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Les Amants


Jeanne Moreau plays the over-indulged but ignored wife of a workaholic newspaper owner, They live in a remote chateau in the French countryside, but she travels to Paris frequently to visit her best friend, and to conduct an affair with a polo player. When her husband finally becomes suspicious, he insists on inviting both the friend and the polo player to their home for dinner. On the way home, her car dies, and she meets a handsome young archeologist. "Love can be born in one glance," Moreau purrs in narration, "and in that moment all shame and restraint died away." The young man takes her home, spends the night, seduces her, and leaves with her the next morning, as both her husband and her lover watch.

Nico Jacobellis, manager of a motion picture theater in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, was charged with and convicted of possessing and exhibiting an obscene film when he screened this Louis Malle film, also known as The Lovers. What was all the legal fuss about? Jeanne Moreau subtly exposes her nipples in a dark sex scene. That was America in 1958.

The case rose all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, and prompted a famous statement about obscenity from justice Potter Stewart:

"I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description; and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly doing so. But I know it when I see it, and the motion picture involved in this case is not that."

What Potter's vague statement lacked in both legal analysis and applicability, it made up in readily comprehensible common sense, so "I know it when I see it" resonated sufficiently to become one of the most famous phrases in the entire history of the Supreme Court.

The film became a poster child for freedom of expression, so its artistic merit had to be defended in order to prompt the correct court decision, and the aesthetic world was quick to embrace it, perhaps unduly. I found it rather talky and predictable, but it scores 100% at Rotten Tomatoes, 7.3 at IMDb, and won a special jury prize at the Venice film festival.



Jeanne Moreau







Numb (2007) stars Matthew Perry as a screenwriter who smokes too much pot, freaks out, and finds himself with Detachment Disorder. He feels like he is not inside his own skin. Day-to-day living is like watching someone on TV, but the someone is him. He meets the girl of his dreams and begins searching for a cure in earnest. He tries both psychoanalytic and drug therapy to no avail, and even ends up in an affair with one of his shrinks.

This was evidently biographical for writer/director Harris Goldberg, and is hence very likely an accurate depiction of the mental disorder.  For me, it didn't really work as a comedy, and I didn't find Perry's character sympathetic, but I loved every moment Lynn Collins (the girlfriend) was on screen, and also enjoyed Mary Steenburgen (the horny shrink) enough that I am glad I watched it.

IMDb readers say 6.7, and it won two festival awards, one for music and one for audience favorite.


Clothing removal specialist Holly Eglington shows breasts, buns and a hint of bush.






Triple feature


Today we have a trio of beautiful ladies.

Leading off with the gorgeous as always Sophie Marceau in Fanfan (1993). Breasts from Miss Marceau.


The lovely Katie Holmes shows off he exquisite tits in The Gift 2000)


Heather Graham in Miss Conception (2008). No nudity but still very sexy.







Notes and collages



Jane Fonda




This role won Fonda the Best Actress award for her portrayal of a big city prostitute who assists a small town detective in a missing person investigation.







Sophia Miles in Art School Confidential - quality is better than DVD.


Kate Luyben did some nudity in the unrated DVD version of Semi-Pro that was not seen in the theatrical release.


Sascha Knopf shows off a beautifully curved bum (and more) in BlackMale


Miranda Otto removes the ol' top in Love Serenade


Film Clips

If you are a long-time reader you probably remember Angelique Pettyjohn, Captain Kirk's big-haired alien girlfriend. If not, this Wikipedia article will remind you who she is. Miss Pettyjohn also did x-rated material, using Heaven St. John as her nom de porn. Here are two of her immortal naughty classics:

Here's a career overview of Madonna's stage performances, as presented by a European equivalent of Entertainment Tonight. Fortunately for us, Europeans like breasts with their gossip.

Milla is nekkid in this scene in Resident Evil Extinction, but she manages to keep the best stuff covered.