Other Crap:

"RIAA chief says illegal song-sharing 'contained'"
  • I believe he's the same guy who did President Bush's "Mission Accomplished" sign.

"The Pornographers vs. The Pirates. Smut giants are showing mainstream Hollywood how to fight back"

The famous non-PC signs at: Casa D' Ice - North Versailles, Pa

Golden Fisherman update! Biloxi's one-ton statue found in Mobile

Urban Legends Reference Pages: e-mail worm (New Graphic Site)

Super Chicken vs Salvador Rag Dolly

"Power outage in Beaver fixed, but squirrel was beyond repair "

Top Ten Things You Don't Want To Hear On Father's Day

"Top Ten Secrets Found In Al-Zarqawi's Safe House"

  • Osama's been staying at a Red Roof Inn in Tulsa for over two years
  • iPod packed with nothing but Tony Orlando and Dawn
  • According to his will, he left everything to the Boys and Girls Club of Long Island
  • The song "Rhinestone Cowboy" always made him cry
  • High school yearbook shows he was voted "Most likely to start a Jihad"

Curse you, Ghost Whisperer. "Actress JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT is thrilled her new US TV show GHOST WHISPERER is a hit because it means she doesn't have to bare her famous breasts on the big screen."

Police force Daryl Hannah out of a tree

  • Sigh. Here is what really happened with that property. In 1986 the city took the land from Ralph Horowitz through the process of eminent domain, in order to build a giant incinerator and recycling plant. Various environmental and community groups blocked that development. Horowitz then went to court and argued that he should get his land back, since it was eminent domained for a purpose that was abandoned. After many, many years, the courts finally ruled, quite correctly, that he was right. A government cannot take away someone's property just because it feels like it. Not yours, not mine, not Horowitz's. If the city wasn't going to build the incinerator, then it had no right to take the land. In a very real sense, the return of the property to the owner was a triumph of justice and of the individual over the blind government.
  • Here's the problem. The city of Los Angeles, thinking it owned the land legally, designated it for other use. Being the financial geniuses that they are, they managed to earn a whopping one dollar per year from the valuable property by allowing its use by a food bank. The City sold it to the harbor authority, which just ignored it for years, and allowed the gardeners to develop their project.
  • Along comes Horowitz, now the rightful owner again, and says that the farmers have to leave. The city authorities have no choice but to enforce his rights.
  • But the garden is a wonderful little oasis in the midst of an area which needs green space. Most people seem to feel it should be preserved more or less as it is instead of being converted to more ugly warehouses.
  • There is a solution. For some reason, all the high-powered celebrities seem to have ignored it. The developer is willing to sell the property (well, 3/4 of it) back to the farming co-op for $16 million dollars. Instead of perching in trees and defying the law in a quixotic and hopeless protest, the celebrities could do something which would really work - they merely need to help the gardeners raise $16 million dollars. Or get together and loan them the money personally. Or co-sign for a bank loan!

Robert Kennedy claims that Bush stole the 2004 election, and Colbert pretends to disagree.

  • Colbert did ask a very ballsy question, but he then let Kennedy get by with a bullshit answer.
  • Colbert asked, "Which was easier - for Bush to steal Ohio in 2004 or for your Uncle Jack to steal Illinois in 1960?"
  • Kennedy responded that both were wrong, but Ohio swung the election, while JFK would still have won the election if he had lost Illinois.
  • Colbert let that slide, but his correct response should have then been, "But Illinois was not the only state JFK stole. The Democrats stole both Texas and Illinois, and that combination DID swing the election."
  • Colbert was on the verge of raising an excellent point. It may be true that President Bush stole the 2004 election from John Kerry (I have not studied this, but it certainly seems possible), but it is certainly ironic that it has become a crusade for a guy whose Uncle Jack stole the 1960 election by out-tricking ol' Tricky Dick himself.

Stephen Colbert puts U.S. News and World Report editor-in-chief Mort Zuckerman on notice.

Colbert's "Tip o' the Hat, Wag o' the Finger"

Jon Stewart talks about the World Cup

Jon Stewart talks to Thomas Friedman of the New York Times

The Daily Show reflects on the al-Zarqawi death.

