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The Jacket (2005)

I think The Jacket is terrific, but I hold the minority view. It received only about 40% positive reviews and died a rapid and painful box office death.

Here is my review.

The commercial DVD contains a pleasant surprise. There is a much longer version of the sex scene between Adrian Brody and Keira Knightley.



  • Keira Knightley from the film (1, 2, 3)
  • Keira Knightley from the deleted scenes (1, 2)


Video clips:

  • The long version of the sex scene. (Including comments by the director and Keira) (Zipped .wmv, 11 meg)


Man-Thing (2004):

Manuel "Man" Thing, younger brother of Jose "Swamp" Thing, is probably one of comicdom's greatest Latino characters.

OK, maybe not.

I've never read any Man-Thing comics, and this movie, which is theoretically based on those comics, doesn't really explain much about the origin of the Unjolly Green Giant. We know that he is a guardian of the swamp, and his origin has something to do with greedy, materialistic rednecks polluting his swamp.

I gather that he used to live in Crystal Lake, because in the opening scene he kills a young couple after they have sex in a remote place. Well, we don't see him, but we know he did it. Trust me.

We also know that, in a movie named after him, he does not make an appearance until approximately 1:15 into the story. That may seem odd to you but, given that he looks like the offspring of an octopus and some spinach (above), that was probably the correct decision.

Before then, the movie is a story about a new sheriff in some local backwater bayou town which seems to be accessible only by boat. He is investigating some mysterious murders, and getting caught in a turf war between money-grubbing corporate movie rednecks and their sworn movie enemies, movie hippies and movie Native Americans. Like all movie Native Americans, these tribes possess the deep wisdom of their ancestors, who used phrases like "spirit guardian" and "the nexus of all reality." Sweet! I wish my ancestors had talked like that, but they were Polish, and they were more comfortable with terms like "accordion" and "7-10 split." There isn't much potential for ancient wisdom there. I mean, can I call the time-space continuum something like "the accordion of all reality" because it collapses upon itself? No. It sounds silly. So it's pretty cool that ancient Native Americans used four star vocab words like "nexus." In their ancient wisdom, they were preparing for the verbal section of the SATs generations before there was an SAT.

We have much to learn from them.

I do sometimes wonder why, with their ancient wisdom and deep knowledge of vocabulary, they can't come up with a more appropriate term for themselves than Native American. According to the OED, I am also a native American - "Pertaining to, or connected with, one by the fact of one having been born there; that was the place or scene of one's birth, as in native country." Yet, despite my native American status, I have neither ancient wisdom nor fancy-schmancy SAT vocab words. I blame it on the sea. You see, the ancestors of the Seminoles migrated to North America from Asia via a land bridge, while mine migrated here from Europe by boat. If it were not for Captain Fokkin' Stubing, I too would have ancient wisdom. Just my damned luck.

Anyway, the point here is that movie Native Americans have gone through an official political correction in the past fifty years. In the 1950s, they were all evil, whoopin', war-paint-wearin', firewater-drinkin' savages and we knew to root against them because they raped and killed well-scrubbed, hard working pioneers and their cute blonde children with perfect teeth. After the metamorphosis, movie Native Americans now possess fancy vocab and ancient wisdom from their ancestors, which their ancestors in turn got from the hawk and the panther and SAT prep courses. We know to root for them because they embody respect for nature and never fail to oppose money-grubbing rednecks with toothless blonde children.

Similarly, we know that all white Americans from outside of Los Angeles are hard-cussing mobster Northerners or toothless redneck Southerners who think about nothing but making money. Just as all Native Americans in the movies are good, all corporations in the movies are bad, despite the fact that most big movies are made by corporations. It's a subset of the Mudd's Robot's Paradox. In most businesses, making money is the raison d'etre. In the movie business, making money is a bad thing.

As evidenced by the making of Man-Thing.

This film was lensed in 2003 with a production budget estimated by various sources from $20 to $30 million. With a budget like that there must once have been plans to release it theatrically, but it languished on the shelves at Artisan until their catalogue was acquired by Lion's Gate. Lion's Gate's executives must have realized it was a total turkey, so they decided to cut their losses and foisted it off on the Sci-Fi channel, which is desperate for original programming.

