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Zipped .avi files (third party)

  • Sonia Braga's niece Alice Braga in Lower City (1, 2)


Other Crap:

Netscape Reinvents Itself - Again

State of Washington goes to war against internet gambling. The first casualty is a site which merely discussed and linked to gambling sites! Interesting articles and discussion from /.

Mickey Mantle's fondest memory of Yankee Stadium (Submitted for the 50th anniversary in 1973). XXX-rated.

List of problems solved by MacGyver

Home of John Hodgman, the Daily Show's "Resident Expert".

Blockbuster says Netflix patents fraudulent. Maybe so, but they probably spent a lot of hard-earned money to bribe officials to grant those phony patents! Shouldn't that count for something?

Movies on PSP? Sales are disappointing, to say the least.

"The English language has at least one nine-letter word that can always remain a valid word as letters are removed one at a time."

  • CLARIFICATION: I spent a lot of time on this before I realized I had misunderstood the objective. I thought the letters had to be removed, in order, from the end of the word! The letter may be removed from any part of the word, but the remaining letters may not be re-ordered. Thus, "boring" may become "bring," and so forth.

Fur Flies at Beyonce Dinner - PETA reps won an online auction to eat with the star.

Gold and Silver Viagra Rings - so it's always "on hand"

One of Britain's most prestigious art galleries put a plinth on display

  • Here's the best part of the story. The sculpture and the plinth were separated, the gallery thought them to be two separate exhibits and rejected the actual sculpture, but put the base on display!!

This is a real headline about the Mexican presidential election. The actual article is even sillier! Hot air, wet pants spice up election race

Dateline Hollywood WHO'S HOTTER: SHILOH OR SURI?

Today's big news from Norway, where it was truly a "big story" day: Egg kills hen

  • "it is no joke laying an egg twice normal size, and the hen suffered injuries so serious that it had to be put down."

I could be handy, mending a fuse ... "Paul McCartney turns 64 on Sunday."

A trailer and two clips from Quinceañera, aka "Echo Park, L.A."

  • "Quinceañera" is a look at what happens when teenage sexuality, age-old rituals, and real estate prices collide. It is a reinvention of Kitchen Sink drama, fueled by the racial, class, and sexual tensions of a Latino neighborhood in transition. Magdalena (Emily Rios) is the daughter of a Mexican-American family who runs a storefront church in Echo Park, Los Angeles. With her fifteenth-birthday approaching, all she can think about is her boyfriend, her Quinceañera dress, and the Hummer Limo she hopes will carry her on her special day. But a few months before the celebration, Magdalena falls pregnant. As the elaborate preparations for her Quinceañera proceed, it is only a matter of time before her religious father finds out and rejects her. Forced out of her home, Magdalena moves in with great-great uncle Tomas (Chalo Gonzalez), an old man who makes his living selling champurrado (a Mexican hot drink) in the street. Already living with him is Carlos (Jesse Garcia), Magdalena's cousin, a tough cholo who was thrown out by his parents. Carlos does not disguise his disapproval of Magdalena's arrival. The back house rental where Tomas has lived happily for many years is on a property that was recently purchased by an affluent white gay couple (David W. Ross and Jason L. Wood) — pioneers of gentrification in the neighborhood. Inevitably, worlds collide when they become entangled in the lives of their tenants. As Magdalena's pregnancy grows more visible, she, Carlos, and Tomas pull together as a family of outsiders. But the economics of the neighborhood are turning against them. Ultimately, this precipitates a crisis that threatens their way of life.

The teaser and trailer from Tideland

  • "In the great tradition of child fantasy stories such as 'The Wizard of Oz' and 'Alice and Wonderland,' Terry Gilliam takes us on a wild adventure with his adaptation of Mitch Cullin's cult classic novel."

The trailer from Shadowboxer

  • "When a job goes awry for a romantically involved mother/stepson hit team, the son realizes that he has to find more than a reason to kill -- he has to find a reason to live."

Six clips from The Devil Wears Prada now has 13 clips from Nacho Libre (bottom of page)

"exclusive first look at a QuickTime Tour of the Vanderworth Mansion - Basement Train Set from Warner Bros. Pictures' Superman Returns "

The 10 funniest movie dads responds to China Daily's having reported their satirical story as real news: Britney Spears speaks out about non-existent Namibia trip

The return of Alan - Stephen Colbert's black frie ... er ... acquaintance

Colbert debates himself on the topic of Gitmo

"Stephen Colbert won't drink out of anything that he can't accidentally drown in."

