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2004; 1920x816

Tahnee Welch


"The Path"


Emma Greenwell


This week: 2001

Vanilla Sky

Penelope Cruz is topless in Vanilla Sky (2001)

whilst Cameron Diaz’s nipple pops out.

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Automatic Hate

The Automatic Hate is a drama where Davis Green (Joseph Cross), who is going through a tough patch with his ballerina girlfriend Cassie (Deborah Ann Woll), is approached at a bar by Alexis Green (Adelaide Clemens), a woman he has never met before, but she runs away before they speak to one another. Later, she turns up at his house and he confront her and Alexis says that they are cousins. Davis has never heard of her family and his father Ronald (Richard Schiff) doesn't want to speak about his long lost brother and neither does his dying grandfather. Davis decides to visit Alexis at their home, but Alexis takes him to meet her sisters Annie and Amanda (Yvonne and Vanessa Zima, more Zima sisters!) and they have a night getting to know one another. The next morning, Davis meets their father and his uncle, Josh (Ricky Jay), but he pretends to be Alexis's lover. But Uncle Josh knows who he is and is surprisingly friendly towards him although he has no interest in meeting his brother as their issues are unresolvable. Alexis is very keen on Davis, a little too keen for cousins, but Davis follows her to a small house at the back of the farm only her father goes to. There they watch a film of the two brothers when they were younger and an unknown woman and find a bracelet that seems to be owned by that woman. Alexis and Davis have sex and Davis goes back to town promising to see Alexis more. Meanwhile, Davis's grandfather dies and Alexis convinces the family to go to the burial, which will bring the two brothers back together. At first, they are reluctantly amiable towards one another, but as a boozy family dinner continues, old problems rear their head, new ones erupt and the terrible secret is finally revealed.

Intriguing movie helped along by two great leads in Cross and Clemens, even though Alexis is a very frustrating emotional rollercoaster of a character, but Adelaide Clemens plays her well. There's quite a bit going on, so the movie never loses interest. Well worth a look.


Deborah Ann Woll film clip (sample below)

Catherine Carlen film clip (sample below)

Vienna Stampeen film clip (sample below)

Adelaide Clemens film clip (sample below)

Creative Control

Creative Control is a drama set in the near future where an ad executive David (writer/director Benjamin Dickinson) is drowning both at work and at home with his wife Juliette (Nora Zehetner). He hangs around with his fashion photographer friend Wim (Dan Gill), who blatantly cheats on his wife Sophie (Alexia Rasmussen). David has a crush on Sophie and would very much like to get with her, but he finds the next best way to do so; by creating an avatar of her in his VR glasses. As he becomes closer to the real Sophie, he intensifies his 'relationship' with virtual Sophie, to the detriment of his home and work life. He's sacked from his job, Wim finds out about his longing for Sophie and Juliette cheats on him with the yoga instructor who took over her job. But, it's not all bad.

OK movie that doesn't really overplay its future setting, which is probably not a bad thing as movies tend to overplay future invention. Interesting concept but apart from the VR angle, there doesn't seem to be much of reason to set this movie in the future as the story is timeless. Sadly, neither the story and characters are all that interesting. Also, future Brooklyn is apparently still full of hipsters, surely some horrible new trend would have pervaded the area in the meantime.


Alexia Rasmussen film clip (collages below)

Nora Zehetner film clip (collages below)

Guns for Hire

Guns For Hire is a thriller about two women who are brought together in a most unexpected way. Beatle (Michele Hicks) is a hitwoman and tow truck driver who prefers to be a loner and her only human contact seems to be with a stripper/prostitute Carla (Sarah Shahi) and her psychiatrist (Orlando Jones). She is currently being interrogated by Detective Holt (Raffaello Degruttola). Athena (Ever Carradine) is a total screw-up whose car has being clamped and has to pay $3000+ worth of fines to get it back. She goes to Kyle (Ben Mendelsohn) to get a loan to pay it off and borrows his car but when Kyle's car breaks down and Beatle is called, Beatle see Kyle strangling Athena and she knocks him out. Beatle and Athena get to talking and Athena hatches a plan for Beatle to kill her and she will pay Beatle with the life insurance money. Athena also stays at Beatle's place to avoid Kyle who has his enforcer Bruce (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) track Athena and Beatle down, tearing shreds off Carla and the psychiatrist in the process. Beatle and Athena falls for one another but Athena still wants Beatle to kill her, but Bruce is closing in and he might just get in first. Um, except ...

Oh boy! Guns For Hire is a moderately distracting comic thriller with a lesbian angle, but then it does one helluva switcheroo which is so baffling I don't even know where it came from and I doubt it makes any sense to the rest of the movie. There really isn't any need for the twist, although the movie barely clocks an hour otherwise. Disastrous...


Michele Hicks film clip (collage below)

TV/Film clips

The women of Scherzo Diabolico (2015)

Vira Vargas

Daniela Soto Vell

Milena Pezzi

Lora Zane and others in Live Nude Girls (1995) in 720p

Anna Kanakis in Attila Flagello di Dio (1982) in a 1440x784 AR


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