TV Round-Up

There was some nudity in last night's episode three of Strike Back in this year's series, but no ID.

Here is a 720p upgrade of Eve Gordon in episode two of Westside (from New Zealand)

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"The L Word"

continuing season five ...

1080hd. s5e10

Mia Kirshner

Mia Kirshner and Kate French


Continuing soft-core time and good old-fashioned naked ladies, and not much else.

Candy Stripers Over the Edge

Candy Stripers Over the Edge (2007) is a girl-girl movie, no boys around. The women are:

Ava Rose

Courtney Cummz

Hannah Harper

Monique Alexander (before she ruined her body)

Welcome to Me


Welcome To Me is a comedy about Alice Klieg (Kristen Wiig), who suffers from borderline personality disorder and one day she wins the lottery, stops taking her medication and then heads to a casino to start living her new life. Obsessed with Oprah Winfrey, she goes to a local TV station owned by Rich (James Marsden) and his brother Gabe (Wes Bentley) and convinces them to put her on the air, well a whole heap of money also helped. The show is all about Alice and is basically a stream of consciousness consisting of settling old scores and bizarre segments involving things she wants to do, including spaying her dogs. But, this comes at a price with this fracturing her friendship with Gina (Linda Cardellini), who has hit a rut in her own life and ostracizing her psychiatrist (Tim Robbins). After series events end in her having a breakdown, she decides to have one more show to right all her wrongs.

 Maybe I just don't understand the vagaries of mental illness, but I just didn't get this movie at all. While watching the movie, I felt like Jennifer Jason Leigh's character who quits after being exhausted by her co-workers just letting Alice do whatever she wants. This movie plays as a satirical comedy, but I just didn't get any of the humour at all. Yeah, not for me, move on ...

Kristen Wiig collages

Film and TV Clips

Katarina Cas in Danny Collins (2015) in 1080p

Bianca Haase and Christine Quinn in Hot Tub Time Machine (2014) in 720p



Aida Folch and Blanca Romero in El amor no es lo que era (2013)

Hafsia Herzi in Exit Marrakech (2013) in 1080hd

Alison Lohman and Kristin Adams in Where the Truth Lies (720p)



An all-time classic: Kathleen Turner in Body Heat (1981) in 1080p

Pics and Collages

a few from Celebrity Bottoms

Alicia Vikander in Ex Machina

Bhavani Lee in Unfreedom

Frida Bagri in Sonner av Norge

Giulia Faggioni in Eva Brown

Lea Gregerson in Elite