TV Recap

For the second time this year, there was nudity from Tasya Teles on Rogue (s2e3)

and there was a very brief nipple slip (maybe) from Pamela Adlon on Louie (s2e14)

In Johnny Moronic's section you will find Jessica Marais topless in Carlotta

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  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


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"The White Queen"


Today: episode 10

Freya Mavor


Piranha 3DD


Irina Voronina


Continuing with the Spanish language, we move to Spain.

Di Di Hollywood

Di Di Hollywood (2010) has Elsa Pataky naked

and Meritxell Laso is a topless stripper.

There are also some nice pictures of some unidentified women.


Ariadna Cabrol

and Diana Gomez are naked in Eloïse (2009)

and Laura Conejero looks lovely.

The Knot


Johnny's comments:

The Knot is a comedy that follows the wedding day of Alexandra (Talulah Riley) and Jeremy (Matthew McNulty). Following the two parties are two documentarians and both are recovering from buck's/hen's nights the night before. Along the way, each party will go through an ever growing number of comic disasters that may or may not end up in them getting married. Not really a lot to elaborate here as the plot is rather thin as it's basically disaster after disaster until the wedding, none of which are all that amusing or original. Although I must say that the movie is far more raucous than expected with some gratuitous nudity from strippers of both sexes and a fair amount of attempted toilet humour for a wedding day movie. Meh...

Susannah Fielding film clip (sample below)


(2014; TV)

Johnny's comments:

Carlotta is about a drag queen cum transsexual as played by Jessica Marais. All the dancers except Jessica are men...

Jessica Marais film clip (sample below)