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"Easy Money"

Easy Money (1983) is a not very funny comedy starring Rodney Dangerfield as a vice ridden but good natured family man, whose wife doesn't mind his drinking, smoking, gambling and flirting, but his wealthy mother in law detests him. When they are notified that the mother in law died in a plane crash on the way home from their daughters wedding, they are told that Rodney is to inherit everything provided he can remain vice free for a full year.

The exposure comes from HEFer of the month in January 1982, who is shown sunbathing topless in her back yard. I didn't find a single chuckle in the entire movie, nor did I find a remotely believable character. IMDB readers have it at a generous 5.7 of 10. Diehard Dangerfield fans will enjoy it. C.

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  • Kimberly McArthur (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

    "Raw Nerve"

    Raw Nerve (1999) is a bad cop film starring Mario Van Peebles. Years before, his partner, Zach Galligan, froze during a shoot-out in which several cops were killed. Van Peebles fixed it for him on the condition he resign from the force. Now, Galligan is a criminology professor, and Van Peebles comes to him for help. Seems he is a silent partner in a money laundering business, and Internal Affairs is on to him. He becomes totally out of control, sees enemies everywhere, even among his friends, and starts killing everyone in his way.

    Two women have sex scenes with him, both facing mirrors. The first is with his girlfriend, Nicollette Sheridan of Knotts Landing fame, who is also his partner in the business, and the second is with Monica Trombetta, who is Galligan's girlfriend. Both women show breasts and buns in lengthy scenes. Trombetta is facing mirror tiles, giving an interesting multiple image effect that really doesn't detract from the exposure. IMDB readers have this at 4.0 of 10, but I enjoyed it more than that. I admit Van Peebles was out of control the entire film, but that was the point of the film. I also thought the Galligan character was interesting, as he was torn between a sense of right and wrong, and a sense of his debt to Van Peebles. As a watchable bad cop thriller I will give this a C.

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  • Niccolette Sheridan (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)

    DVD Questions

    I am still researching the best solution for an all region multiple format DVD player capability. We had a first hand positive report on the Phillips 736k, which can be made all region from the remote, accepts 110 to 220 50.60 Hz line power, and will output either NTSC or PAL format. The price, by all accounts, is good, but I am still looking for an on-line source.

    As near as I can tell, nearly any new TV in a PAL country will play either format. Those of us in NTSC countries will need some kind of converter to see PAL DVDs. So far, it looks like the price range is $350 to $1,000 US. The high end systems also burn DVD. More tomorrow.

  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    Two Women is the Vittorio DeSica film which won Sophia Loren her Best Actress Oscar.

    • Loren (not sure if you can see anything in this downblouse, but here it is for the record)

    The Good Mother features a child custody suit between a divorced couple over an incident which may or may not have been important. Mr Spock directed.


    Other crap:



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    Graphic Response
    • Shauna O'Brien, former Pet, long time Skinemax regular, and proud owner of some really big and fake breasts. Here's some full frontal nudity and sport humpin' in scenes from the softcore flick, "Platinum Blonde" (2001).

    Be sure to pay Graphic Response a visit at his website. www.graphic-barry.com.


    A couple of 'caps for ya today...

    • First, Andie MacDowell from the trailer for the movie "Crush". She's nude, but sitting down and turned away from the camera. There is a little side breast exposure, but only a tad.

    • Next up, Claire Harman. The beautiful busty blonde bares both breasts and bum. Vidcaps from the movie "Last Orders" (2001).

    Alexandra Maria Lara Brief breast exposure in a bath tub scene from the series "Mensch, Pia!" (1996).

    Alexandra Schalaudek Dark breast sighting and a rear view of her bum in a bikini. Vidcaps from "Die Wunde".

    Annett Renneberg
    (1, 2)

    Topless, rear and full frontal nudity on German TV.

    Beate Jensen Toplessness plus a little groping in scenes from "Tatort - In flagranti".

