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Sydney Sweeney

Alexa Demie


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"Cable Girls"

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Maggie Civantos

Continuing with Italian movies.

These early movies often don’t show decent credits as they list the cast but not the role they play. The IMDB helps a lot but I’m not convinced it is always accurate.

Camille 2000


(Scoop's NOTE: There are about four dozen collages below. If you want all of OZ's collages without downloading them one at a time, here they are in a zip file.)

Camille 2000 has plenty of breasts on show by:

Daniele Gaubert

Dominique Badou

Silvana Venturelli

Lots not identified

Also, Eleonora Rossi Drago looks good.

In the BR extras there are some low-quality explicit shots of an actress with the name of Sylviane. An internet search shows that there a few women that this could refer to.



Johnny's comments:

I watched it today, no idea what it was even about and well, that was a mistake.

Basically, two notorious teenager brothers who slaughtered their parents escape from prison and hide out in the house of a unexpectedly welcoming family and well, the family has a surprise or two for the brothers.

In isolation that doesn't look like a bad plot, except this movie was made in the mid 90s, so you know what that means; it's heavily influenced by Tarantino. So you get endless monologues of boring bullshit that overwhelms the movie before it ends in a pissweak shoot-out which shows the limitations of the budget. The twist in the middle of the movie was a good change and could've saved this movie but no, how about another monologue about some bullshit nobody cares about. I think this movie could've been the cult hit it desperately wants to be if it played as a genre movie, but it wants to be Natural Born Killers and instead Killers is just absolutely annoying.

It does have a lengthy but poorly edited sex/nude scene featuring cutie Nanette Bianchi playing a teenage girl that is horny for the killers, so something can be salvaged from this bog-awful wannabe. Ugh, just when I'd thought I'd seen all the Tarantino knock-offs...

Nannette Bianchi film clip (collage below)


Lady Gaga and friend

E-Rat in an especially graphic pose

Nicole Scherzinger in a bikini