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Roadies is a new series created by Cameron Crowe. Although it has not yet premiered on Showtime, the first episode has been released as a preview. Jacqueline Byers and Cissy Ly were topless.



Michela Ferrazza very naked in the latest installment of a series dedicated to baffling crimes in various world cities. This time it's Der Urbino-Krimi (Die Tote im Palazzo) in 720p

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L'Exercice de l'Etat

2011; 1920x816

Brigitte Lo Cicero


Segon Origen


Rachel Hurd-Wood


This week, movies from 2001:

Rock Star

Rock Star (2001) has topless nudity by Jennifer Rovero and Natalie Raynes,

and some unidentified women.

There are a lot of other sexy women:

Carrie Stevens

Dagmara Dominczyk

Heidi Mark

Jennifer Aniston

Kristin Willits - Carey Lessard

Rachel Hunter

The Last Tattoo


The Last Tattoo is a 1994 dramatic thriller set during World War 2 when American soldiers rested in New Zealand. Kelly Towne (Kerry Fox) is a nurse who is working on the stopping the spread of VD amongst the soldiers and locals. She has come across a particularly virulent strain and one of the people she has deduced who has it is Rose Mitchell (Katie Wolfe), but she seems to have disappeared and it's because of a murder of an American soldier who was going to be her husband. The American soldiers, headed by General Frank Zane (Rod Steiger) and Commander Conrad Dart (Robert Loggia) have reluctantly decided to investigate the murder and get the injured Captain Michael Starwood (Tony Goldwyn) to discreetly investigate. This means that both Kelly and Michael are looking for Rose, which disgusts Kelly as she is after discretion for her patients. She finds Rose, but Michael follows her and chases her off. Meanwhile, the local union, who are very much involved in the murder are attempting to stop the truth from coming out. Kelly finds out that Commander authorised the test for Rose meaning he had sex with her and all of a sudden this bigger than she could imagine. Kelly and Michael fall for one another as they work closer together and get closer to the truth, but will the ever get to that truth?

Interesting movie driven by two good performances by Fox and Goldwyn and an intriguing mystery even with the sexual disease angle, which is a strange plot device to set a movie on.

Kerry Fox film clip (collage below)

Katie Wolfe film clip (sample below)

The Last Magic Show


Julia Hyde film clip (sample below)


TV/Film clips

Nikki Gray in The Bronx Bull (2016)

Maura Tierney's sex scene from the season two premiere of The Affair, now in 1080hd

Marjorie Cottreel in The Life of Jesus (1997) in 720p

Hannah Murray in Bridgend (2015; animated .gif) - click on thumbnail