TV Round-Up

Here is the final clip of Carlee Baker and Anya Monzikova in episode three of "Femme Fatales." The episode is titled "Something Like Murder."



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The L Word

(Season 1, 2004)

Katherine Moennig film clip. Captures below.




Lingerie Football League

The official lineup for the new Canadian franchise teams will be announced on July 1, Canada Day but Toronto Triumph has already twittered who's showing up for their training(-bra) camp. First lesson is to shave their bikini lines to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.

Krista Ford: niece of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is the team captain.

Annie Silvestri: from the looks of it she's the wide end.

"Raymi the Minx" +

Lauren White, a.k.a. ultra-prolific personal blogger Raymi the Minx has posted 100s of topless candid photos of herself for the past decade on Here's a collage of some of the saucier full nudes.

Speaking of the internet, an early lesson is to always wear underwear when wearing a short skirt so no embarrassing photos appear on your friend's blog. Here's a Nicole Arbour upskirt circa 2007.

"Vancouver riots"

The chick photographed making out during the Vancouver riots last week has been IDed as Vancouver resident Alexandra Thomas

"Miss Universe Canada"

There are two pageants, Miss Canada International and Miss Canada Universe. The difference is the Miss Universe Canada contestants wear more revealing clothes. Some of them become later lingerie models and strippers while the Miss Canada International contestants become trophy wives and politicians.

Ashley Burton: plunging neckline in 2007 Miss Universe Canada evening gown walk.

"The Hitchhiker"

season 5

Season 5 of the 1980s Showtime series never aired in Canada but is currently airing on the USA Mystery network. There is a debate whether the Mystery episodes are syndicated (that is nude scenes are reshot for US market with the actresses still in their underwear to eliminate any nudity). Many actresses who played hookers and strippers in season 5 were nude in other roles.

Nadia Capone: very sexy in episode "Coach."

Sabrina Boudot: underwear as stripper in episode "Hit and Run." (Third party film clip)

Heather Smith: underwear as stripper in episode "Hit and Run." (Third party film clip)

Eleonora Barna

She was nude in several Canadian indie films. Since moving to Los Angeles most of her roles are either strippers or hookers, but none of them have required being nude.

Eleonora Barna: underwear as stripper in Charlie Valentine.

Eleonora Barna: underwear as stripper in Ninja Cheerleaders.

Erica Day

She is the opposite of Barna. After several bit roles in Canada she moved to Los Angeles and has been frequently nude.

Erica Day: topless as Professor Boob-ie-rae in Frat Party.

Echo Beach: the Movie

(2009, straight-to-video)

Danielle I. Szlawieniec-Haw: Canada's most naturally stacked actress showing a lot of cleavage in a bikini made from two circus tents.

Beyond Sherwood Forest

(2009 TV movie)

Katharine Isabelle: much more nudity than usual from the Ginger Snaps star but some of the shots must be an uncredited body double.


episode: "Hollywood Make Up"

The season two premiere starts with Emily Perkins being very pregnant and then her character disappears for several episodes. So does the Ginger Snaps co-star actually have a bun-in-the-oven in real life?

Emily Perkins: pregnant as a guppy.

Do You Know Me?

(2009 TV movie)

Gina Chiarelli: sexy as crack-ho mother.

"Single White Spenny"

episode: "Monkey Love"

Amanda Walsh: a lot of cleavage.

Nikki Payne: Canadian female comedian and Single White Spenny co-star won't be doing any nude love scenes as her signature lisp is so bad that she can't say "sexual liaison" without flooding the floor. But this hands-over-boobs pose is from her MySpace page.

"Dual Suspects"

episode: "Date With Danger"

This is the third season of the true crime series Cold Case, but it seems the producers are stealing episode ideas from another series Forensic Factor.

Lindsay Lyon (not to be confused with Lindsay Lohan) in underwear as the obligatory stripper.

Final note:

Sibel Kekilli being nude in Game of Thrones is nothing new to the German crowd. A decade ago this Turkish actress did some German hardcore under the name "Dilara," and the following collages come from the Funhouse, courtesy of the Greek contributor, Melaninis.