Despite the massive cost, there is nobody in the cast whom you have ever heard of or seen before, and probably nobody you will ever hear from again, unless you are Australian. The only semi-identifiable face belongs to veteran Aussie character actor Jack Thompson, who plays the older of father and son bad guys. The star, the sheriff who is trying to sort out the murders, is supposed to be from Louisiana or some other swampy and all-American place but, for reasons never explained by the script, he speaks with an Australian accent. The rest of the characters in the film seem to have learned their Louisiana dialects from endless viewings of Vivien Leigh in A Streetcar Named Desire.

As for the tentacled spinach himself, Man-Thing's best moment comes when he uses one of his many tentacles to whack some guy in the man-thing. It must be what wrestling announcers would call a trademark finishing move.

Bottom line? It's a monster movie with absolutely nothing going for it except the actual monster. Moreover, the monster itself looks cheesy, has no back story, and doesn't appear on camera until the film is nearly over.

  • Imogen Bailey (1, 2, 3, 4)



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Crimson Ghost
NOTE: We currently have to do all of our movie files in zip format. Instead of viewing them online, save the zip files to your hard drive in the directory of your choice, un-zip and play from there.

'Caps and comments by the Ghost...

Here are a few non-nude pics and vids of Erica Eleniak in scenes from the movie "Strike Force" (aka "The Librarians") (2004).

This movie brings up an interesting question. Has a Heffer "gone bad" when she,
a) plays a stripper that doesn't strip, as in the case of Erica Eleniak in this movie.
b) actualy becomes a real life stripper and porn star like Teri Weigel?

  • Erika Eleniak (1, 2, 3)
  • Erika Eleniak zipped .wmvs (1, 2, 3)

'Caps and comments by Hankster:

Today we have a "Babe in Bondage" and a little "Hankster Light".

For our "Babe in "Bondage" today, we take the old Time Machine all the way back to 1974 for a jungle sleazefest called "Night of the Sorcerers".

When I first saw this movie years ago, it seemed pretty obvious that it must have been a chopped up print. Turns out that the heavy gore and nudity was only available in a Dutch version with subtitles. So what we have here is Barbara Rey tied up and having the clothing literally whipped of her body. This is a rather realistic scene which ends with her head being chopped off (I left that part out). Next time we will have another cute victim in a similar scene.

For today's "Hankster Light" we have Amy Lynn Baxter winding up topless in a scene from "Absolute Aggression". This is a really bad movie. So bad that even fans of bad movies should avoid it at all costs.

  • Amy Lynn Baxter (1, 2, 3, 4)

'Caps and comments by Dann:

My complaints about this 2005 horror flick have more to do with authenticity than the actual quality of the movie. I grew up in Florida years ago. I've been to the Everglades many times before they ruined it, I know what a real Florida native accent sounds like, and I've met and known several Seminole Indians. Although this film based on a comic was set in the glades, it was shot in Australia, and you could tell.

They got the glades totally wrong. It was indeed a swamp before man's meddling turned it dry, but not like it was shown in the movies....this looked more like a Louisiana swamp whereas the glades was known as the "River of Grass". They made the Seminoles look like western Indians, which they do not, and the accent was some horrible imagined Southern accent which doesn't sound like any Florida native I know (and I know a lot).

As for the plot, it tells of men who are in the swamp drilling for oil being attacked by a mysterious swamp-monster. This guy is no Swamp Thing; he's mean and murderous and sucks the life out of anything he touches. The brand-new Sheriff must try to figure out who (or what) is doing the killing while constantly being badgered by the evil owner of the oil drilling company. One nice touch....the owner's name is Schist, which sounds very much like the German word for shit.

I've never read the comic, but putting aside my problems with authenticity, this is an enjoyable B monster movie, and not much more. It's fun for the most part, but you could almost write the script before you see the scene. Nothing new, nothing different, and definitely not authentic.

