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Bad Timing


The time machine stays parked in 1980 for "Bad Timing," featuring Theresa Russell getting it on with ... Art Garfunkel, of all people. Theresa does full frontal.







Notes and collages

The Passage


Kay Lenz


Rok's notes: I don't recall where I got the clip for these collages though it was probably from your site. The beauty of this sort of "washed-out" clip is that at the core the whole visual range of light and dark is there (hiding.) Kay Lenz is a pretty lady I had a crush on as a teen, so it was a pleasure to create these collages.

Scoop's note: It seems to me that Kay Lenz is the female Kevin Bacon, in that she has worked with just about everyone in the last three or four Hollywood generations, including people from A movies, people from B movies, people from old-time television, and people in the current hot TV shows. In her first starring film role, her co-star was old-time Hollywood giant Bill Holden! Since then she has appeared with James Mason, Lee Marvin, Tony Quinn, Oliver Reed and the other greats, but has also appeared in complete crap movies like Shakespeare's Plan 12 From Outer Space, and Stripped to Kill. In the TV world, she continues to make guest appearances on TV shows like "House" and "Heartland," but started as a young girl on "Andy of Mayberry," back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and gas was so cheap the stations would pay you to take it off their hands. One guy would pump your gas, another would give you Green Stamps in the process, while two others squeegeed off your windows and checked your fluid levels. All of them would be dressed in freshly-pressed uniforms, topped off by crisp hats emblazoned with the Texaco star, and they had all been hired for their ability to sing the Texaco song in perfect barbershop harmonies. Many of them had advanced degrees from Juilliard. When you were satisfied with their singing as well as their car care, you might tip a single bright, shiny nickel for all of them to share.

Oops. I got kinda carried away with that imagery ....

Anyway ...

Despite 40 years of TV experience, Kay is still only 55.







Heartless (2005) is a British movie and Serena Gordon looks very sexy in her nurses uniform.



To Canada and we have Canvas (1992).

Melissa Pallascio is completely naked,

Denise Martin is topless

and Cary Lawrence is the canvas, but keeps the goodies hidden.


At Close Range

Janie Draper is a topless stripper in At Close Range (1986).

Mary Stuart Masterson keeps her clothes on but looks very nice.



There's pokies and an upskirt by Kate Hudson in Gossip (2000).


The Shadow

No nudity in The Shadow (1994) but Penelope Ann Miller shows some mild pokies.



No real nudity in the Swedish movie Persona (1966). However, there is a good view down Bibi Andersson's night shirt.


Zus & zo

From the Netherlands we have Zus & zo (2001).

Monica Hendrickx shows a brief nipple,

there's pokies by Halina Reijn

and Lore Dijkman,

and Anneke Blok shows a fair bit of cleavage.



From Hong Kong comes Koma aka Jiu ming (2004) and April Tung shows some nice breasts.


Loser Takes All

From France we have Loser Takes All aka Qui perd gagne! (2004). Elsa Zylberstein has some nice breasts.


Clara and Me

Also from France is Clara and Me aka Clara et moi (2004). This time it is Julie Gayet that is topless.



A Loving Father

Still in France, though with a bit more of a mixed parentage, is A Loving Father aka Aime ton père (2002).

Elisabeth Niederer is completely naked,

Karina Aktouf is topless

and Sylvie Testud is interesting.


Have Mercy on Us All

Our fourth French film is Have Mercy on Us All aka Pars vite et reviens tard (2007).

Linh Dan Pham is topless

and Lana Ettinger is a naked murder victim.


Revenge of the Rats

Revenge of the Rats aka Ratten - sie werden dich kriegen! (2001) is a German/Czech co-production

with Anne Cathrin Buhtz taking a bath.



Bummer aka Bumer (2003) is from Russia.

Olga Dobrina

and Yana Nikolayeva are both topless.



A Scandinavian co-production we have Inheritance aka Arven (2003).

Anne Claire Thiessen shows some lovely large nipples

and Lisa Werlinder is topless but we don't see much.


"Charlie's Angels"

Series 1 Part 1

I don't think Farrah Fawcett wore a bra in the first series of Charlie's Angels so there was plenty of lovely eye candy. Jaclyn Smith was also very easy on the eye.


Jaclyn Smith - very nice in her sleepwear

Episode 1 - Hellride

Farrah Fawcett

Jaclyn Smith

and Kate Jackson - lovely

Episode 2 - The Mexican Connection

Farrah Fawcett - pokies

Jaclyn Smith - bikini

Episode 3 - Night of the Strangler

Farrah Fawcett - pokies

Jaclyn Smith - bikini

Episode 4 - Angels in Chains

Farrah Fawcett - pokies and nipple escape

Jaclyn Smith - bikini

Episode 5 - Target Angels

Farrah Fawcett - pokies

Episode 6 - The Killing Kind

Farrah Fawcett - pokies


Jaclyn Smith - bikini


Nancy Stephens - bikini

Episode 7 - To Kill an Angel

Farrah Fawcett - cleavage

Jaclyn Smith - bikini








Twice Dead


Some semi-famous stuff to look at today including Betty Thomas in Loose Shoes

and former Hefmate Sue Bernard in That Tender Touch.

Some Eurobabes, too -cute as the dickens Christa Leem in Oscura Historia

and the uber-mega-ultra sexy Manuela Arcuri in A Spasso Nel Tempo.









Rear view of Kim Kardashian in a bikini

Film Clips


Whitney Able in All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

Marie Trintignant in Betty

Heather Graham in Miss Conception. (2008. No nudity but, hey, it's Heather Fucking Graham. Sample right.)