Brainscan's mailbox:

Another ID for a Brainscan clip: the brunette making love to Barbara Bouchet in yesterday's clip from Amuck is Rosalba Neri.


Today's 1970s clips:

Lauren Hutton full frontal nudity in My Name is Rocco Papaleo (1971; sample below)

The legendary Chesty Morgan in Deadly Weapons (1976)

Carroll Baker in Paranoia (1970)



In Her Skin

(Somewhere between 2007 and 2010 ???)

Let's head to a troubled Australian production.

In Her Skin (aka "I Am You") is an Melbourne-based drama based on the shocking true story of the death of Rachel Barber (Kate Bell), a bright, bubbly, talented 15 year-old dancer who was murdered by her former neighbour Caroline Reid (Irish actress Ruth Bradley with a pretty decent Australian accent). In March 1999, Rachel's father (Guy Pearce) is waiting to pick up his daughter from the tram as usual. But, she does not arrive. He calls his wife (Miranda Otto), who is frantic. They do the usual ring around and it turns out that her dancing partner boyfriend Manny (Khan Chittenden) has held back a snippet of info in that Rachel told him that she was going to do a 'job'. Thinking the worst, the parent call the police, but they follow the usual procedure of missing persons. Across town, former neighbour of the Barbers, Caroline Reid, is living in an flat paid for by her father and works in an admin job. And she has serious mental problems including major body issues. Although her boss (Justine Clarke) is caring enough for her in light of her parents' (Sam Neill and Rebecca Gibney) desertion, she is getting worse. She hatches a plan to get the one person that she finds beautiful, Rachel Barber, and kill her. She does so by offering her $500 and some clothes to participate in a psychological exam. Then she strangles Rachel to death and disfigures her, later burying her on her parent country property. In the days after the disappearance, the Barber are rebuffed by a heartless police system, but with the help of a Federal police officer in the Missing Persons Department, they finally find out that Rachel was murdered by an increasingly unstable Caroline. This murder is pretty famous in Melbourne as it's such a shocking murder and the story behind it is heartbreaking. The murderer still seems to have no real reason for killing Rachel (and the film doesn't add any new light on that either).

In Her Skin is incredibly brutal and honest in its depiction of Caroline's problems, and the murder recreation is very ugly. It's a very grim film that is more about the Barbers and their unwillingness to give up finding out what happened to their daughter. Great all-star Australian (well, you know what I mean) cast and well told, but not an easy watch either.

In Her Skin looks like being a long way off getting an Australian release. The film was made in 2007, finished in 2008 and then ran into a legal battle between the money providers and the producers that involved a savage recut (thankfully, the film I saw was as intended). The legal battles ended early last year, but the film has been in limbo since, finally getting a token release in North America. Personally, I think the film would work better now as a TV movie in Australia. It has an all-star cast, would get a wider viewership and might even make some money back in sales. This story is so far out of the consciousness that I doubt it would do anything in cinemas now, plus Australians don't go to
Australian films anyway, but strangely will watch Australian drama ...

Ruth Bradley film clip (collages below)


Kate Bell film clip (collages below)



Film Clips

Marie Vinck in Smoorverliefd (aka "Madly in Love"; 2010; see below)

Veerle Dobbelaere also in Smoorverliefd. See below.

Wine Dierickx also in Smoorverliefd. See below.



J-Lo's boobie fell out of her top on German TV. Here it is in HQ

The paparazzi caught Ginger Spice (Geri Halliwell) changing in Cabo

Lee Ann Rimes didn't get caught naked in Cabo, but showed some nice flesh in a bikini

Jena Malone posed for various nudes for S magazine. The full frontal is an outtake, but what an outtake!

The ever-naked ever-odd Paz de la Huerta

Asa Karlin in Birthday (2010)

Julie Gayet in Traceless (2010)

Another pictorial summary of a porn parody. This time, The Hulk XXX