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Comments by Snappy Pappy
In the US, Showtime has three skin shows that regularly air late night every other day or so. These are "Red Shoe Diaries," "Beverly Hills Bordello," and "Women: Stories of Passion". Once in a while, we're treated to an episode of "Hot Springs Hotel," but that seems to be out of their regular rotation. Out of the regularly aired shows, "Beverly Hills Bordello" is where you'll find the most fake boobies. They're laden all over every episode. Every episode also seems to deal with a guy who has a problem with his prostitute. So he gets aided from another prostitute to solve his problem with the first one. If it's not the guy that's having the problem in the relationship, it's the prostitute, who then has to get "tips" from a more experienced prostitute. Also featured in every episode is an appearance by the head honcho of the bordello, Madame Veronica Winston. In the four years this show has been on the air, three different women have played this role: Nicole Gian, Monique Parent, and Gabriella Hall. That has to be the quickest re-casting since the new Batman movies or the Bond flicks. And Hall was the oddest choice since she had already been on the show numerous times (including this one) as various prostitutes. Maybe "Veronica Winston" is a title that you have to earn at the bordello, like "Queen" or "President" or "Employee of the Month".

Scans of Cindy and Jenny from the new Entertainment Weekly.

Lisa Faulkner From a back issue of FHM (Jan 1999). Great stuff if you're either a leg, or butt guy.
WhyScan's Page Three Report
If Page Three is unfamiliar to you, this link describes the Page Three tradition.
Today's Page 3 girl....Sarah-Jayne from 03-09-99 (1, 2, 3, 4)
El Kabong
Emily Lloyd A great find from Celebrity Sleuth. Here is Emily in a see-thru vinyl top.
Holly McPeak The rest of these are all from SI for women, and feature athlete babes in swimwear from various sports. Holly...Beach Volleyball
Jeanette Lee Comments by El Kabong:
Billiards is a sport? This pic doesn't do her justice. If you've ever watched pro 9-ball on ESPN, you know that when Jeanette bends over the table to shoot, it's magic.
Pru Jeffrees Surfer
Shannon Dunn Snowboarder
Sonja Scheiffler Wake boarding, and hormonal therapy.
Catscan Caps
Bridgitte Lahaie
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Bridgitte Lahaie and Franca Mai
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Various Girls

Various Girls

Vidcaps from the Jean Rollin film "Fascination". If you're on the younger side of the Scoopy fence like me, then late 70's French cinema has all of the appeal of a rectal exam. Basically if a movie is not in theaters or on Skinemax, then what's the point. Our Gen-X attention spans just aren't long enough to consider such things.
However, as a fan of movies, I will say that despite the extreme pretension I personally have witnessed in most French movies, I must give the French points for nudity. And besides...isn't that why we are all here?!
Some may recall seeing Bridgitte Lahaie in "Henry & June" as Henry's whore. Even if you have no clue who she is, I must give these 'caps the highest recommendation. Why? Well because quite frankly within these 'caps you will see one of the most perfect sets of breasts ever!
and ...
Russian Weather Girls! From FR. Ok, so tell me who gets the better deal. The Russians get nekkid chicks, and we get Willard Scott!
Deborah Shelton Great topless 'caps by Don Juan. Sorry folks, don't recognize the movie.
Bernadette Peters A rare glimpse of some breast exposure from the Tony award winning actress in "Pink Cadillac". Oh and by the way Clint, I forgive you for this doing that movie. I'm sure someone needed an operation or something. But "City Heat" on the other hand....

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"Straw Dogs", from Tuna

Tuna's thoughts: They did a beautiful job on the DVD, producing a large number of excellent images of Susan George. I find this a very well made film, but a disturbing story. It is the story of an American mathematician (Dustin Hoffman) who rents an English farmhouse for a year with his young wife in her home town. He hopes the country quiet will help him with the studies for which he has received a grant.

Hoffman is a wimp, a pacifist and a loner. His wife (Susan George) is also easy to intimidate. When she is seduced by an old boyfriend, then raped by his buddy, and then the town folk decide to break into their home, Hoffman finally has had enough, and snaps. Good performances, lovely settings, great transfer, and compelling story.

thumbnails thumbnails thumbnails Susan George (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48)

"Disturbing Behavior", from Johnny Web

I don't even remember the movie, even though I watched it a few months ago. Maltin rated at a BOMB, and said it was just a sop to the teen-bucks crowd. Yeah, he's probably right. But I wanted to do a couple of things here.

First, some people on the message board requested the Katie Holmes deleted scene, so I thought I'd give it another look. Snowblind, feel free to post it if you care to. Strange scene. That bump on the lower left - is it a nipple? Whatever it is, it was blue before I started to color correct it. Perhaps a piece of tape over her nipple? I don't know.