DAILY SHOW: The Zarq-man's successor. "A top-level al Qaeda executive gets the corner cave and key to executive rape room."

Jon Stewart looks at the Zarqawi autopsy - The Early Report for June 12

Welcome to my vintage sex photo diary & pic dump."

A&E to air the Rock, Paper, Scissors championship on June 17th

The Weekend Warrior's predictions for the upcoming weekend

  • There are four new releases this week, and he slots them in 2-3-4-5, with none of them strong enough to unseat Cars.
  • The top twelve did $129.5m last year, and his predictions call for about an 18-19% improvement over that. If accurate, that result will represent a step above the level of the last five weeks, none of which have included double-figure improvement. His total does seem reasonable, in that it is just a hair higher than last week's actual.
  • My observation has been that weeks with many new entries are usually disappointing compared to weeks with a real powerhouse champion.
  • The wild card for this week is Al Gore's movie, which expands to 500 theaters and could sneak onto the leaderboard.

This week's movie (about 3000 screens): The Lake House - 50% positive reviews.

  • Mixed reviews, tending toward positive. Ebert and Roeper gave it two thumbs up. Variety and Hollywood Reporter were unenthusiastic, but they did offer some compliments.

Six clips from The Lake House, an offbeat new romantic comedy with Keanu and Sandra Bullock.

GALLON OF GAS FETCHES RECORD PRICE AT SOTHEBY'S ... Collectors Shun Picassos, Snap Up Petroleum

The Chosen One's t-shirt sends disciples into a fashion frenzy

McCartney's wife to sue tabloid over prostitution claim

He's definitely ready for the NBA. Ex-Duke star Redick charged with drunken driving

Larry the Cable Guy before he learned cable repair.

SAD: Keep Screech from being homeless in Wisconsin

5 Things That Automatically Make A Man A Loser

The Ugly Concept Vehicles Of The Near Future

Uwe Boll Challenges Tarantino and his critics.

  • Director/nutcase Uwe Boll wants to beat the crap out of his critics in a boxing ring!

Transparent Screen Illusion

  • The webmaster says: "I really have no idea how this guy managed to make his laptop transparent, even when he keeps moving it!"

Leno to host Carlin and Coulter on Wednesday night

URL says it all:

  • Here is their self-description: "A HUGE free resource for those who love naturally big breasts. The Big Breast Archive celebrates the beauty of large natural breasts: retro and modern. It's completely free and guarantees you a high-quality surfing experience: no popups, no blind links, no silicone tits and no tasteless hardcore."

No, really. There is absolutely nothing gay about this lobby card of Superman.




Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Thinking XXX (2004)

Thinking XXX was originally an HBO special, and documents a photo shoot by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders using a very large format camera. His subjects? Thirty porn stars. His goal was to produce an art show and a book, with a fully dressed and a naked shot of each star in the same pose. In between shots, the stars talk about the industry, and are refreshingly candid. There are also interviews with the likes of John Waters, Gore Vidal and Nancy Friday.

Everyone shows everything except Jenna Jameson, who only shows her breasts. This list of women includes:

Cristy Canyon

Jesse Jane

Heather Hunter

Tera Patrick

Briana Banks

Sunrise Adams

Ginger Lynn

Reina Leone

Kira Kener


May Ling Su

Tawny Roberts

Mari Possa

Sharon Mitchell

Savanna Samson

Gina Lynn


Nina Hartley


Jenna Jameson



The new DVD is an expanded version of the HBO special, and contains more nudity than even I have the patience to capture. I have included the final stills of each woman, and a few collages of mega star Jenna Jameson, and veteran porn queen Nina Hartley. These will give you an idea of the DVD contents.

IMDb readers say 5.6. There are several varied reasons why you might want to watch this DVD. Obviously, there is a lot of flesh, both young and historical. Some of the insights into the porn industry are interesting. The antique large format camera used for the final images is amazing, and watching the photographer and his assistants at work is of great interest to those interested in photography. I suppose the genre is documentary, and this is a C-, not of general interest, but fascinating for some.








