Marlee Matlin D'OH! In my mad rush for glory yesterday, I forgot one small detail....I forgot to hook up the doll! (Sorry, just had a John Hughes flashback) Actually, I mistakenly credited someone else for FR's hard work. it is again, along with a humble apology...Marlee Matlin in "Two Shades of Blue"
Halle Berry Halle and Sarah both from a recent Awards show. Probably the Academy of Award Show Awards, recognizing excellence in Award Show achievements. Seriously does it really matter anymore? I think in the past 5 years we have gone from having about a dozen award shows to something like 50. Enough is enough, although Sarah is wearing a particularly low cut dress...very nice!
Sarah Jessica Parker
Massive Italian Breasts
Deborah Caprioglio Vidcaps
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20,
21, 22, 23, 24, 25)
Not being Italian (although many friends have argued that my Saturday Night Fever, wind tunnel tested, pompadour hair-do qualifies me as one) makes it a little difficult to comment effectively with regards to the acting ability of Ms. Caprioglio. The best I can do is pass along the little bit of info I do have, and give you a nudity breakdown. Starting with the info....Massive, getting close to Springer sized, breasts. And they're real!

The Vidcaps: From "Smile of the Fox". All images except #'s 18 and 22 feature the mammoth mammeries. #4 and #18 feature some posterior views, and #22 and 23 have some bondage stuff.

Aurelie Claudel Scoop Sr and I both agree that we think he does a beautiful job in taking the fashion/runway nudity and making it very stylish.
Jade Parfitt  
Kim Ilginsky  
Amy Nemec  
Aurelie Claudel  
Audrey Marnay  
Haylynn Cohen  
Carolyn Murphy  
Angela Lindvall  
Carolyn Murphy
El Kabong
Giselle (1, 2, 3) The 19 year-old model on the cover and interior of the latest George magazine.
Asia Carrera Doing what she does From the Erotic X Film Guide
A little help from a viewer named Oz

Firstly, there are two captures from last Thursday's Leno show. The show has
Kelly from Destiny's Child (at least, I think it is Kelly - I am not a fan) showing a bit more than she intended. There are a couple of exposures from their performance and one when they went to sit down when at the end. She discovers the problem and puts it right when she goes to put on the microphone shown in the second collage.

The second part are captures from Alvin Rides Again. Last week somebody on Snowblind's BBS requested them, but I feel they should have a wider audience.

As you've noted before on the Fun House, Australia had a lot of nudity and sex-related movies and television shows in the seventies. Alvin Purple and Alvin Rides Again are just two of the movies. Alvin Purple was also a TV series. It stars Graeme Blundell as Alvin Purple, who has the unfortunate problem of being irresistible to women.

Alvin Rides Again starts in a job centre with Alvin looking for a job. His other problem is that he cannot keep a job, usually because women tire him out and he is sacked as he cannot do his work properly. His first job is as a window cleaner where he meets Judy Stevenson. (The quality is a little poor because the camera is looking through a window.) He then becomes an office cleaner where he meets Candy Raymond. And we haven't even come to the opening credits! His next job is as a taxi driver with Briony Behets as the passenger. (Shades of Angie Dickinson in Dressed to Kill.)

He then decides he has had enough of women and heads to the country. His car breaks down and he meets Abigail at the garage/store. Their car is not repairable so they hitch a lift with a bus load of school-girl cricketers. Despite the obvious opportunities, for a while Alvin is celibate.

Eventually, they meet up with a gangster Balls McGee, also played by Graeme Blundell. He is accidentally killed and Alvin is forced to impersonate him. This includes having fun with Balls' three girlfriends, played by Kris McQuade, Arna-Maria Winchester and a third woman.

However, Alvin's main love in this film turns out to be the girlfriend of Balls' arch enemy, Fingers. Her name Boobs la Touche and she is played by Chantal Contouri. They spend the night in a car which turns into a car chase the next morning. That explains the convoluted dressing scene by Boobs. The film ends happily after a shoot out on a ship (don't ask!).

Not one of the cinematic masterpieces but a lot of interest to a growing boy.

In the news
Nicole Ansari and Johanna Wokalek (1, 2, 3) Great topless (#3 also has full frontal) 'caps from "Alma A Show Biz ans Ende". #1 is Nicole only, #2 and 3 feature both actresses. I believe this is the Fun House debut for 'caps from this movie!
Anastasia Fielding (1, 2, 3) Nekkid in a that's entertainment! Vidcaps from the movie "Slipping Into Darkness".
Anastasia and friends One more from "Slipping Into Darkness". Bonus players are Michelle Johnson, Cristen Kauffman, and Nancy Duncan.
Camelia Kath Vidcaps from "The Killing Time". Haven't seen this one, but I really need to. What a great B-movie line up! Beau "The other son" Bridges, Kiefer Sutherland, Wayne "Without MASH I have no career" Rogers, Michael "B movie tough guy extraordinaire" Madsen, and of course...the legendary Joe Don Baker!
Lorissa McComas Extreme see-thru stuff from "The Bare Wench Project".
Inés Sastre Very sexy scan of the Spanish actress, by Blackshine.
Irene Jacob From "Big Brass Ring", by Graphic Response
Margrit Sartorius Something for those of us watching German TV. Vidcaps from "Stürmischer Sommer"
and ...
An interesting article about the recent Kylie Minogue pics from GQ.

