The best things you get to say in golf
  • "You need to bend your shaft less"
  • "You'll have to wash your balls first"
  • "She's playing with her own set"
  • "You'll have to work on straightening out my putter"
  • "I'll be working on the short strokes"
  • "Mind if I join your threesome?"
  • "She's a real swinger"
  • "After all those holes I can barely walk"
  • "Stand with your back turned and drop it"
  • "Your hands are so sweaty you can't get a good grip"
  • "Nice downstroke, but your follow-through leaves a lot to be desired."
  • "You'll enjoy playing with Miss Jones. She's a natural hooker"
  • "I lay three before sinking it in that hole"
  • "Keep your head down and spread your legs a bit more"
Today's Images
Scoopy Jr.'s Hot Pics of the Day
  • On the lighter side, Comedy Central's "The Daily Show"-which is a must see in my book- ran this great fake of America's sweetheart, Monica Lewinsky. Thanks to RJL for this one.
  • op Singers!
  • You hear them on the radio, you see them on Empty-V, and now, you get them naked! From our good friends at Celeb Net, some of today's hottest stars. From down under, here's Kylie Minogue by Graphics Response.
  • Due to popular demand, Graphic Response also put together this collage of the younger Minogue sister, Dannii.
  • Very sexy scans of Pop/R&B singer Toni Braxton. Also by Graphic Response.
  • Blondie! Yes it's the late 70's, early 80's pop/disco sensation Debbie Harry. Fair warning, the rock and roll life can be hard on the body as time goes by.
  • One more of Debbie Harry.
  • Natalie Cole by Boat Fan. Another great collage for our music category. Personally though I don't count Natalie as being a real performer. Yes, she is beautiful, and she can sing, but when the only songs a person records are really just edited tunes sung by your dead father with your voice dubbed in....I call that Karaoke!
  • Another popular early 80's singer, Laura Branigan.
  • Carrie Fisher
  • Yes, it's Princess Lea herself! Most people only remember her metal bikini from "Return of the Jedi" and her bra scenes from the dwarfsploitaion classic "Under the Rainbow". But before Tom Hanks became a super star, he teamed up with Fisher in the forgettable "The Man with One Red Shoe". Here's our Princess wearing leopard skin undies chasing Hanks around the bedroom.
  • Carrie Fisher #2
  • Carrie Fisher #3
  • One last look at Carrie. Thanks to Crow for all of these vidcaps.
  • Classic Scoopy
  • A large portion of our images are sent in by our viewers. And after gathering a collection of over 4,000 celebrities, with about 10,000 total images, we sometimes forget if we've run certain pics or not. These three are images that were recently sent in that we have run in the past, but I felt were just too good pass up without a second viewing. This first one is the very sexy Laetitia Casta and her fuzzy bikini.