Got 18 more collages and a mess o' clips of Dahlia Grey in "Wet"  (1998).  She is joined, in a most active way, by Avalon, the nom de porn of Tracy Ryan, aka Tracy Smith.


Film clips (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)







“Giulia” is a 60 min. film “presented by” Tinto Brass and written/directed by Roy Stuart.

It seems that Giulia (Polish Anna Bielska, credited as Anna Biella) is a dance student. She tells her mother (played by Tina Aumont) she’ll go to Rome. They have an argument. Giulia goes to Rome and wanders around, in cathedrals and various monuments. She performs in a live sex show. Then we see her having lesbian sex with a girlfriend. See visits her dance teachers’ apartment. There she has sex with a man. Then we see some more monuments and churches and some more naked Giulia.

The end.

Shot on video, the film tries to be atmospheric using smoke, shadows, hand-held camera work and annoying “rock” music (Bielska provided most of the vocals too). It’s all very pretentious and boring but the main attraction is Anna Bielska in some good explicit sex scenes. Apparently Roy Stuart specializes in amateur porn films and leg fetish photo books. He has a website and sells his stuff (    

Anna Bielska



1)  Hey Scoopy, people have told me that Tina Aumont has posed in hardcore photo shoots for magazines. Have you seen/do you know anything about that? 

I'm not sure. It depends on your definition of hardcore. I have seen some pictures of her posed with her legs spread, with not much visible through a massive thicket of pubes. Celebrity Sleuth ran a few samples way back in 1991. Is this what you mean?

If not, then I have never heard of her having done anything more explicit than that. Maybe some of our readers can weigh in on this matter.

2)      Do you think you can post a link to my free site?





Dann reports on Mr. Hell

B-Movie horror flick from 2006 will be enjoyable to horror fans; others won't like it much.

Mr. Hell, a janitor working in a biological weapons lab, kills people for fun and takes their eyes to get their souls. He kills a lab scientist in front of the guy's daughter before being dissolved in a vat of corrosive acid.

Twelve years later, the daughter has grown up to become a security guard at the same lab. Two idiot workers accidentally spill some stored chemical waste and, in the process, release Mr. Hell's remains. Naturally, he starts killing again.

For fans of bloody (and somewhat lame) horror only.

Tracy Smith






Stopped off in 1998 with the Time Machine to get some cheaper fuel.

While we are here, let's take a look at "Intimate Nights," a softcore erotic flick.

The lead actress is J. Cynthia Brooks, who plays a stripper being stalked by a killer. She has a detective assigned to protect her and of course she beds him. Breasts, plus a blink-and-you-will-miss-it bush shot. Also a clothed, handcuffed to the refrigerator, "babe in bondage" scene.  I just don't think she is that hot.


Cute Lori Dawn Messuri shows breasts.

Kim Yates should have had the lead, but instead she plays the detective's girl friend. Now this girl is hot. Full frontal from Kim.





Inspired by the inquiry about Tina Aumont, here she is in Lifespan, performing various Hankster-approved activities.


Pat's comments in yellow...

Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry signed into law a new bill that lists items deemed "harmful to minors," which categorizes video games with "inappropriate violence" alongside hardcore pornography.  The new law covers any game that "lacks serious literary, scientific, medical, artistic or political value," trivializes the seriousness of real violence, uses violence to shock or stimulate or as the entire plot, glorifies torture or excessive weaponry, or depicts lead characters who resort to violence freely.  The law makes it a felony to sell, rent or display such games to minors, and they must be kept hidden away, like porn.

*  They will join drugs, porn, cigarettes and booze as things that minors can't possibly obtain. 

*  Actually, it only applies to games whose plot and characters depend solely on mindless, excessive violence, which pretty much means every game since Donkey Kong. 

Oregon State University researchers discovered that xanthohumol, a compound found in the hops in beer, may help prevent prostate cancer, but you'd have to drink 17 beers a day to get enough to do any good

... Woo-hoo!  I'm not getting prostate cancer!

...This explains why there are so few prostate cancer cases on college campuses.