Season Three

I normally cover the entire season at once, but in this case I screwed up. I picked up four disks at Blockbuster, and it turns out there are five, and  I missed the last two episodes, which include the famous nude scene from Paula Malcolmson (she gets naked to distract Hearst, then shoots him), and a nice topless scene from Sarah Pacelli. I'll try to get those tomorrow, along with the details and collages. For now, here are the videos from episodes 1-10.

Personally, I think the series went on after it ran out of ideas. By the end it had plenty of atmosphere, but not much else. Of course, it was semi-historical, so it had to follow reality, and reality wasn't as interesting after Hickok died and the town became more civilized.

  • Episode 2, Robin Weigert as Calamity Jane, with a brief hint of bush! (For a completely different look at Weigert, see Tuna's captures from The Gopd German.)
  • Episode 4: Cynthia Ettinger as a whore. The very fleshy Ettinger can also be seen in Tuna's captures from Carnivale
  • Episode 5: Whore. Frankly, this is WAY more flesh than I really care to see from a very fleshy and grossly overweight woman. I'm not sure who it is. This woman has the same body as Cynthia Ettinger, but the script seems to indicate that it is a different person. I couldn't say for sure, so I changed my ID from Ettinger to "whore." It may be she, but I think not.
  • Episode 7: Weigert again.



* Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

* White asterisk: expanded format.

* Blue asterisk: not mine.

No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek (1996) is yet another couples erotic thriller on a dual region DVD

As the film opens, a woman issues a verbal put-down to some punks that want to pick her up, and is about to be beaten for her trouble when a very tough hombre rescues her.

Cut to different characters, three years later. The Styles family has lots of advantages, including the huge Walnut Creek Ranch and a successful development business, but everything is not rosy. David Christensen and wife Rochelle Swanson have grown apart, largely due to his tendency to be a workaholic. Daughter Renee Weldon doesn't like her stepmother, and makes no bones about it. She seems to be an equal opportunity hater, except when it comes to the hired hand, Alton Butler.

It is into this mix that the woman from the opening scene arrives as the new ranch manager. It seems that the ranch has always been a tax write-off, but now they need it in the black, and Kate Rodger, with the perfect resume, has been hired. This resume seems unlikely from someone who was a heroin junky living on the streets only three years before. We fairly quickly learn that the nasty man who saved her has groomed her for this job because Styles once put him in jail with some testimony. Kate's assignment is to get dirt on Mr. Styles so her benefactor can crush him and his new business venture.  Rodger soon discovers that she likes Walnut Creek, and likes Mr. Styles, so she pursues her own personal agenda, but there are many loose ends to tie up, like her benefactor, her intended's wife, the hired hand, and the daughter.

IMDb readers say 4.1 with only 40 votes. This is an adequate couples erotica - - moderately erotic; barely thrilling - made more desirable by the nude appearance of Kate Rodger, veteran of General Hospital and others.

This is a C.

Walnut Creek DVD Rochelle Swanson Kate Rodger (1996)

  • Regions one and four
  • 4/3 Fullscreen
  • English Stereo Dolby
  • Optional Spanish Subtitles
  • English trailer
  • Spanish text synopsis
  • Behind the scenes special (5 minutes)

Purchase info from the image above.

Rochelle Swanson shows breasts and buns, as do Renee Weldon and Jacqueline Lovell as a masseuse. Kate Rodger does full frontal and rear nudity.


Rochelle Swanson


Renee Weldon


Jacqueline Lovell


Kate Rodger








A double feature today.


Human Nature


A very leggy Miranda Otto also has a comical "Babe in Bondage" scene.


Patricia Arquette gives us some almost-but-too-hairy glimpses of skin.





Two "Babes in Bondage."


A topless Maureen Davis is strangled.


Piper Cochrane is all tied up and showing the hooters.









Notes and collages

Helen Mirren - Day 9

Savage Messiah, Part 3 of 3













Cabeza de Perro



"Cabeza de perro" (2006): Cuenta la historia de Samuel, un chico de 18 años que desde pequeño padece una rara enfermedad neurológica. A veces deja de oír, de ver, es incapaz de andar o articular una frase. Por eso ha crecido alejado de todo y sobreprotegido por su familia. Una serie de casualidades lo llevarán a Madrid, donde conocerá a Consuelo (Adriana Ugarte), una chica de veintitantos años tan descolocada como él. Entre ellos surgirá una insólita relación: insólita como ellos mismos.


