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"Massacre in Dinosaur Valley"

Massacre in Dinosaur Valley (1985) is a Brazilian film directed by an Italian that I watched on a German DVD in perfectly-dubbed English that I purchased from Finland. It is about time for people to realize that this is truly a global economy, and end this region coding nonsense. Although we do have some wildlife, a little gore, and one scene of cannibalism, this film is either a comedy or an adventure or both. A professor and his daughter are heading into the forbidden Dinosaur Valley, and paleontologist Michael Sopkiw convinces them to let him come too. Also on the plane are a testosterone driven but impotent Vietnam vet and his drunken wife, two models, and a photographer. The plane crashes, and several are killed instantly The jungle takes its toll on many of the others, including a lovely piranha attack, cannibals, alligators, and jewel poachers. The film includes one of the best camera angles I have ever seen for a foot to the nuts kick, shot from between the legs, with the target area just above frame. In another favorite scene, Sopkiw comes to the aide of a model being groped by a drunk, and two 7 foot muscle builders kick his ass with authority.

The main purpose of the film, of course, is nudity, and the lovely Suzane Carvalho is topless for most of the film, and also shows bush and buns. Two unidentified models also show the three Bs, and some native women are also topless. The film is variously known as A Baixeda dos Dinosauros, Cannibal Ferox 2, Perdidos no Vale dos Dinossauros, Stranded in Dinosaur Valley, and Nudo e selvaggio. Also, the DVD I purchased was titled Amazonas. IMDB readers say 6.1 of 10, praising it as a genre effort, and admiring the charms of Carvalho. I agree on both counts, and was pleased with thew quality of the DVD transfer. C+.

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  • Suzane Carvalho (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21)
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    Harvesters (2001 video) is a low budget production with actresses cast more for their bust size than any acting ability, and actors who couldn't get a walk-on in a High School production. The plot was so good, however, that I was sucked in despite the obvious problems. It starts with a small gang who specialize in robbing convenience stores in small towns, and a pair of federal marshals who are trying to catch them. The leader is an ex-marine hand-to-hand and explosives specialist and lesbian, and the rest of the gang are junkie hangers-on. A hold-up goes wrong, and they kidnap a motorist and invade her home. Little do they realize that the quiet conservative family has been killing people and harvesting their organs for sale for 30 years. Of course, the marshals show up to add to the fun, and the surprise ending is fantastic.

    Erin Palmisano as one of the daughters shows breasts and buns in a bath scene, including a dream sequence where she is bathing in blood. The film is at 7.0 of 10 at IMDB with three very positive comments. If only this one could have been made with a much higher budget, C+.

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    Other stuff...

    A reader wrote seeking advice on a multiple format DVD capability, and I don't have a ready answer, but possibly one of you will. Here is his question.

    "I am in the process of purchasing an all region DVD player, and the subject of NTSC/PAL conversion is becoming an issue. Basically, I have no idea of the difference in picture quality between a 2 Mbit, 4 Mbit, or 12 Mbit system, and I am hoping that you or a Funhouse reader can help me out here. Bear in mind that I don't have a HDTV setup yet, so image quality only has to be good enough for an old fashioned NTSC 32 inch screen.

    I've researched the issue a bit, and I'm specifically curious as to whether I should go with a combo system, or buy a separate converter. As far as separate converters go, I see that the CMD-850 is being hyped pretty heavy right now, for a little over $300.00. Any experience with this system?

    Thanks for the time, and if you can't advise, I would appreciate if you could point me to a good, more or less impartial website that could help me make a judgment about all this."

    If anyone has any suggestions, please email me and I will see that he gets the answer.


  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    I created new volumes for the following: Petra Scharbach, Maria Schneider, Maria Schrader, Romy Schneider, Wendy Schumacher, Izabella Scorupco, Kristin Scott Thomas. I also updated all other names beginning with Sc - (but no separate volumes). I think I added something like 400 images in an updating frenzy.