"Colbert Report on Immigration: Lock and Load" ... "Stop these stormbreros from destroying the American way of having things destroyed"

"The Supreme Being told us he regrets that He can no longer devote time to deciding which team is worthy of winning a sporting contest"

The Daily Show: A look at Matt Lauer's investigation into your pants and why you should crap them.

Louis C.K. talks to JOn Stewart about his new series 'Lucky Louie' in which he plays a jackoff with a kid.

Daily Show: He Ain't Heavy, He's Big Brother

  • "Samantha Bee takes a look at the pros and cons of a society where everyone is being watched."

Surprise Iraq Visit: President's Poll-Boosting Remarks to Majorly Pumped-Up Military Grunts During Surprise Visit to the All-New, Super-Safe Vietraq (WHITEHOUSE.ORG)

Brazilian Soccer Babes

A movie-making era ends. ILM sells off the models, matte, and miniatures unit.

  • For better or worse, big budget productions are in the all-CGI era.

Swiss Prostitution Grows Along with Regulations

  • Pimping is illegal, but women are free to sell their own bodies, which many do independently.
  • They are required to register their business and to get frequent health checks.

You know the photographer who is suing Bruce Willis for hitting him? Here's a video of the incident.

  • Fortunately for Willis, the incident was on tape.
  • As you can see, the accusations are a complete crock! Willis was totally nice, brushed past the guy by accident, and apologized a gazillion times. Watching the tape, you can't even tell what he's apologizing for!
  • One problem with our legal system is that it offers no punishment for people who file nuisance suits like this. The guy probably won't even have to pay his lawyer, who probably took it on a contingency fee. Jessica Simpson in Maxim

Taylor Hicks is America's 'hottest bachelor'

  • This doesn't seem like good news for the single women of America

"Fuck me. I have a headache."

Cell phone cinematographers make feature debut

  • First full-length film shot with Nokia cell phone.
  • Many call it Carrot Top's finest performance.

Green goo globs up Great Lakes

"Pamela Anderson Looking Red Hot In Red"

The full new episode of Commander in Chief is now online at

Web/TV interaction: Danica McKellar to star in Inspector Mom, a Lifetime Movie followed by webisodes, then perhaps by another movie.

Hooters Wants to Pay FEMA back

Michael Jordan is back in the NBA, as part-owner of the Charlotte Bobcats

VIDEO: An actual DUI Test

GALLUP: Americans' Retrospective Judgments of Presidents

  • Clinton is improving. Bush the elder is sinking fast.
  • The Bush thing surprises me, since the old fella seems to be acting quite statesmanlike. This seems to me like an echo caused by his son's approval rating.

The Daddle - dad's saddle for horsing around. With kneepads.

  • The submitter wrote: "Call me a perv but I’m betting these products are going to end up used by a lot more adults than kids."

Welcome to the CIA ... tips to the new director from the rank-and-file

248 Favorite ways to Annoy people

Michael Jordan Dunking - Compilation Tape

Cinevision 2006: 5000 x 2000 pixels create high-def for movie theaters

Elvis tops Forbes' list of highest-earning dead celebs

  • Death was a great career move for Elvis. It ended his career as Vegas Butt-of-Jokes Fat Guy and restored him to lean, kickass rockabilly legend. He makes more than $50 million per year!

Stephen Hawking said that the late Pope John Paul II once told scientists they should not study the beginning of the universe.

  • Far be it from me to question what Hawking understands or doesn't, but I suspect he misunderstood what JP2 meant.

The official FAQ list from the North Korean website

How to use photoshop to make your photographs look like Sin City

Howard summary of the Screech appearance and giant penis discussion.



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Kitten in a Cage (1968)

Kitten in a Cage is a grindhouse semi-roughie. Julie (Miriam Eliot) has escaped from a mental hospital as the film opens, and has no idea why she was there or what happened to her. She does know that she is naked under her coat. She hitches a ride into the city, and goes to her old boss's house, where she is attacked by a man with a hypodermic. The old boss has the perfect solution. He will take her to the most popular strip club in town which he used to own and where she worked, and get her a place to stay with another stripper (June Roberts). I am not sure the mystery really matters in this film, but Julie knows the whereabouts of an object used by a thief to hide stolen diamonds. He is out of jail now, and wants to recover the ice.

