Love & Consequences

Film clips of Joan Severance in Love and Consequences. I didn't realize that Severance, always a favorite here when she was in her prime, was still doing these erotic thrillers. This one has the most important earmark of a truly low-grade B-movie - Corbin Bernsen!

This film comes to DVD Tuesday, so I'll do a review and some collages when I have the DVD in my hands. In the meantime, here are a few raw screen grabs from these third-party film clips, just to whet your appetite. The big girl is nearly 50 years old now (how can that be?), but still looks great.



* Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

* White asterisk: expanded format.

* Blue asterisk: not mine.

No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Sweet Movie

Sweet Movie (1974) is a Canadian art film, made by Yugoslav director Dusan Makavejev after his escape from Yugoslavia, and filmed in Montreal, the city of Quebec, Belgium, Paris, Amsterdam, and Poland (news footage).  Over the years this film has been notoriously difficult to find. In fact, it is still banned in the UK to this day because of scenes involving the seduction of minors.

It is essentially two intercut stories, but I can explain better by separating them.

In the secondary thread, a woman (Anna Prucnal) helms a boat through the canals of Amsterdam with a bust of Marx on the bow. A sailor on a bicycle from the battleship Potemkin pursues her, as he wants to be her next lover. She is "revolution" and warns him that her lovers always die. While that is playing out, controversy occurs when she seduces several young children. Makevejev intercuts German footage of the uncovering of Polish victims of the Russian purge at Katyn Forest. He contrasts Prucnal's victims with the dead Polish army.

In the primary plot line, a world beauty contest is held to find the most beautiful virgin in the world, who will become the bride of a rich Texas oilman (Dean Wormer!) who is obsessed with cleanliness. Miss Canada (Carole Laure) is the winner. The couple gets married and helicopters to his home. He undresses, scrubs her with alcohol, and then shows her his golden penis, whereupon she starts screaming uncontrollably. Eventually, his overbearing mother sends her packing (literally packed into a suitcase) where she has adventures with a macho Mexican singer at the Eiffel Tower, but becomes increasingly withdrawn and mute, and ends up in the Otto Muehl Troupe commune. It is this section which earned the film's notoriety, as the troupe believes in a kind of therapy where we all get in touch with our base selves, and have monthly events where they target a member, and engage in overeating, public defecation and urination, debasement, etc. The film ends with an amazing nude bath in chocolate by Carole Laure.

This is not a film you enjoy as much as one you appreciate, the sort of film that film scholars hold up as everything good about cinema, but which "everyman" often regrets spending his money on. It is complex, highly episodic and tough going for anyone not intimate with Eastern European history. I won't pretend that I understood every reference, but the digs at US capitalism were pretty obvious.

Scored as a sociopolitical art film, this is a C+, but has a VERY narrow audience.

It is newly released on DVD by Criterion, and includes interviews with the director and a film scholar.


Carole Laure


Anna Prucnal









Flower & Snake - Part 2 of 2


The Beautiful Aya Sugimoto is held captive by some by nasty men  who are getting even with Aya's husband which leads to Aya being a very delicious "Babe in Bondage" with lots of nudity.



Misaki Mori is also a "Damsel in Peril".




And we wrap it up with another unknown victim.









Notes and collages

Kampf um Rom

Goldfinger's Pussy Galore ...

Honor Blackman










Kristen Bell








El Robobo De La Jojoya

In Spain comedy duos are very common. At any given time there has always been at least one successful twosome. Martes y Trece (Tuesday and Thirteen, that's what Spanish people use as a unlucky day, equivalent to Friday the 13th in America), was the most famous pair in the 80's. In 1991 they shot this movie about two brothers who go to the museum to steal a diamond. Unfortunately they are not the only ones with the same idea, and in the confusion they end up with a dead policeman on their hands. I know this doesn't sound like a comedy but all this is done in a very ridiculous and slapstick kind of way.

They get caught and go to jail, where they meet an inmate that helps them escape, and they decide to go back for the diamond, hoping to fulfill their dream of spending their rest of their lives in Brazil. They meet the daughter of the helpful inmate (Esther del Prado, who showed her nice body thanks to the Spanish culture of having nudity even in movies for kids. God bless Spain), who helps them get into a mall where the jewel will be exhibited. In the end they take care of the bad guys, but a crocodile eats the diamond. No problem. They still manage somehow to get the diamond and end up joyously dancing their lives away in Brazil.


Esther del Prado








The Screwfly Solution

As a long-time Sci-Fi buff, I think the best Sci-Fi is based on scientific possibilities; something that is at least POSSIBLE scientifically, even if not likely. This 2006 episode of the great Showtime series Masters of Horror offers up that proposition. While it's definitely horror, it's also a heavy dose of Sci-Fi.

Several times, scientists have introduced insects with modified genes into the insect population to screw with the reproductive cycle, eradicating the pests. That is scientific fact. Joe Dante's The Screwfly Solution asks the question: what if someone (non-human, presumably) did that to us?

Suddenly and without reason, men become very sexually aggressive, and wind up killing their female target for no reason. The outbreak starts in the southern part of the globe, around the world, and starts moving northward. Scientific examination reveals that the men who are infected have altered genes. In humans, aggression and sexual energy are very close, and the change causes the men to confuse one with the other. The infection spreads, and women die by the millions. Unless a cure is found, humans will disappear, as there will be no women left to reproduce.

Phew! A real scary scenario, made even scarier by the fact that it IS scientifically possible. An episode not to be missed.

Kerry Norton Sabrina Bryan

A film clip of all of Kate Winslet's nudity in Little Children


A large gallery of Sophie Marceau in Descent into Hell


The latest from Marvin, the master of Scandinavian Sin. He's still on Tandlaege, and this time his subject is Susanna Jagd, (Film clip - sample captures to the right.)

Kata Dobo in Blood and Chocolate

Michelle Bauer in the unforgettable screen romance, Chickboxer
A great film clip for content, but alas not for image quality. Jennifer Lopez wearing a shirt that is nearly transparent.
One more for those of you who love the bottom-heavy beauties: Beyonce gets caught in a bikini