There was no nudity in the season premiere of Weeds.


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Senior Skip Day


A high school senior accidently blabs the location of the senior skip day party to the principal. The only way to redeem himself with the rest of the senior class is to resurrect the party at his own house. An helpful escaped convict happens along to help get booze, a helpful cousin of a classmate dies and has a funeral to help with an excuse for everyone leaving school. and some generous lingerie models provide visual appeal to attract party goers.

From that point, it is pretty much Ferris Bueller's day off, with a nasty principal trying to bust everyone, except that the main character is not as popular as Ferris was, and it is not especially funny. The ending is very predictable.

It clearly intends being a raunchy teen comedy, but with nearly no raunch, and even less comedy.


Dita DeLeon

Jessica Morris







Kelly Preston film festival


The Time Machine goes back to the eighties.

Kelly shows the boobs in Secret Admirer.

From Mischief, Kelly with breasts and a flash of bush.

Finally more boobs from Mrs. Travolta in Spellbinder.








Notes and collages

Elisabeth Shue


Blind Justice


First Born









Courtney Bean in Stump the Band



Charlotte Rampling in The Night Porter, the offbeat 1974 art film that made her an international star.

Nice collage from DragonScan



Heather McComb in Steel City

(a 2006 working class drama which slipped completely under my radar)



Katherine Heigl wandering around Mexico in a bikini



Film Clips

Two Rosanna Arquette movies that I have not seen, and both with nudity: Trading Favors and Floating Away (1997 and 1998) (As far as I know, neither of these is available on DVD, but the quality of these clips is not bad at all.)

Virginie Ledoyen in De l'amour, which came out about the same time as The Beach. (2001)

Natalia Tena in an episode of "Afterlife"