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My Bloody Valentine


Betsy Rue in HD (1920x1080) film clip (collages below)








TV Land

It's an all TV Land edition Today.

But not to worry we do have nudity from this UK TV drama "Footballers' Wives." Zoe Lucker looks very sexy then shows the boobs in a sex scene on an airplane with one lucky dude. Caps and a clip.


Also a little leg from Jennifer Lopez as she is interviewed by Diane Sawyer (who still has great legs too) on "Good Morning America." Caps and a HD clip.









Notes and collages



Paula Marshall


The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington


Pamela Zinser









Sweet Sixteen


Aleisha Shirley film clip (Sample below)







Friday the 13th


I was under the misimpression that the new Friday the 13th was a remake of the original 1980 horror classic. It isn't. It is actually just another sequel, although they didn't give it a part number or sub-title. If anything, it is a compression of the first two.

The first two minutes of the film actually does recap the original story, where in 1980 a distraught mother blames the counselors at Camp Crystal Lake for letting her handicapped son drown, so Pamela Vorhees kills them all. But just as Pam is about to off the last counselor, the girl picks up a machete and cuts off good ole' Pam's head. Unknown to anyone, young son Jason, not dead at all, watches from the trees and later retrieves his mother's body and the machete.

Now we move to present-day where a group of friends is camping in the woods near Camp Crystal Lake, looking for a field of pot that is supposed to be growing there. They find the pot, but unfortunately, Jason finds them.
After a few weeks, a new group of young friends comes to a luxury vacation home at the lake owned by one guy's father. They are planning to seriously party, but a guy on a motorcycle, brother of a girl from the first group, shows up with missing flyers, looking for his sister. That doesn't dampen the group's enthusiasm, but Jason does.

Despite the hype, this effort is no different from the many sequels that have come out since 1980. It is fun, bloody horror, but no trails are blazed here. It did have some nice nudity, however, more than most of the "Friday" flicks. The caps are from the Blu-ray version.

Willa Ford Julianna Guill America Olivo







(season 2 - uncut DVD version)


Alright, it’s been out for a few weeks now, but it takes time to get around to these things. And then you gotta rewatch the series, even though you didn’t really like the series anywhere near as much as the first series. And then you have to go and compare all the videos you made off the TV version and the ones off the DVD and that’s a whole heap of fun …

The differences between what was aired and what is in the final cut are relatively minor. I found that there were four different or extended sex scenes in the entire series, all seem to be because there was a bit more ‘thrusting’ during the scenes. Some changes are only a few frames long. Some are completely different cuts of the scene.

The changes are as follows:

Scene 1 – Episode 3 – Anna Hutchison
Very brief change to this scene. The UNCUT version has less than a second of added footage, all to do with thrusting. A little bit more nudity too…

Scene 2 – Episode 3 – Anna Hutchison
This scene seems to be a different version to the one that aired. In the UNCUT version, there’s some more pouring of champagne and some breast sucking (to get some champagne off, that’s all gee…). There’s some more thrusting and a blurred scene with more nudity. And finally there’s more breast sucking. In the TV version, she drinks some champagne, more close-ups with no nudity and a different version of the blurred scene from a different angle.

Scene 3 – Episode 4 – Ellie Cork
There’s more sex and nudity at the start of the scene and a bit more bouncing breasts.

Scene 4 – Episode 10 – Leonine Smith
Almost a completely different scene. The UNCUT version has a lot more bouncing breasts and a fair bit more nudity. The TV version has a camera that seems to move more in a blurred state (more than usual…) and an extra shot of blurred breasts.

Here are film clips of the four new versions of the scenes.

In other scenes, there seems to be more blood. Both the George Freeman shooting and Les Kane murder seem more violent. I don’t know about anything else. There are no extra scenes added to any episodes.








Some new collages:

A gallery of Tori Spelling in a see-through bikini


Christina Ricci in Prozac Nation

Ali Larter in Varsity Blues

Shannon Elizabeth in American Pie

Lisa Arturo and Denise Faye in American Pie 2

Cerina Vincent in Not Another Teen Movie

Katie Holmes in The Gift

Charlize Theron in The Devil's Advocate



Film Clips

Amy Adams - VERY brief topless flash in Sunshine Cleaning (sol-mo versions also included in the .zip file)

Erika Anderson in Zandalee (extensive nudity)


Sarah Lind in What Goes Up (sample right)
Jilena Cori in What Goes Up (sample right)
Mina Tander in In Jeder Sekunde (samples right)