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Nude on Stage

In general, yesterday was one of the most boring days in the history of naked celebrities. I can't remember a day in which less happened. And then a miracle occurred. Some dude with a cell phone snuck some pictures during a New York production of Through a Glass Darkly - pictures of Carey Mulligan topless. Now, mind you, these are crappy cell phone pics and the scene is not exactly Basic Instinct to begin with, but that's still pretty damned cool. Too bad nobody could do this when Kidman was in The Blue Room in 1999, when she was in Eyes Wide Shut shape.


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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.



The L Word

(Season 1, 2004)

Heidi Iro and Audra Ricketts film clips. Captures below.

Audra Ricketts film clips. Captures below.




Film Clips

Kira Eggers in Kiras erotiske fantasier (approx 2005, see below)

Sofie Grabol in Oviri (1986). This is a biopic about Paul Gauguin, starring Donald Sutherland and Max von Sydow. It is also known as "Wolf at the Door." I never heard of it before, and I'm kinda curious, but both Amazon and Amazon UK say the DVD is "currently unavailable." Polaris obviously found a HD source, and Sofie looks incredible!

Thirsty Rabbit's Tribute to Annamaria Clementi



Some pics from Charlie's Family, the porn film based upon the shenanigans of Charlie Sheen. It stars some of the porn stars who have actually made whoopie with Le Grand Charles. I haven't seen the actual film, but this will give you the entire scenario, such as it is.

Flora Cheung is the star of the upcoming Hong Kong show, The Naked Chef. Here she is without so much as her transparent apron.

Tania Raymonde in Wild Cherry (2009)

Darlene Escobar in Pineapple (2006)