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Powder Blue


Part 4 of 4

Jessica Biel HD (1920x1080) film clips (part 6 of 6)

(sample below)







Black Emanuelle 2

We return to Black Emanuelle 2 (1976)

Today Shulamith Lasri goes all full frontal as she becomes a "Babe in Bondage." All of this comes as the opening credits are rolling. Caps and a clip.

Part 3 tomorrow.


TV Land

Over in TV Land we get our morning sports with a little leg & thigh courtesy of ESPN's Hannah Storm. Caps and an HD clip.







Notes and collages

Cool Breeze


Paula Kelly







Zombie Cheerleading Camp


Low budget horror shot in North Carolina and maybe the first to feature lesbian zombies who are cheerleaders as well.

"Must have brains... but they go straight to the thighs."

The DVD is available directly from the makers at

Nicole Lewis provides the bulk of the nudity


The rest are sexy:

Jamie Anne Brown

Brandy Blackmon

Terry Chandeline and Nicole Westfall

Jaqueline Martini

skinnidipping: just a tease

foodfight: wet t-shirt

catfight: upskirt







Pulse 3


Starting 7 years after the events chronicled in 2006's Pulse, Pulse 3 continues the story, but may well be the worst of the three.

Justine is 17 and miserable in the refugee camp set up after the world is infected with a plague spread by the internet and cell phones. Now the cities are populated by ghosts, and all modern devices are forbidden in the camps that contain the few people left alive.

Finding a hidden laptop, Justine makes contact with Adam, still living in the city, and claiming to still be alive and well. Desperate to escape her miserable existence, Justine flees to the city, but what she finds there isn't exactly the man of her dreams.

While I didn't see the original, I found Pulse 2 to be decent horror, but this one was somewhat disappointing, slow-moving with a very anticlimactic ending. Save it for a night when you're really bored.

Courtney Shay Young







Britney in concert. No nudity, but pretty cool ...

Katie Lohmann in Strike

 ... and runway model Flavia Oliviera.

Runway models sure don't look like they used to. They are just as skinny, but now they might have giant implants on their thin frames.



Film Clips

Tina Plate in an episode of Tatort

Katharina Boehm in an episode of Tatort

Corinna Harfouch in Thea and Nat

Eiko Matsuda in In the Realm of the Senses (720p)

Gudrun Landgrebe in Die Flambierte Frau

Kaori Shimamura in Junk Shiryo-gari

Kelly Nichols and Marciee Drake in Tool Box Murders

Kate Blumberg and Natalie Becker in The Deal

Leelee Sobieski in Night Train (there's no nudity, but I think it's sexy)

Lynn Lowry in Shivers

Patricia Arquette in Wildflower

Patricia Arquette in Flirting With Disaster (720p, sample below)

Sarah Manninen in The Line, episode 12 (sample below)

Amee Walden in The Cell 2 (720p, sample below)


Killing Ariel

Axelle Grelet film clip (sample below)

Lauren Mary Kim film clip (sample below)

Lindsley Allen film clip (samples below)

Sukunya Wangsomnuk film clip (samples below)