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    From the Department of Redundancy, we bring you caps of former hefmate of the year, Brande Roderick in scenes from "Inside Club Wild Side".... but, guys, these are DVD caps and are a whole lot nicer than the VHS caps I sent in a while back.

    Here's the rundown:

    Collages 1 & 5 are surveys of the sport-humpin' action in the first of maybe a dozen such scenes in the movie.

    Collages 2-4 are single frame captures; 3 & 4 are similar but I liked them both so I sent them both.

    Collages 6-8 show some ride-em cowgirl action, shot from the waist up, with a bit of the ol' hooter-groping action thrown in for good measure.

    Collage 9 is a single frame of Brande and her paramour.

    And collage 10 is a survey of the action, with the only below-the-border shot in the whole sequence.

    It's been ages since the last time I sent in some page 3 babe scans. Figured I'd so something a bit different and scan the wenches of page 3 who have done some on-screen work and the title the on-going effort as Page 3 Babes of the Silver Screen (as documented by the second-best site on the web, IMDB).

    First up is Debee Ashby, who started out in the page of 3 as a youngster with baby fat still apparent and stayed around long enough to look very impressive, as in this scan. Debee did a video or two, a few appearances on Electric Blue and one movie entitled Sexy Secrets of the Sex Therapists.

    Katie Orgill is a real cutie. These topless only scans are from Mayfair, published a long time ago. Katie had a bit part in one movie, entitled Living Doll.

    • Katie Orgill (1, 2, 3)

    Louise Germaine seems to have done a lot of telly movies and telly series. First scan is a first-rate gynocam view and the second an impressive full-frontal view.

    • Louise Germaine (1, 2)

    Maria Whittaker is a house favorite, with an exuberant body and a terrific smile. You get to see the smile and the all-natural hooters in this scan. Maria was in two movies, including one I've seen, entitled Whoops Apocalypse.

    Rachel Garley was also in a couple of movies and shows full frontal and full backal views in this pair of fused scans.

    Toni Shiletto was sooo perfect she shoulda been in every British movie ever made but she did only one, Scandal, in which she played one of the dancers. We get full frontal at-the-beach scans from her.

    Finally, Tracy Neve did several videos with titles such as "The Best of Breasts." I can see why.

    • Tracy Neve (1, 2)


    • Jane Wilson, nudity from a varirty of angles.

    • Kelly Bessell, who poses as Jade, in an extreme gynocam view.

    • Blonde beautyMadeline Burton in full-frontal and rear views.

    • And last up is Marilyn Lindsay, in two collages of two scans each, showing off what nature was most generous in giving her. Crimony, I'm thinking I don't spend near enough time in the U. K. (1, 2)


    Today's "Babe in Peril" is Heather Tindell in "The Backlot Murders". Her boobs are flopping around nicely as she is attacked.

    • Heather Tindell (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    On the "Lite" side Mädchen Amick in "Hangman", with great legs and almost some breast views. I think she is a sexy lady.

    • Mädchen Amick (1, 2, 3, 4)

    Christiane Maybach Topless scene from the 1976 film "Satansbraten", aka "Satan's Brew".

    Katharina Buchhammer Nipples and partial bum views, also in scenes from "Satansbraten".

    Y Sa Lo (No releation to J-Lo) Topless and full frontal nudity in "Satansbraten".

    Christiane Paul
    (1, 2)

    Very nice exposure of all 3 B's in scenes from the German movie "Dumm gelaufen" (1997).

    Nandini Mitra Very nice see-thru 'caps from the presenter seen on a weekly magazine for the German "Vox" channel called "Fit for fun".

    Rebecca Romijn-Stamos The tall, gorgeous model/actress goes topless in very dark scenes from the stinker, "Rollerball". Dann also included some extra nudity from unknown extras in this collage.

    Sheryl Lee Answering the call from yesterday's mailbag about a naked PETA ad. Here is actress Sheryl Lee painted up like a tiger.