This is another strange interpretation of "widescreen". Look at the standard and the widescreen version side-by-side. Notice anything unusual? The both start and end in the same places, despite the ratio difference. The widescreen is just the standard version stretched out like silly putty until it reached the theatrical aspect ratio, then shrunk back in its new aspect ratio to a width of 720. Brother! I thought the No Way Out DVD was bad because the widescreen was just the standard version trimmed on the top and bottom with no additional right or left visibility, but this one really takes the cake. This is just a deleted scene, but still! By the way, this one, like "No Way Out", is an MGM DVD.

Holmes in the deleted scene. both versions compared

"The Erotic Adventures of Zorro", from Johnny Web

I only did a couple of screen shots that I liked. After all, Tuna did do 200 images from this film only a couple days ago! I thought I would chat a bit about the film and its producer, the exploitation king, David F Friedman. I don't know how many of these second features and grade b's he produced, but a lot. If you went to drive-ins back in those days, you've probably seen his movies, ranging from "Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS", to "The Ribald Tales of Robin Hood", "Trader Hornee", the "Long Swift Sword of Siegfried", and others. But that was only a small portion of his career. He told his remarkable story in not one, but two autobiographies. The first, "A Youth in Babylon", concentrates on his carny days and his early partnership with Herschell Gordon Lewis, producing first nudie flicks, then the gore films that made Lewis' name synonymous with splatter. Friedman and Lewis split up in 1964, and the solo part of Friedman's career is covered in the second book, "Kings of Babylon". I found references to "Kings of Babylon", but could not actually find any source to buy the book, either new or used. The first volume is available in large paperback format.

The early days of exploitation films were ... shall we say exploitative? Many of the participants came into the business from the carnivals, and the actual filmmakers learned their trade in the Army Signal Corps. The circuit was independent indoor theatres at first, where the roadshow and the gimmicks were often more important than the movies. No one admitted without a vomit bag. As the drive-in age emerged, the shows had an expanded base of operations, and they were able to add fireworks, playgrounds, and other inducements. Very often the gimmick was the entire show, and the movie turned out to be dreadful, sometimes with no nudity at all.

As the fifties eased into the early 60's, the drive-ins and independent indoor theaters became the circuit for soft-x films, like Zorro. Friedman was probably the undisputed king of this genre. These usually included plenty of nudity, but in theory the sex was only simulated, with no close-ups. Zorro is the most explicit one I can recall, as there is one good look at Zorro's alternate sword in the fully extended position, and an rear/overhead shot of Zorro-on-top sex that appears to be real, not simulated. I don't know if these shots were in the theatrical release, or were added back in for the DVD. There is a trailer on the DVD which includes more explicit footage than any in the feature, and implies that they tinkered with a hard-x version.

The things that make Zorro extraordinary are as follows: The sets are as good as any sets in a multi-million dollar picture. Of course, they should look that good because they came from a multi-million dollar picture, namely King Vidor's "Duel in the Sun". The set from the 1946 picture was still sitting there on the Selznick lot nearly a quarter of a century later, and Friedman managed to wrangle it for his main set. I suppose that set included some interior appointments as well, I don't know, but they did a great job at finishing it off. Look at the third image below. Look at the beautiful backdrop, with the book set in the alcove and the reddish-brown light. Very impressive detailing in the shot. So credit King Vidor of the shell of the set, but the producer and director finished it off impressively. The music is terrific. The entire score is a simple flamenco guitar motif, but perfectly handled. The score perfectly accentuates the mood of the scenes, and provides appropriate stress for the dramatic moments, without ever descending to the soap opera organ level. I thought the score was as good as 95% of studio releases. The script is often quite funny, and some of the actors have the polish of top performers. Zorro is no great actor, but he is graceful and convincing in the horse- and sword- playOf course, some of the others are not so adept, and some of the comic relief is played very broad, but the good moments are quite convincing. Friedman made this movie for $76,000, and that was about triple the normal budget for these

Robyn Whitting (1, 2, 3)

"She-Freak", from Tuna

Tuna's comments: She Freak (1967) is universally hated judging by the IMDB comments. It is the story of a poor white trash waitress in a greasy spoon who joins the carny to better herself. She starts as a waitress, but soon seduces and marries the head of the "Freak Show." By the way, they are not called freaks in carny lingo, but "human odities" and it was illegal in California in 1967 to display human oddities for money, so Friedman had to create some for his film.

The images, as you can see, contain no nudity. This is as much exposure as you could get away with in 1967 in this type of exploitation films. This film launched a promising career for Claire Brennen that was cut short by her death from cancer in 1977 at age 43. Lynn Courtney was a one-time-wonder as the Hoochy Coochy girl. The critics of the film complain about slow pace, and lengthy montages of carny life including a 6 minute scene of the carny being taken down and set up. I actually enjoyed this facet of the film as the images showed Friedman's love of carny. The DVD transfer is very well done, and the commentary track is worth the DVD cost alone. Certainly not for everyone, but a good addition to your library if you are a serious film buff interested in exploitation cinema.

thumbnails Lynn Courtney (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) Claire Brennen (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

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