

This, as couples erotica, is another C.

It is only available from in a dual region (1/4) in English with optional Spanish subtitles.

Damien's Seed (1996)

IMDb readers say 4.8.


Theresa Politi


Kira Reed


Leslie Olivan


Leslie Harter Zemekis


Shauna O'Brien


Jacqueline Lovell









Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama


The Time Machine is in 1988 for "Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama".

This one brings together two of the best B-Movie babes Michelle Bauer & Brinke Stevens. They start off getting a spanking and then Brinke moves to the shower as Michelle watches. Brinke is all full frontal as she lathers up. Michelle chimes in with some full frontal of her own and then breasts as she gets hot & heavy with a guy.

This DVD was not of the best quality, but hey, it's Brinke


 & Michelle



 & together








Notes and collages

Beyond the Clouds

Sophie Marceau 










Dalia Hernandez









Cría Cuervos

This is one of those movies that gets studied in film schools. In fact, if you look around you will see they do study this Spanish movie in other countries.

Ana Torrent, whom you may have seen in the great Spanish movie Thesis, played the main character when she was only 10 years old, and she did a great job.

The movie will even come out as a Criterion DVD in August, so if you like dark movies you should get this one.

Not the nicest nudity, but as it is a Spanish movie, it should have some



Florinda Chico









Two nice collections from Johnny Moronic, with film clips. If you've been wondering what ever happened to Jane March after she began to look like an adult, here's the pint-sized pipsqueak in The Stone Merchant. (Film clip)

And Julie Delpy in The Hoax, the film with Richard Gere as Clifford Irving. (Film clip)

And another from Mr. Moronic, Tamsin Ambrose and Luce Norris in Popcorn






The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

Roger Tullgren of Hassleholm, Sweden, won government disability pay
because he's addicted to heavy metal music.  The tattooed, leather-clad 42-year-old says he has lost jobs because his whole lifestyle is built on heavy metal and he needs to hear loud music regularly, so he works as a dishwasher to buy CDs and concert tickets.  The Swedish Unemployment Service claims psychologists performed extensive tests before they classified him "disabled."  His boss will have to accommodate his disability by letting him blast music at work and giving him time off for concerts, and he will get $130 (US) a week disability pay, which he says he'll use to promote his band.

*  On the other hand, he really is disabled. His hearing is SHOT. 

Dresden, Germany, attorney Jens Lorek left his industrial law practice to defend people who've been abducted by space aliens, and he has his first major case. Hotel chef Paul Hoffmann claims he was sucked into a UFO, "manipulated," and sent back as an "apprentice shaman" to "bless the city for the arrival of further aliens."  As "instructed," he closed his bank accounts, bathed nude in a public fountain and rode a bicycle naked.  Police took him to a mental hospital.  Lorek is now suing the city, saying the cops had no legal grounds to hospitalize Hoffman "because he was a victim of aliens," and "the state is socially responsible, even for alien shamans, if they cannot protect them from abduction."

*  This is insanity!  A lawyer, defending someone who CLOSED his bank accounts?!

Horror movie director Wes Craven is suing his neighbor Pauly Shore, claiming that the comic failed to maintain his pool, spa and landscaping, and the water seepage caused a landslide in his yard and lowered his property value.

* If he cares about his property value, why did he buy a house next door to Pauly Shore?


On this day in 1910, Count Zeppelin started the first airship passenger service. He offered zeppelin trips from Friedrichshafen to
Dusseldorf, a distance of 300 miles.

*  The first zeppelin should be arriving in Dusseldorf any day now.