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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Cat People


Annette O'Toole in HD (720p) film clip (collages below)


Lynn Lowry in HD (720p) film clip (collage below)

Tessa Richarde in HD (720p) film clip (collages below)







Captive Women


The Time Machine goes back to the eighties for a "Babe in Bondage" special with plenty of AKAs.

The lovely Ursula Fellner, aka Ursula Buchfellner, in "Captive Women," aka "Linda." Boobs from Ursula as she is threatened with a cigarette to the tit and then later chained up. Two other women take spears to her breasts. Caps and 3 clips




TV Land

Over in TV Land Anne Hathaway visits Jimmy Fallon's "Late Show" and gives us a leg & thigh show. Caps and a HD clip.








Notes and collages

Chained Heat


Monique Gabrielle










Steam Heat

ca. 1988

Scoop's note: another rarity featuring Charlie Spradling.

Film clip. (Sample below)








Ali Larter

Ok, she's not naked. I just like Ali. Talented, gorgeous, and underrated.

After some years of filling the popular calendar with arty crap, Pirelli has come to its senses. The next Pirelli calendar could be the best one ever.

Abbey Lee Kershaw Ana Beatriz Barrios Catherine McNeill Daisy Lowe Eniko Mihalik
Eniko Mihalik Eniko Mihalik Marloes Horst Marloes Horst Miranda Kerr
Rosie Huntington Rosie Huntington Rosie Huntington group group

Film Clips

Amy Ciupak Lalonde in Diary of the Dead (2007)

Sissy Spacek and Janit Baldwin in Prime Cut (1972)

Ana Risueno and Candela Pena in La Celestina (1996). They are two of the more obscure cast members in a film which stars Spanish A-listers Maribel Verdu and Penelope Cruz.

Catherine Spaak in La Noia (1963). A must-see for you older guys. I don't remember seeing anything like this in 1963. The "money" scene resembles a scene in Paul Bartel's offbeat indy Eating Raoul.

Claire Keim in Je m'appelle Regine (1996)

Janina Sachau in Requiem Fuer Eine Romantische Frau (1999). She disappeared for about a decade after making this film, having re-emerged only very recently.

Hanna Schygulla in Der Ehe der Maria Braun (1979, rather famous Fassbinder film)

A must-see: an HD version of Michelle Borth's famous explicit sex scene in Tell Me You Love Me (cable TV, 2007). If this scene was faked, it's the best faking ever.

In a GQ photoshoot, Minka Kelly adjusts her top and exposes a breast ever so briefly.

Andreia Horta in Alice (sample right) - recent episode of a current Brazilian TV series.
Karen Medak in A Girl to Kill For (1990; sample right)