Johnny Moronic
Jane Allsop
(1, 2, 3, 4)
Miriama Smith
(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

From the Aussie TV series "Last Man Standing", both ladies are briefly topless in scenes from two separate episodes.

Patricia Llaca
(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

The Latina beauty in a triple B performance in scenes from the Mexican film "La Habitación azul" aka "The Blue Room" (2002).

Scarlett Johansson
(1, 2, 3, 4)

Thanks to Johnny Moronic for saving us from having to rent the comedy/romance "In Good Company". Here is Scarlett filling out some tops very nicely and showing a little bit o' leg while wearing a tennis skirt.

Amélie Pick
(1, 2, 3, 4)

Some very nice toplessness in scenes from the 1999 French movie, "Retour à Fonteyne".

Astrid Veillon
(1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Yet another topless French beauty, this time in a love scene from "Accords et à cris" (2002).

Irene Montalà
(1, 2)

Montalà shows off her A-cups and cool striped hair in a scene from the Spanish movie "Fausto 5.0" (2001).

Isabel Otero
(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

One more French babe for the Euro-nudity collection. Here is Otero baring breasts and bum in several scenes, plus a little bit of bush as well (link #7). Scenes from "La Fille des nuages" (1996).

Rachel Hunter
Kelly Monaco
(1, 2)

Thanks to DeadLamb for these 'caps of former Heffer-turned soap star Kelly Monaco and former Supermodel-turned actress Rachel Hunter both wearing some skimpy outfits and shakin' their booties while guest starring on the new ABC series "Dancing with the Stars".

Imogen Bailey
(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

Señor Skin gives us a little more in depth nude coverage of Bailey's toplessness in "Man-Thing".

Pat Reeder
Pat's comments in yellow...

There's Already One: "COPS" - According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Jackson family is pitching TV outlets on a six-episode reality series about them. It would give an inside portrait of the oddball clan, and show how they rallied around Michael during his trial. Industry insiders said that while celebrity reality shows are big, the level of interest in the Jacksons is "questionable."

  • But the level of debt they have is "unfathomable."
  • It's also questionable that anyone will be able to explain the concept of "reality" to the Jacksons.
  • But it would appeal to viewers who thought the Osbournes just weren't dysfunctional enough.
  • A TV show?! Think how many mothers would be bringing their kids around THEN!

    Is His Name Chuck? - An unnamed 17-year-old at Olathe Northwest High School in Olathe, Kansas, was charged with misdemeanor battery for throwing up on his Spanish teacher. He was also expelled, and the school recommended he be sent to an alternative school. The teacher called it "outrageous," and prosecutors said it was intentional. But his dad says his son told him he didn't mean to do it; he just got sick from the stress of final exams.

  • And from mixing wine, beer and tequila.
  • If he can vomit on cue, he needs to go to an acting school... Either that, or the School of Rock.
  • If Spanish people heard the way that teacher from Kansas spoke Spanish, they'd throw up too!

    Leader Of The Pac - This month marks the 25th anniversary of the debut of Pac-Man. Video game historians say Pac-Man was the first game in which a player took on the persona of a living character instead of controlling inanimate objects, such as missiles or paddles. Other trivia: Creator Toru Iwatani was inspired by a pizza with a slice missing. And the original name in Japan was "Puck-Man," but that was changed to "Pac" for the U.S. because of "Puck-Man's" similarity to a four-letter profanity.

  • As in, "Oh, (BLEEP!), game over! Got another quarter?!"
  • Pac-Man was a round, inexplicably popular creature that devoured everything in its path...It was the Rosie O'Donnell of the '80s.
  • We can thank Pac-Man for all the things video gamers have accomplished in the past 25 years...which is nothing, basically.

    I'm Desperate To See This - Teri Hatcher may be the envy of most women, but she's not that pleased with her own body. She said she'll wear a swimsuit, but never a bikini. Hatcher said, "Maybe 50 percent would say I look cute, but the other 50 percent would say that my ass is a little droopy."

  • The 50 percent who would say that: women.
  • So go to the beach with Kirstie Alley; that'll shut 'em up.

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