Sob Pressao

s3e3, 720p

Aline Deluna

Nanda Felix

season 1, 1080hd

Ana Layevska, Florencia Rios and unidentified

Layevska and Rios are in the lesbian scene. I don't have an ID for the hetero scene.

s3e1, 1080hd

Jasna Fritzi Bauer


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"Cable Girls"

s3e4, 1920x960

Maggie Civantos and Nadiade Santiago

Continuing with Italian movies. These early movies often don’t show decent credits as they list the cast but not the role they play. The IMDB helps a lot but I’m not convinced it is always accurate.

Seven Deaths in the Cat's Eye


Doris Kunstmann bares her breasts in Seven Deaths in the Cat's Eye aka La morte negli occhi del gatto

and Jane Birkin shows some see-through nipples

Salt on our Skin

1992, 1080hd

Greta Scacchi film clip (collages below)

Mariu Fernandez in El amor menos pensado (2018) in 1080hd

Caroline Portu in Ghost Light (2018) in 1080hd

Martha Higareda

Sydney Sweeney