"Dog's Head" recounts the story of Samuel, an 18-year-old boy who has suffered since early childhood from a rare neurological disease. There are times when he cannot hear or see, and is incapable of walking or speaking even simple phrases. Because of this condition he has been isolated from people and has always lived within the shelter of his family. A series of incidents beings him to Madrid, where he encounters a twenty-something woman as alienated as he. They form a relationship as extraordinary as they are.


Adriana Ugarte










El Virgo de la Visanteta

At the religious festivities in a small town, a simple virgin (Maria Rosaria Omaggio), who played the Virgin Mary in the pageant, is seduced by a horny dude who tells her he comes in the name of God.

He leaves her pregnant and everybody believes it is a miracle, but she is not happy with the situation, because now she wants to keep having sex and find a real father for the baby.


Maria Rosaria Omaggio


Veronica Llimera








A film clip of Catherine Bell in a 1996 episode of Hotline
A film clip of Catherine Bell in Dream in a 1994 episode of Dream On. Sorry, French audio, but she looks gorgeous. This great series was on the air for six or seven years, but only #1 and #2 are available on DVD, despite the fact that the season 1&2 set has the highest-ever customer rating on (34 votes: 33 fives and a four!)
Britney Spears falling out of her dress yet again. The areola exposure was at Joseph's Nightclub in Hollywood on June 11th (Monday night).

According to the file name, the upskirt is from the 13th. (Wednesday night), but I have not confirmed that. I do know that somebody seems to have bought her a pair of panties!






The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

A coalition of US government watchdog groups reported that federal farm subsidy money is going to some surprising people who apparently own rural land.  For instance, David Letterman got $8,000
in farm subsidies, but gave it to charity.  One real sheep farmer got only $500, which was far less than went to the estate of long-dead comedian Jack Benny. And NBA star Scotty Pippen got $289,000 in taxpayer farm subsidies.    

*  I think that's a good idea, paying NBA players not to plant their seed. 

*  It's ironic because the only celebrity who actually grows his own crop is Willie Nelson, and the government took money away from him.

Staten Island, New York, borough president James Molinaro called for a boycott of 5 Boroughs Ice Cream, which sells ice creams inspired by New York neighborhoods, such as "South Bronx Cha Cha Chocolate" and "Upper East Side Rich White Vanilla."  Molinaro is angry about "Staten Island Landfill," which is vanilla with crunchy brownie chunks and cherries.  He calls it an ignorant insult to the "greenest, cleanest and safest" borough.  He suggested an alternate name: "Ferry Berry," after the Staten Island Ferry.  But most customers say they don't care, as long as "Staten Island Landfill" tastes good.  One said it's not like he expects to find "a syringe or a rubber boot in there."

*  It's not THAT authentic. 

*  It's not as bad as "Grand Central Station Piss...tachio."  Or "Soho Chunky Junkie."  

*  Besides, they already have a "Fairy Berry;" it's named after
Greenwich Village.

Having quit "The Apprentice," Donald Trump is teaming up with Fox for a new reality show called "Lady or a Tramp."  Based on the British show "Ladette to Lady," it will follow a group of slutty party girls who are sent to a strict charm school to learn how to behave like debutantes.  They have to wear tweeds and pearls, and learn flower arranging and needlework and how to host a tea party instead of a kegger.  Trump might even appear occasionally to evaluate the girls' progress.  He said he's tired of TV glamorizing out-of-control tarts, so he wants to do something about it. 

*  By glamorizing out-of-control tarts. 


Two Florida women are suing "Girls Gone Wild" creator Joe Francis, accusing him of giving them booze, coercing them into exposing themselves and engaging in sexual activities, then releasing it on video without their consent

* They never imagined that when the "Girls Gone Wild" producer taped them having naked, drunken sex, he planned to SELL it! 


 A multi-million dollar Broadway musical version of the Olivia Newton-John roller-disco movie "Xanadu" postponed its opening after one of the stars injured his foot

* After being temporarily blinded by sequins

* And his understudy wasn't gay enough

* Also, after the backers suddenly realized they'd invested millions in a stage musical of "Xanadu."