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Bachelor Party Massacre

Bachelor Party Massacre (2006) is a direct to DVD slasher that was released in the UK last year, and has finally made it here. A feckless married man arranges a bachelor party for his equally jerky brother, and their two comparably jerky friends. It will be held in a remote bar, now closed but formerly run by their crazy uncle. The stage is set when a psychotic female killer escapes from a nearby institution, St. Elegius of the Plot Convenience.

A stripper, arriving early, becomes the first victim before she can even flash her tits. The guys arrive next, followed two other strippers, and the bloodbath starts in earnest. Meanwhile, the wife of the party organizer and the bride-to-be show up, intending to break up the party, and adding to the body count.

There are only five votes at IMDb, but rest assured the score will be low when a few misguided fools are tricked into watching it. The story is uninspired; all four guys are total jerks; and the women are no better. In fact, the psychotic killer babe is the most together person in the cast. In the one comment at IMDb, someone who owns 416 slasher movies by his count, says that this isn't the bottom of the stack, but it is near the bottom.

This is a D. At best.


Jamie Marie


Zoe Taylor







Birthday Girl


Nicole Kidman is a "Babe in Bondage" in three different scenes. Plus she displays those marvelous rear cans.





Sharon Stone with just leg and cleavage. I love the last cap with the legs and the kid under the table.









Notes and collages


This time Pussy Galore is really playing Pussy Galore.

More of Margaret Nolan in other films will follow in subsequent days ...

Honor Blackman

Margaret Nolan








Deja Vu


I can't really explain it, but I get the weird feeling we've seen this film here before.


Paula Patton








La Petición

Ana Belén plays a real bitch in this movie. It stars when she is a spoiled rich kid and she bites the ear of her friend, making him bleed. Then she plays dumb while he gets treated like an idiot because she says he fell to the ground while running. Years later she is with this friend again, but now she is having rough sex with him whenever she can. In one of these times she hits him against the metal bedstead, and he dies -  but she puts him in position and works him until she is satisfied. Then she takes a worker from her house, a mute guy who wants her, and makes him take care of the dead body, after which she kills him too.


Ana Belen








Judy Greer's first screen nudity and her most recent:

Her first in Stricken

Her latest in The Great New Wonderful

A film clip of Elizabeth Hurley in the obscure Shameless
A film clip of Elizabeth Birthistle in Ken Loach's Ae Fond Kiss
Various scenes of Bijou Phillips in Bully
Part 2 of Marvin's clips of Susanna Jagd in Tandlaege (sample to right)






The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

According to a study by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, nearly half of all deaths among working-age Russian men may be attributable to drinking alcohol not meant for consumption, such as liniments and cologne.

* In Russia, there's something about an Aqua Velva man: he's dead.


 Scotland has a growing female prison population, and a surprising study by Glasgow Caledonian University found out why: women see jail as a "refuge" from problems such as debts and abusive partners, and they're going there on purpose to escape their lives outside.

* This is called "thinking inside the box."

After taking a drubbing from the press, Angelina Jolie blamed her reps for giving the media a document limiting the questions they could ask her, saying she didn't know about it.

* Well, then thank God the media reported it so she could find out!.

* Then after saying that, she refused to take questions.

On this day in 1815, Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo...and on the same day in 1989, John and Lorena Bobbitt got married.

*  And shortly thereafter, John Bobbitt met his waterloo.

*  Another coincidence: both Napoleon and John Bobbitt ended up having their penises preserved in a jar.