    Beatrice Richter Brief nipplage as she takes a bubble bath in scenes from "In guten Händen" (1988).

    Camilla Renschke
    (1, 2)

    Really filling out those tops in link #1. Scenes from "Schlaraffenland" (1999).
    In #2 we see breasts and bush in another bath tub scene. Vidacps from "Tatort - In flagranti".

    Christiane Maybach Topless in the German flick, "Satansbraten" aka "Satan's Brew" (1976).

    Claudia Wenzel Topless and frolicking in the pool. Scene from the series "Dr. Stefan Frank".

    Constanze Engelbrecht Breast exposure in "Mandelküsschen" (1992)

    Edda Leesch Breasts, bush, and far off bum views from "Der Absurde Mord" (1992).

    Katherina Buchhammer Breasts, bush, and partial bum views from "Satansbraten" (1976).

    Lavinia Wilson Very nice toplessness from the young actress in scenes from "Julietta" (2001).

    Marie Bäumer Topless and full frontal scenes from "Latin Lover" (1999).

    Y Sa Lo Full frontal nudity in "Satansbraten" (1976).


    Two "Babes in Bondage" today.

    First up, Pat Priest (aka "Marilyn Munster") bound and gagged in her nightie in 1971's "The Incredible Two-headed transplant".

    Next...Pamela Anderson all tied up in "Snapdragon".

    • Pam (1, 2, 3)

    Shannon Whirry Having a boob sucked by Jim Carrey in "Me, Myself & Irene", by Magicman.

    Unknowns The women of the movie "State Property" by Dann.

    Dann's comments:
    Nonstop profanity, violence, drug use, and sex. Plenty of nudity and some mild lesbian action keep it more interesting than the standard Gangsta movie.

    Kirsten Dunst A lovely B&W headshot. Thanks to Chumba.

    Tina Bordihn
    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    Scan of the German actress wearing very little on the pages of the German version of FHM, by Arthur Figgis.

    A few words from the Sleuth
    Dear Scoop:

    It's Sleuth...back from two weeks in London to celebrate the Queen's Golden Jubilee. It was actually VERY exciting...and we got to see ol' Lilibet close up THREE TIMES. We even got have to dinner with Winston, Randolph and Minnie Churchill...as well as Lord and Lady Tavistock. Also had dinner at Princess Diana's dining room table in Kensington Palace. On the plane back I watched a flick called "Bend It Like Beckham"...and Keira Knightley looked gorgeous in it!

    Have managed to catch up to what I missed in the Fun House...there are just three bits of info I can add:

    1) Stacey Leigh Mobley, who is featured in "You Only Live Until You Die" on my birthday Fun House (6/10), is better known as porn star Holly Hollywood--who is finally doing her first ever boy-girl adult scene for Metro studios this week.

    2) Since I saw her at the Queen's Golden Jubilee concert, I'm fairly confident that the Atomic Kitten held together with double-sided tape in the 6/16 FH is actually Jenny Frost, not "Jenny Snow". Though I can see how the mistake was made.

    3) The first four links identified as "Assorted" on the 5/31 "Girls in Prison" collages depict Missy Crider--who went on to infamy as the off-and-on...and twice physically assaulted...girlfriend of hung horror James Woods.

    Otherwise, you were impeccable as usual. Hope all is well with you and the Fun Housers.


    Pat Reeder www.comedy-wire.com
    Pat's comments in yellow...

    Fetch The Exploding Camel! - The Washington Post reported that President Bush has given the CIA power to conduct covert operations involving lethal force against Saddam Hussein, and Democratic leaders agreed it was appropriate.

  • Or at least, more appropriate than printing covert CIA orders in the Washington Post.
  • Now, why couldn't we have seen that exact same story in 1989?

    Scoop's comment: I'm not sure about this, but I think ol' Dubya should look up the meaning of the word "covert". Pretty sure that if Saddam, The Washington Post and every single person in the world knows about it, it can't really be covert. A "covert" operation, by its nature, has to be a secret from at least one person. Preferably Saddam.

