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Sarah Jessica Parker (1, 2, 3, 4) More form the MTV Music Awards! I missed the show, but as Slanklums informed me, Sarah did something like 14 separate costume changes. In fact, they pointed it out with an icon in the corner of the screen when a new one was introduced.
#1 and #2 are single shots of the two most see-thru dresses she wore on the show...Very nice stuff!
#3 and #4 are by Slanklums, and are collages featuring all of the costume changes, in the order that they appeared. #1, dresses 1-10. #2, dresses 11-14 with a repeat of dress 9 with a shot of the commando that was hiding under it crawling out.
El Kabong
Halle Berry Promoting "X-men" from the July issue of Premiere. By the way...I goofed, it opens next month!
Alexa Rae (1, 2) From The Erotic X Film Guide
Juli Ashton Also from The Erotic X Film Guide
Down Dude
Alicia Silverstone Down's first vidcaps in a while...Here is Alicia on a recent Letterman appearance. No goodies to speak of naturally, but she is wearing a very low cut dress.
Claire Forlani (1, 2) In my book, Claire is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She has a great body, hypnotic eyes, a such an overall unique look that I have to give her a high score on the Babe-O-Meter.
WhyScan's Page Three Report
If Page Three is unfamiliar to you, this link describes the Page Three tradition.
Today's Page 3 girl....Abby, 21, from Blackpool. (1, 2, 3, 4)
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20)
RDO is at it again! Just when you thought that every frame had been 'capped too! Actually we are expecting the final shipment next week. You have to give him an A+ for effort!

Naturally, Elizabeth Berkley is in almost all of these, except #12 which is only Gina Gershon.

Iced T
Jeri Ryan (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Something a little different...Jeri Ryan NOT as a borg! Not that I mind the variety of skin tight clothing the "Voyager" producers keep her in mind you, but this makes for a nice change. Plus there is even some cleavage to be seen here! These 'caps come from the cancelled UPN TV show "The Sentinel". Iced T reports that the show is currently airing on the Sci-Fi Channel. Ok, so where's the cleavage? #'s 2,3, and 4 all have something, but if you're only going to click on one...try #3.
and ...
Fiona Johnson Best known as "The Woman in Red" from "The Matrix". Once again, wearing red.
Gabriella Babuti See-thru black top.
Ivana Horvet Fantastic see-thru stuff.
Sissy Spacek Topless and see-thru 'caps from "Prime Cut"
Angeline Ball From "Two Nudes Bathing"
Jocelyne West and Juliette Caton Vidcaps from "Two Nudes Bathing"
Jocelyne West and Juliette Caton More 'caps from "Two Nudes Bathing"

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"Paroxismus", aka "Venus in Furs", from Johnny Web

Warning: Spoilers

When Frodo sent me this, I mistakenly thought it was a Laura Antonelli movie called Venus in Furs. If I had known what it was, I'd have watched it immediately! It's the Jess Franco classic "Paroxismus", which he called Black Angel in English, but the distributors preferred Venus in Furs. (Very confusing because both of the "Venus in Furs" movies were released in 1969!)

The premise of this movie is actually pretty good for a Jess Franco movie. It's a Twilight Zone episode with some tits. A jazz musician walks along the beach. He's looking for the spot where he buried his horn. He finds it, starts playing it along the beach, when he spots a body washing ashore. He retrieves the body and realizes that it is a woman whose murder he actually witnessed in a seedy part of Istanbul. He realizes there must be some weird connection between him and the woman.

He knows he has to get out of Istanbul, so he takes a gig in Rio. As he wails away in a club during Carnival, the mysterious dead woman walks into the club, and she appears to be very much alive. As the movie progresses, he starts to have an affair with her, drawn by that same mysterious feeling of connection.

In time, they both realize they have to return to Istanbul, but by now the police are searching for her as the suspected murderer of several people. She knows that the victims are the people who murdered her, but she doesn't really realize why she is alive, or even who she is.

Well, skipping all the detail, the ending is pretty cool. The movie kind of starts over. The musician is walking along the shore again, playing his horn, he sees a body wash up on shore, and ----- this time it is his own body. Of course. That explains the mysterious connection. He was also dead.

OK, pretty tight Rod Serling premise, right? Now here's how it got Francofied.