Sunday Times article:

GQ, the gentlemen's magazine that errs against being too laddish, is facing accusations of being an absolute bounder. Its caddish behaviour? Removing the knickers of Kylie Minogue, the pop chanteuse, while she was not looking. The July issue of the magazine features a front cover photograph of Minogue in a tennis skirt scratching her naked bottom in a takeoff of a famous 1970s Athena poster.
The shot, and others inside of Minogue equally knickerless, has earned GQ acres of free publicity and sent sales soaring.
But Minogue, who first found fame as a girl next door type in the soap Neighbours, dressed in nothing more sexy than a pair of dungarees, insists she is not that type of girl.
She says she was wearing underwear throughout the shoot with Terry Richardson, a re-spected fashion photographer, and that it was airbrushed out by GQ without her permission.
A friend of the star said: "Kylie is feeling miffed. Some people have attacked the pictures because they think she is going too far. She was wearing pants and, lo and behold, when GQ appeared, they had been removed."
In one of the photographs the lines of a thong can still be seen on what otherwise appears to be her naked bottom.
Minogue, who told GQ that she found it hard to understand the male fascination with her, said: "I was a bit surprised that between doing the shoot and GQ appearing on the shelf my knickers had got lost."
Richardson was in Japan, unavailable for comment and unaware of the fuss. But Dylan Jones, GQ's editor, denied any ungentlemanly conduct. "She always knew that this was the idea and that her knickers might fall off at the appropriate moment," he said.
"It is her bottom. We have not superimposed anyone else's. All the pictures were approved; she saw the pictures before publication. And it is great as bottoms go."
"It was all done as a homage to the famous Athena bottom-scratching poster. As Kenny Everett used to say, it was all done in the best possible taste."
It is also proving to be very successful, helping push GQ sales towards the 150,000 mark. "It certainly compares with our covers showing Caprice's and Liz Hurley's bottoms," said Jones.
Minogue's office said they did see the pictures before publication, but the singer was still wearing underwear in the shots they saw. "GQ have been a bit naughty," said a spokesman.

From Scoop Sr:
The great question of the 21st century....Where does reality end and fiction begin - is everything "virtual"?
In the future, everything will be faked for 15 minutes.

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Yesterday I rented 8 new releases from Blockbuster, aboiut a typical Tuesday for me. I didn't even get through the first one of them. The movie took me by surprise. So much nudity, including two pretty big names, that I spent all day on it. So, I guess you'll have to wait until tomorrow for my new releases overview. And then you'll see which new release I am talking about. Should be a nice treat.


"The Hot Spot", from Tuna

Is this the most "capped" movie in history? Has to be close. New on DVD yesterday. You have to wonder about Connelly interrupting her career for college. This kind of breaks the "strike while the iron is hot" principle. She was a very marketable and visible property and just disappeared into the woodwork for a while, working only part-time. Of course, it's sensible and meritorious to earn an Ivy league diploma, but you wonder how much earning power it cost her. Plus those gigantic things will never look as good as they used to. She had to have had about the best natural chest in the business when this movie was made, but gravity has to take its toll as she ages, and it will affect her even more than it would affect a woman with less volume. And she has a lot of volume.

Tuna's comments: The Hot Spot is the story of a multi-talented crook who is equally at home selling used cars, robbing banks, committing assault and battery and arson, and killing people. In his copious free time, he has sex with the wife of his boss, and romances the one female employee. Oh, and he is the hero. The wife of the boss is not a very nice woman, and plays the evil role in this classic struggle of good vs evil. Gloria, (who does the books for the car dealership and embezzles money to pay her blackmailer) plays the role of good.

The entire story takes place in a sleepy small Texas town. I reckon the pace of the film would be a might slow even for them folks. Even two famous naked women and some anonymous strippers weren't enough to save this one for me. I suggest skipping it.

thumbnails Jennifer Connelly (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Virginia Madsen (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) Strippers (1, 2, 3)


"Married to the Mob", from Tuna

Jonathan Demme now does movies like "Beloved" and "Silence of the Lambs" and "Philadelphia". In his early days, he did exploitation crap like "Crazy Mama" and "Caged Heat". This particular movie is from neither period. It was made after he stopped slimebaggery, but before he became a genius/auteur. It's kinda like The Godfather with a sense of humor. You see, Demme used to have a sense of humor. Rumor has it that he and Tom Hanks both sold their senses of humor on the "Philadelphia" set to Antonio Banderas.

Most of you probably still remember that Hanks can be funny, but my daughter caught "Bachelor Party" on Comedy Central yeesterday, and she would not believe that was actually Tom Hanks. She thought I was kidding her. To anyone who has only seen him in the past 10 years, he seems drearier than Jeremy Irons.

Some nice looks at Nancy Travis in the hot tub and standing side/rear. Pfeiffer is dressed.

thumbnails Nancy Travis (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Michelle Pfeiffer (1, 2)


New material from GR

More "Sex and the City". Kim Cattrall in Episode 4 Anne Heche in "Psycho" (single image) Drew Barrymore in "Bad Girls"

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