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Lady Chatterley (1992):

Ken Russell's take on the D.H. Lawrence novel was not actually a movie per se, but a four-part miniseries on British TV.

D.H. Lawrence is pretty tedious reading today, and not an especially good writer. He attracted a wide audience in his own time because of his obscenity trial. He achieved the backing of the entire literary world because he fought against censorship, and that notoriety gave him the immortality that his writing never really merited. To demonstrate that Lawrence was no simple pornographer, people of great talent and reputation swore that he was one of the giants among them, thus paving the way for the controversial elements of his work to be accepted as the license of literary genius, ala James Joyce.

His work no longer needs to be defended against obscenity charges, it is no longer especially controversial by today's standards, so the shock value is gone, and his characters now have to stand alone, unsupported by sensationalism, revealed in all their tedious mediocrity and complete lack of realism. (There were far more things to consider than mere class issues. Do you think a real Lady Chatterley, raised in cleanliness, would have been able to get past the stench of the gamekeeper, or the unhygienic plumbing-free living conditions in his hut, or his undoubtedly poor dental care? I saw plenty of beautiful poor girls in the villages of the third world, but I wasn't about to have sex with any of them.)

Ken Russell specializes in literary adaptations and biopics, although his work always seems to have more to do with Ken Russell than with Liszt or Tchaikovsky or Huxley. To his credit, Russell kept his flamboyant imagery and his daffy dream sequences to a minimum in this effort, and did a pretty solid interpretation of Lawrence's work, catching the essence of the class struggle as well as the sensuality which made the work so controversial in early part of the past century.

I don't know if you'd sit through this if it were a version edited for network TV, but it's an easy enough watch in the uncensored version, with plenty of full-frontal nudity from Joely Richardson.



  • Charlie's French Cinema Nudity site is updated




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"Come Play With Me"

Come Play with Me (1977) is a British sex farce/tittie flick. There is a certain amount of confusion over this film, but I have no reason why. Bare Facts lists it as a German film, with un-reviewed nudity from Brigitte Lahaie, who is not in the film, and Mary Millington, who is in the film, her first screen appearance. There are no reviews on line, and the comments at IMDB a rather misleading. They describe it as a terrible sex film/comedy, with bad male comedians, a weak plot, awful songs, and almost no nudity. I will give them most of that, but if this is their idea of no nudity, I have got to get access to their film library.

Mary Millington shows everything, both in the film, and during a 7 minute retrospective of her career, including a girl/girl scene. Sue Longhurst shows breasts in a lengthy sex and food scene, and more unidentified actresses than I could count showed everything from breasts to full frontal throughout the film. Although Millington was far from the star, she was the most notable cast member. She was hugely popular throughout her 26 year career, which sadly ended when she took her own life.

The plot, such as it is, goes something like this. Someone is counterfeiting 20 quid notes that are nearly perfect, Some minister fears the government will fall if the guilty ones can't be caught. They enlist the aide of a stripper/agent (Longhurst), figuring that a strip joint is a likely place to pass the bills (and see some naked women). Meanwhile, the counterfeiters are holed up in a so called health spa in Scotland which has no business, where they can make a new press run in peace and quiet, but, when the owner's nephew shows up with a busload of strippers, starts ads saying Come Play with Me, and has the girls entertain the guests, the place becomes far from quiet.

The IMDB score is 3.3 of 10, but based on only 17 votes. The film was a huge commercial success when released, running for 4 years straight in London's West End. It claims to be the earliest example of full-frontal nudity in British film. The biggest negative was the audio, which was very mushy. The 4/3 transfer was not bad for a film of that age, with good saturation, and very little dust or dropouts. This is a solid C. The entire purpose was to show naked women, and, as you can see by the images below, they did exactly that. There is a rumor that 4 hard-core scenes were shot, but never shown.


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  • When Celebs Look Ugly

    Interesting series from the News of the World tabloid. Various pics of celebs without their make-up and glamour, showing their zits, their cellulite, giant feet, poor posture, or whatever.

    Liz Hurley with turkey neck

    Madonna without make-up

    Anna Friel falling out of her blouse, Jordan with cellulite

    Jerry Hall - extreme cellulite

    J-Lo nip-slip in front of children

    Hurley nip-slip, Meg Ryan's sasquatch feet

    Gwyneth Paltrow and Britney Spears looking awful, nip-slip from Tamara Beckwith

    Kidman nip-slip and some really ugly feet from Liz Hurley

    J-Lo cellulite

    Lisa Kudrow looking just awful

    Courtney Cox cellulite and surprisingly thick legs

    Sophie Anderton falls out of her blouse, Baby Spice looks 50 years old and 50 pound overweight

    Naomi Campbell forgets her anti-perspirant

    A close look at Cameron Diaz's complexion

    Michelle Collins nip-slip

    Pop diva plumber's crack

    Bunions, cellulite, and more

    Appleton's apples fall out

    Naomi Campbell nip-slip

    Jane Fonda looking like Frankenstein's monster

    Amanda Holden with "carpet burn" on her knees

    Gillian Anderson looking very unglam

    Kate Moss falls out

    Pop diva unrecognizable without make-up

    What you would see if you woke up next to Courtney Love. Kobain suicide explained.

    As mentioned yesterday, there ought to be some sort of directory of babes who played strippers, with chapter and verse of which movie, which scene, which babe.

    Here are several more to add to the file, from a film called Dragon Fire


    Sherry Stringfield On NYPD Blue - True Confessions ( 1, 2, 3, 4 )

    Amy Brenneman in the NYPD Blue pilot ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 )

    Katherine Towne in the Anarchist's Cookbook ( 1, 2, 3, 4 )


    Dann captures Isabel Sarli in Fuego. His comments:

    "People that follow my work know that I love to do oddball films. This 1969 Argentinean film certainly qualifies. Miss Argentina 1955 Isabel Sarli stars as a nymphomaniac who is sexually insane. She has both a husband and a lesbian lover, yet she still can't get enough. This was directed by Armando Bo (who also wrote and co-starred in it). They called him the "Russ Meyer of Argentina". Sarli made 27 pictures with him, and was also his lover. The film is hilarious, because it's campy, kitschy, and over/badly acted. Everything is exaggerated (including Sarli's huge breasts and nipples). It's a wild film. Apparently, the film master they used for the DVD was in pretty bad shape, because you'll notice tons of scratches, dirt, and artificating on the collages, although I cleaned up as best I could, but even with the poor quality, I thought this was worthwhile to do, because the film was so strange. :-)