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  • I love this story. In addition to buying up all domains that could be used to "harm" the candidate, like, George W Bush and his lawyer are trying to force off the internet all sites making fun of George W or even using his name and initials without permission. Must be because the internet is a liberal plot invented by Al Gore. Good thinking, eh? Imagine the strategizing: "Let's see, the internet is now one of the most powerful influences on American thought -let's get everybody on it mad at us." Too bad about this, because Bush's dad has a good sense of humor. Click here for the story. We intend to give Bush equal time, although that will be difficult since Gore is inherently goofier.
  • Speaking of goofy, here's the noblest Roman of them all, Steve Forbes, defining a major campaign issue. If he's elected president, he'll scrap the new twenty dollar bills. He declared "we'll have money that looks real again". I'd certainly make that one of my top five campaign promises. To hell with the environment, the Balkans, the economy, China policy and that kind of insignificant crap. Let's get those monetary graphics right.
  • Mailbox: "Scoopy, just for fun, since you published pictures of Dagmar Veskrnova from "Ferat Vampire" - she is now a Czech Republic President's wife."
  • Mailbox: "Do you have any info about a charity calendar featuring high jumper Amy Acuff". No, and I don't think you'd be happy with our fully-dressed pictures of Roy Acuff. Anybody out there know more??
  • The Spy who Shagged Me managed to shag the #1 spot from Star Wars over the weekend. The $54.7 million weekend was the highest ever for a comedy - very impressive since it's competing head-to-head against "Menace" - and within sight of the $64 million attained by Menace itself in its opening weekend. This must be about the best marketed and merchandised movie ever. Contrary to what most people now think, the first movie wasn't a megahit. In three days, Shagged has already made more at the box office than its predecessor did in its entire lifetime in the theaters. The original was profitable relative to its $17 million cost, but the domestic box was only $53 million. The successor should be hugely profitable because it cost $30 million, still economical by Hollywood blockbuster standards. Phantom Menace cost $110 million, Titanic about double that. By the way, Titanic did only $28 million in its opening weekend on its way to about TWO FRIGGING BILLION in international box office. ($600 million US, $1.2 billion outside the US).
  • Mark of the Devil
  • Mark of the Devil isn't very notable for its content. It was an overseas ripoff of the fairly successful movie about witchhunting, The Conqueror Worm. It did, however, have a hilarious marketing campaign. (Nobody admitted without a vomit bag). This type of gimmick campaign was common to promote b movies in the 50's and 60's, and it was still dragging on through the drive-in circuit for many additional years. The movie stars Herbert Lom, who is best known as Clouseau's boss in those Pink Panther films and is kind of John Saxon with a foreign accent, and Udo Kier, who was best known as the worst actor who ever lived before Jean-Claude Van Damme was born. You can see Kier in those Warhol/Morrissey Frankenstein/Dracula movies. He was the famous count and baron. "Sometimes, Igor, you have to fuck life in the gall bladder". He also played Dr Jekyll, Hitler, and starred Spermula and in a movie called Das Deutsche Kettensaegen Massaker (The German Chainsaw Massacre. I didn't make that up). Actually, he was kinda good in Ace Ventura, Pet Detective. Anyway, The Realist said he's not even sure if he has these women ID'd right, but you can see it was some highly intellectual fare. This is Gaby Fuchs, or maybe not.
  • Mark of the Devil. Gaby Fuchs
  • Mark of the Devil. Gaby Fuchs
  • Mark of the Devil. Ingeborg Schoener.
  • Mark of the Devil. Ingeborg Schoener.
  • Goodies
  • This is an oldie but goodie. A Max Cherry scan of Jennifer Lopez in a see-through top.
  • One guy sent me this and the next one because I have never run these see-throughs of Cameron Diaz, even though they are not new at all. (One is dated 1997)
  • Cameron
  • Paparazzi shot of Eva Dahlgren and her female marital partner. Eva is topless.
  • Calyx did a beautiful job with this collage of Virginia Hey in Farscape.
  • from Jimmy the Saint, Diane Gartner wading. See-through top.
  • Justina Vail in "7 Days", from Dalton. No nudity. She appears to have a great body. Has anyone more revealing shots of her?