Strange Angel

s2e2, 1080hd

Amara Zaragoza and Bella Heathcote


Heathcote (??)

Jugar con Fuego

season 1 in 1080hd

Gaby Espino in episodes  1 & 2

Laura Perico in episodes 4 through 6


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s1e2, 1920x800

Jeany Spark

Continuing with Italian movies.

These early movies often don’t show decent credits as they list the cast but not the role they play. The IMDB helps a lot but I’m not convinced it is always accurate.

The Nurse


The beautiful Ursula Andress seems to spend most of The Nurse aka L'infermiera naked
(Not that there is anything wrong with that.)

Carla Romanelli

and an unidentified women are also starkers.

 Luciana Paluzzi bares her breasts.

The Brawler

aka American Brawler, 2019, 1080hd

Taryn Manning film clip (sample below)

Inna Braginsky film clip (sample below)

Paula Beer in The Wolf's Call (2019) in 1080hd

Andi Matichak in Assimilate (2019) in 1080hd

Maria Debska in Zabawa Zabawa (2018) in 1080hd