(Season 1, 2007)

Showtime did a helluva job on this show. It's raunchy, titillating, and fairly twisted, but also intelligent, funny, realistic, and heartfelt. Duchovny was a perfect casting choice to play the amoral, burnt-out writer who isn't quite as depraved and world-weary as he would like to imagine. The casting of Madeline Zima as his underage, lover/step-daughter was a stroke of sheer genius, because Zima possessed the perfect combination of adult and child, with the looks and talent to play the perfect little scheming Lolita. Rachel Miner was also consistently entertaining, edgy and sexy as the fetishist secretary who turns out to be quite an opportunist.

The writers will have a hard time doing a second season because season one seems like a completely self-contained story line, like a long film, with all the major loose ends tied up in the final episode. If the creative team wants to keep the show going, it will have to be with completely new conflicts and storylines.

Season 1  is now available on DVD.

Most of the nudity in the series was concentrated in the first two episodes, which I have summarized below (except, of course, for Duchovny's ass):


Episode 2: Hell a Woman

In my next few columns I will continue the first season until all the nudity has been exhausted.


  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.










A director who creates commercials is in Venice to receive his award for the best ad of the year when he accidently meets a new lover. They fall deeply in love, despite the fact that he has a pregnant wife, and she has a boyfriend. He eventually leaves his wife for her but, this being a French movie, as soon as he does that, she finds someone she likes better.

The main actors, Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, actually fell in love during the making of this film, but none of that chemistry was apparent on screen. In fact, it was hard to imagine anyone even liking Serge Gainsbourg's character, let alone falling in love with him, and I found the other characters almost as unsympathetic. In fact, their three major character traits were: unsympathetic, boring and predictable. While it may be better to go through life with those three characteristics than the famous Animal House trifecta, the fact remains that "fat, drunk and stupid" make for much more entertaining cinema.

IMDb readers say 4.9.

Jane Birkin shows buns in a dark scene, and one nipple.


An unknown shows breasts in the award winning commercial.








From the Cinemax TV series "Black Tie Nights" we have the pilot episode "Date and Switch," which features lots of boobs and bush.

Amy Lindsay stars and shows a bit of full frontal. Caps and two clips.

Elina Madison with more full frontal as she poses for a photographer. Caps and a clip.

Beverly Lynne with some boobage doing it in the great outdoors. Caps and three clips.

Ander Page with more full frontal in the sack. Caps and three clips.








Notes and collages

Leaving Los Vegas

Elisabeth Shue in the feel-good film of 1995.

Or not. Good movie, though. Still the career zenith for many of the people involved.








Right Now

(A tout de suite, 2008)

Shot in grainy black and white to create a dark atmosphere, this moody 2004 French drama tells an interesting story based on an actual event in 1970's France. A 19 year-old schoolgirl (Isild Le Besco) falls for a young man who sweeps her off her feet. After hearing of a bungled bank robbery in which a guard was killed, she discovers her boyfriend was one of the robbers. After some soul-searching, she decides to hide him and his cohorts.

They sneak out of the country and at first have a great time blowing all the money. Then, tempers flare, and the group splits up. The girl ends up alone in a foreign country, and must work her own way back home and deal with the consequences of her actions.

Not too bad, although I could have done without the "atmospheric" black and white, or at least the grain, which they seemed to have enhanced. Otherwise, an OK flick, not great, but not bad.

Isild Lebesco







Jessica Biel with a hint of something beneath her loose-knit top in Flaunt



Film Clips

Asia Argento - Queen Margot (1994) I own this but never watched it after Charlie told me that all of Isabelle Adjani's nudity was a body double. Argento was only 18 when she made the film.

Two cases of accidental breast exposure from the Atomic Kittens

Greta Scacchi in White Mischief (1987)

Lucy Liu in Flypaper (1997). Crazy, creepy sex scene involving snakes. Must-see if you never have.

Mia Sara in Timecop, (1994) this time in HDTV and slo-mo.

Sara Paxton in Superhero movie (2008. Non-nude. Sample right)
Rebecca Hall in Wide Sargasso Sea (2006. Yet another take on the Jean Rhys novel. Sample right.)
Taylor Cole in Finish Line (2008. Sample right)