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Contreras got a no-decision, so his winning streak is intact.
  • He left the game down 5-3, but the Sox came back to win.

The largest city in the world at every point in time for the past 5000 years. The following cities have at one time or another been the world's largest:

  • Cordova
  • Cairo
  • Istanbul
  • Rome
  • Baghdad

Istanbul was the largest city in the world at four different times in history, the first period being from 340 to 570 AD and the last being 1650-1710.

  • Actually, it should be noted that their definition of a city is not clear. According to many lists, Tokyo is nowhere near the largest city in the world. It is not listed in the top 10. The Tokyo area, however, is considered to be the world's most populous urban area, so the ranking hinges on the definition of a city.

Family Guy: Unaired Pilot

  • "The complete un-aired 15 minute Family Guy episode made for preview purposes to convience Fox to pick-up the show. The pilot follows a similar story to that of 'Death Has A Shadow' and despite poor animation due to a low budget, it impressed Fox enough to greenlight the show."

Discussion ... Possible titles for Screech's porn films.

Screech news: Celebrity Boxing - Screech Vs Horshack

N.Y. judge issues warrant for Boy George

  • The article is worth a look for the picture of the ol' Boy, who looks like Darth Vader without the helmet.

Growing Wikipedia revises its 'anyone can edit' policy

  • "Wikipedia is the online encyclopedia that 'anyone can edit.' Unless you want to edit the entries on Albert Einstein, human rights in China or Christina Aguilera."
  • "The list changes rapidly, but as of yesterday, the entries for Einstein and Ms. Aguilera were among 82 that administrators had protected from all editing, mostly because of repeated vandalism or disputes over what should be said. Another 179 entries--including those for George W. Bush, Islam and Adolf Hitler--were semi-protected, open to editing only by people who had been registered at the site for at least four days."

The Hitler with a song in his heart ... "An 87-year-old retired farmer and former SS member has erected a shrine to honor Hitler in the Wisconsin woods"

Atheists Hated More than Gays, Muslims, All Other Groups

  • The only group less respected is the Carrot Top Fan Club, and they're mostly gay atheists anyway.

"TURKEY'S public television TRT, controlled by the Islamist-rooted government, has barred the popular Walt Disney cartoon Winnie the Pooh from air because it has a piglet as one of its main heroes"

"That's right, in under 3 weeks, one person has managed to get, with one domain, 5 billion pages indexed in Google. ... And they are ranking, too. That particular domain has an Alexa ranking of under 7,000. Another domain owned by the same person,, has between 1.7 and 2.4 billion indexed pages and an Alexa ranking of under 2,000 after 4 weeks."

Mighty Mouse - Still Oily After All These Years

  • "Ever wonder what happened to Mighty Mouse's old foe Oil Can Harry? Find out in this clip from Ralph Bakshi's 'Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures' from 1988."

The trailer for The Great Yokai War

Daily Box Office for Friday, June 16, 2006

  • Nacho Libre and Tokyo Drift opened a bit better than expected. They were expected to finish 2-3 behind Cars, but actually finished 1-2 on Friday, pushing Cars to the #3 spot.
  • Lake House was about on target.
  • Garfield disappointed. Analysts had it pegged for the #4 slot, ahead of Lake House. It not only trailed Lake House by a 2-1 margin, but lost the #5 slot to The Break-Up


Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Rebekah (1996)

Rebekah or "Yi tan zhao yao jing: 96 Ying zhao ming ce," which actually translates as "Entertainment Industry Evil Lens: 96 Call List" is a Hong Kong Category III comedy most notable because of the female lead, Cammy Choi. Cammy won Miss Photogenic at the Miss Asia contest in 1995, and decided to try her hand at Category III films. This was the second of two, after which she gave up movies and returned to night club work.

As the film opens, Cammy is working in a club as a singer, but frankly her assets are somewhat lower than her vocal chords. Another girl screws a manager to convince him to fire her. Cammy retaliates by screwing the club owner in the men's room with his wife just outside. She meets Mandy, who agrees to put her in movies if she will agree to supply her tits for a man to grab. He has bet that he can grab one with one hand. He loses. Cammy does a commercial, then a bit part in a film, and after she is covered with blood, guts and worms, decides she doesn't want a film career after all. Mandy offers to make her a partner in her agency. Cammy soon discovers that the real agency business is supplying young starlets for wealthy men. Things go well until Mandy becomes jealous of Cammy's relationship with a guy, which leads to a totally bizarre ending that comes out of left field.

As an idea of the humor, a minor actress is being ignored on location by the press in favor of the female lead, so she pulls a nipple out of her bathing suit top and is suddenly the center of attention. In another scene, a triad boss screws a mainland girl who keeps trying to tell him she has VD. He also has two underlings enjoy her. When he breaks out with four sexually transmitted diseases, he tries to extort money from Cammy and Mandy, but the other two guys spoil his plans.

IMDb readers have not yet formed an opinion. This is an over the top comedy with a truly twisted ending. I did find it amusing in parts. The transfer is not at all good, and looks like it was simply mastered from a weak Laser Disk version. The subtitles are burned in, and often hard to read. The film does deliver as far as flesh, simulated sex, and weirdness, earning a C-.


Cammy Choi shows everything in several scenes.
Several unknowns also expose body parts.












Today's images are from "Fear of Clowns."

Lauren Pellegrino is a "damsel in distress" who is stark naked as she is chased around by a clown. She loses her head (off camera).

Jacky Reres is the star who shows nothing, but is cute.





Anna Falchi in Cemetery Man, an offbeat zombie comedy which has finally come to Region 1 DVD.
Anna Falchi 2-3 years before Cemetery Man, in her pre-construction phase.

Anna Falchi in L'Affaire
Annie Sorrell in Satanic. (She was one of the twin shower chicks in Cruel Intentions 2)
  • Here is a film clip of the sisters in CI2 (zipped .wmv)
  • Here is another clip of Annie in Satanic (zipped .wmv)
Victoria Silvstedt on vacation in Sardinia. She's covered up (kinda), but I'm guessing you still want to see them.
Assorted footage of Sharon Stone in these scenes from Basic Instinct 2. (zipped .avi)