    They Faw Down And Go "Boom" - University of Wisconsin doctors have identified a new condition: "Boomeritis." It refers to the increasing number of baby boomers who are injuring themselves because they won't mentally accept that their bodies are getting older. They're ending up sidelined with all sorts of injuries from things like biking, skiing and playing basketball. Doctors suggest that boomers adapt by doing warm-up stretches, not trying to ignore pain, and adopting more low-impact sports.

  • Like rockin' and whittlin'...
  • Or they could try taking a good, long, hard look in the mirror.
  • This is why James Taylor concerts do NOT have mosh pits.
  • If they want to act like teenagers, they should just plop in front of the TV.

    The Real Reason "V.I.P." Was Canceled - Bad news for TV networks that hope to boost ad rates by making shows raunchier to attract more viewers. Dr. Brad Bushman of Iowa State University showed 324 volunteers TV shows that were sexually explicit, violent or "neutral." They contained commercials for nine products, such as cereal and detergent. Afterward, viewers were asked to recall the brands they saw. Those who saw the neutral show did much better than the others, who were so distracted thinking about the sex and violence they'd seen, they could barely recall the ads.

  • Except the one for condoms.
  • The solution is obvious: put sex and violence into the ads.
  • They saw the commercial for stain-removing detergent and just started thinking about sex again.
  • All they could remember about the commercials was that the Maytag Repair Man seemed unusually attractive...

    Oops! - Britney Spears was booed Friday night in Lubbock, Texas, when a power failure ended her concert after just two songs, "Oops...I Did It Again" and "(You Drive Me) Crazy." A manager came on stage with her and explained that while there was enough power for the lights, there wasn't enough voltage for Britney's stage show and pyrotechnics, so the show was over. As Britney left, she called out, "I'm just so sorry. Please don't boo."

  • They shouldn't be mad: if they heard two of Britney's songs, they've heard them all.
  • She could've at least stayed and done a strip tease!
  • Without her stage show and pyrotechnics, Britney herself is a pretty low voltage performer.
  • Britney doesn't need a big stage show or fireworks to entertain us...All she needs is a little tape player to lip synch to.

    "Ruckers!" - To the surprise and dismay of critics, who almost universally panned it, "Scooby-Doo" was the #1 movie at the box office over the weekend. It made $56.4 million, the biggest June opening ever. It cost $80 million to make, about a quarter of that going to computer-animate Scooby.

  • And the rest going to computer-animate Freddy Prinze Jr.
  • It's now officially Freddy Prinze Jr's most profitable dog movie.

    Other news

  • Saturday, French voters threw the socialists out and gave a landslide victory to the center-right, which by American standards is closer to the left, but is a bit more to the right than the socialists...And Democrats thought the Florida ballot was confusing!...The socialists suggested that everyone share power, but nobody's falling for that one anymore.

    Scoop's note: of course, in France, they considered Lenin to be "far, far right"

  • A spokesman for Eminem denied tabloid reports that he's gotten death threats from terrorists, calling them "irresponsible and inflammatory"...The reports, the terrorists, or Eminem?...He's the only one who's allowed to be irresponsible and inflammatory!... Besides, he gets death threats every time he performs.

  • Mail bag
    Hey Scoops, Any pics of Roselyn Sanchez ("Rush Hour 2") or Marsha Thomason ("Black Knight")?


    Well Doo,

    Here's what we have...

    • For Roselyn Sanchez the only thing close to nudity that I know of is when she strips down to her undies in "Rush Hour 2". (1, 2)

      As for Marsha Thomason....Oz has come up rarities twice now.

    • First, a Marsha Thomason see thru-nipple sighting and also her in undies from "Love in the 21st Century". Oz described this as a series of half hour shows broadcast as one long program, with stories that reminded him of an updated "Love American Style".

    • Next, only tassels cover her breasts as she plays a fire dancing stripper in "Brazen Hussies".