First, the jazz musician is washed-up cornball TV actor-singer James Darren ("The Time Tunnel"), the guy who played Moondoggy in the Gidget movies. He must have been really desperate after "Time Tunnel" was cancelled (he later made a comeback, if you can call it that, in "TJ Hooker"), because movies like this pay nothing. Well, Darren is a bebop hepcat knockin' down some riffs in the key of sad, if you can dig my groove, daddy-o, and he must have the worst dialogue ever. How did the MST3K people miss this film? He narrates the entire movie in overvoice. It starts out semi-poetic, when he says "don't ask me why I buried my horn or why I dug it up. I just had to have it again. Musicians will understand, because a musician without his horn is like a man without words", But the rest of it is like a bad impression of Sammy Davis, Jr. (Darren was a friend of Frank Sinatra and his family - sort of a little mouse in the Rat Pack)

"Wanda and I let Carnival swallow us up, like there was no tomorrow, and there was no yesterday" "She was on some crazy, drugged-out trip. But, hey, if that was her bag, then I was cool with it"

Anyway, Darren's big challenge in the movie comes from his girlfriend, played by the American singer/actress Barbara McNair (once a great beauty, but here looking washed out and probably as desperate for work as Darren). McNair is understandably upset that Darren prefers the company of a dead woman. Of course, if she had seen the movie's ending, it wouldn't have bothered her that much, since she herself was sleeping with a dead man.

There is also some weird sub-plot with Klaus Kinski as an ancient caliph who tortures his slave girl until she gains the upper hand and tortures him. And then they keep coming back to life and torturing each other for generations. Well, as luck would have it, the dead woman on the beach is the slave girl, and the guy who killed her is Kinski. Then, when she comes back to life, sleeps with Darren, and goes after Kinski for revenge, the cycle continues. Except they also didn't see the ending, because if Darren is also dead, then she's hasn't come back to life ....... Or maybe she is, and just had to hear Darren sing "Goodbye, Cruel World" one last time.

Dead Woman walks around the entire time in her underpants and a mink coat. (Venus in Furs, get it?) Nobody thinks this is suspicious, even in Rio in the height of the Brazilian summer.

When Darren walks along the beach, he plays the haunting "Venus in Furs" theme. When Barbara McNair sings in the nightclub, she sings ..... (have you already guessed) ... "Venus in Furs". Actually, it's cliched, but it isn't as bad as in most Franco movies. Jazz great Manfred Mann actually wrote some of the score.

If you, like me, are nostalgic for the 1968-1974 period, and love everything about the sloppy excesses of that time, you'll probably get a big kick out of this movie. You know the term "high camp"? Well this puppy is higher than high. This is celestial camp.

Here is an exceptionally good and thoughtful review of this movie. I don't agree with him, but it's an excellent read!

Surprisingly, considering Franco's career output, only minimal nudity!! Maria Rohm (1, 2, 3, 4)


"The Faculty", from Tuna

The latest incarnation of "invasion of the body snatchers". I have talked about it previously, somewhere in the back issues.

thumbnails Laura Harris (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)


"The Muse", from Tuna

Tuna's comments: The Muse has a good premise. A screenwriter has "lost his edge" and nobody will produce his scripts. He is put in contact with a "muse" (Sharon Stone) who will help him become creative again if he supports her and waits on her hand and foot. Sharon also motivates the screenwriters wife (Andie Macdowell) to become "Mrs. Fields" by opening a cookie business. The plot provides ample room for comedy, but it just doesn't happen. The "great script" that The Muse inspires involves someone who inherits an aquarium, has trouble with sick fish, then hits oil digging for a new fish tank, becomes rich and "frees all the Willys." That script sounds at least as bad as the script for The Muse. I found myself nodding off while I waited for the "brief nudity" from Sharon Stone.Near the end, we see Sharon facing away from the camera and slipping into bed. Yawn.

Anyway, we have one pretty good pokey of Macdowell, one cleavage shot of Stone, and six great shots of a butt without a face. The movie may have some message about creativity, and where it comes from, but it eluded me completely. Acting, good, casting, good, photography, good, screenplay, terrible. Enjoy the images and rent something else.

thumbnails Sharon Stone (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) Andie MacDowell


Three images of Connie Selleca, photographed by David Schoen

I didn't know that Selleca had ever appeared topless, so I asked my most expert source to take a look at these shots from (Check the site out, lots of good glam). Here is his reply:


David Schoen is a very well known, very respected name in the industry. He shot mostly for Penthouse, some for Playboy. I would therefore say, after viewing the pix, that they ARE definitely Connie Selleca. It is definitely her face, and what her body WOULD look like...and he's not the type to start placing heads on nude torsos. So you can feel comfortable including it in the Fun House.

P.S. At the same hotel in Honolulu where I met Michelle Pfeiffer in the pool {along with Tina Hobley from England's "Eastenders," I was told by the lifeguard that--next to wicked Whitney Houston {"The only guest we've permanently banned from the hotel in over 40 years of operation!"} -- the most obnoxious celeb they'd encountered was Connie Selleca. The guy--who's worked there for 38 years--told me that John Tesh was a very nice guy {albeit an atrocious musician}, while Connie complained about everything. She even wanted the hotel swimming pool made COLDER...but when they explained to her that the pool is heated, not cooled, she stormed out--John tagging dutifully behind--and checked into another hotel. And she wasn't even "Flying High" back then."

topless topless face only


New from GR

Lysette Anthony in "The Advocate" Lysette Anthony (single image) Sophie Dix in "The Advocate" Sophie Dix (single image) Paulina Porizkova in "Thursday"

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