Speaking of ice, the highlight of the film was a gogo dance by legendary June Roberts. She is being heckled by a fat guy who starts throwing ice cubes at her. She responds by throwing them back. She finally loses it, and tosses an entire ice bucket in his lap.

IMDb has no opinion as of yet. This is serious bad movie territory. The dialogue, which bears no resemblance to the lip movements of characters in either timing or content, is often unintentionally hilarious. The acting is basically non-existent, and the fight choreography is as bad as I have seen. The sound track is a wailing jazz thing that feels very out of place here. All in all, the only possible merit is bad movie energy, and it has enough of that for a C-.


June Roberts does full frontal and rear,
Miriam Eliot shows breasts.
Linda Boyce, as another stripper, shows breasts and buns.
An unknown strips down to pasties and a g-string.








Dann reports on Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

This 2005 comedy/crime thriller is one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time. The fact that it was also an exciting and action-filled thriller made it all the better. Robert Downey Jr., Val Kilmer, and Michelle Monaghan were fantastic as the lead characters.

A New York petty thief (Downey) is brought to Los Angeles for a movie audition. He steps right into a murder mystery, along with his dream girl whom he hasn't seen since high school (Monaghan), and a gay private detective (Kilmer) who was hired to train him for his upcoming role as a detective.

Things are twisty and action-packed from the beginning, and made even better by Downey, who narrates the story and has some hilarious lines. Bodies keep popping up (or being shot down by our heroes), as things get more complex, leading to an interesting and funny ending.

I'm not big on comedies, so a comedy has to really impress me to like it, and I loved this one. A must-see flick with enough nudity to keep it interesting.

Shannyn Sossamon Michelle Monaghan Tanya Reichert Various





Yesterday we had Heidi Krane all tied up and whipped in "The Lustful Turk." Today she's back in a more serene setting from the same film.

Also from "The Lustful Turk" more T & A from Abbe Rentz ...


... and Lynda Styles.





A quick look at Jo Ann Harris's screen career. The Gay Deceivers, 1969.
Jo Ann Harris in The Beguiled, 1971

Jo Ann Harris in Rape Squad, 1974
Cassie Yates in Convoy
Our occasional contributor, Frypan, says, "In the Encyclopedia's Sally Kirkland section, the "unknown" entry is from "Night Affairs". You have an entry under "Night Calls". See my attachment.

Scoop's note: Scanman's ID's are almost always accurate, but I have no idea what "Playboy's Night Affairs" is, and that phrase draws ZERO hits on Google. "Playboy's Night Calls" was a cable TV thing and a radio thing at one time, and that phrase draws 491 hits on Google. Maybe it was something renamed for European TV??? If anyone knows, tell us!

Frypan continues, "I found a Sally Kirkland cap from 'The Hunger.'"

Pat's comments in yellow...

The US Office of Protocol released its annual list of gifts given to President Bush by foreign leaders.  They include a braided leather whip from Hungary; $60 worth of dates from the Tunisian president; Dallas Cowboys merchandise from Saudi Prince Bandar; antique weapons, a sniper's rifle and six jars of fertilizer from Jordan's King Abdullah; and from the Sultan of Brunei, a DVD of "Singin' in the Rain" and a copy of "The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook."

*  Finally, a gift Bush can use! 

*  Actually, the leather whip was for Clinton, but it got held up in Customs.

The London Sun reports that artist David Hensel sculpted a laughing head and submitted it to the Royal Academy of Arts for its Summer Exhibition.  He was accepted, but he couldn't find it in the gallery.  Eventually, he found the plain stand it had sat on, with a block of wood on top that keeps the head in place, but no head.  The Academy issued a statement explaining that the parts were judged separately, and while they didn't like the sculpture, they thought the stand and block of wood had artistic merit.  Hensel said at first he was shocked, but now he's amused.

*  Unfortunately, the stand lost the Turner Prize for Art to a piece called "Overflowing Ashtray."

To make an election-year point about Ethics, House Democrats voted 99-58 to strip Rep. William Jefferson, who was allegedly caught with $90,000 in marked FBI bribe money in his freezer, of his powerful committee post

* After the FBI seized his freezer money, he only had enough cash left to bribe 58 of them.