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Verdades Secretas is a Brazilian soap opera.
Alessandra Ambrosio did a kinda/sorta nude scene last week.

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"The L Word"

concluding season five ...

1080hd. s5e12

Kate French

Katherine Moennig and Clementine Ford

Continuing soft-core time and good old-fashioned naked ladies, and not much else.

Curse of the Erotic Tiki

Curse of the Erotic Tiki aka Bikini a Go Go (2004) has a few naked ladies:

Beverly Lynne

Cailey Taylor

Nikki Fritz

Stacy Burke

Some not identified

Charlie's Farm


Charlie's Farm is a slasher horror movie where a group of friends decide to go on a road trip, but this time to somewhere other than the beach. Friends Donkey (Sam Coward) and Jason (Dean Kirkright) convince Jason's American girlfriend Natasha (Tara Reid) to go in land to a ranch, but they really want to go to Charlie's Farm, a place where backpackers have apparently gone missing because Charlie has become a psychopath after his parents are slaughtered by the townsfolk because they were murderers or so the legend goes. Natasha gets her friend Melanie (Allira Jaques, a regular in the director's movies) to come with them, which pleases Donkey as he has a crush on her. On their way to the farm, they stop off at a pub and cause trouble when mentioning Charlie's Farm, even laughing off a warning from one of the locals and Jason's father (Kane Hodder). Now the girls know that they are making a stop at Charlie's Farm and reluctantly go along with the plan. After spending an uneventful night at the farm, they are joined by a couple of backpackers and they all go off to do some exploring of the farm. But, Charlie (Nathan Jones) has been waiting the whole time and now he's going to make these trespassers welcome with the help of his trusty scythe.

Derivative slasher obviously made for the overseas market (horror faves Bill Moseley and Kane Hodder have cameos, Tara Reid is one of the leads) that owes a lot to Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the entire back story is pretty much a rip off of TCM) that takes about an hour to get to the killings, so there's a lot boring build up before, I have to say, a pretty decent body count. But, there's nothing new here and as I said, takes forever to get to the pay off.

Madeleine Kennedy clip. Sample below

Film and TV Clips

Vahina Giocante in The Blonde with Bare Breasts (2010) in 720p

Lots of naked Russians in The dawns here are quiet (1972) in 1080hd

Faye Dunaway in Doc (1971)

Pics and Collages

a few from Celebrity Bottoms

Linnea Quigley in The Return of the Living Dead

Madison McKinley in Orange is the New Black

Marie-Sophie Berthier in Fete de Famille

Monika Tilling in Reality Show, s1e3

Nicole Kidman in Malice