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This was the only nudity in the entire run of the show.


Sophie Rundle


The All-American Girl


Peggy Church from The All-American Girl.  This movie preceded All-American Woman and is infinitely better in the exposure department.  Peggy had a spectacular body and showed it off early and often in her three-year career.  All-American girl was her penultimate movie and then, poof, she disappeared from the cinema scene in 1973.  Regrettable.  The caps come from a DVD-R made from VHS material so the images are none too clear.

also: Tracy Handfuss


This week, the movies mainly come from 1985 and 1986, with a couple from 1987.

Today's teasers:

Reform School Girls

Reform School Girls (1986) is a prison movie, so it has lots of naked and partially dressed women, and the obligatory shower scene. The women are:
Andrea Darnell

Darcy DeMoss

Denise Gordy

Laurie Schwartz

Leslee Bremmer

Linda Carol

Michelle Bauer

Robin Watkins

Sherri Stoner

Tiffany Helm

Wendy O. Williams

Winifred Freedman

A few not identified

School Spirit

School Spirit (1985) is a teen movie with lots on show. The women are:

Becky LeBeau

Cynthia Harrison

Elizabeth Foxx

Jackie Easton

Leslee Bremmer

Marlene Janssen

Marta Kober

Pamela Ward

Toni Hudson

Some not identified



Emma Booth

J-Lo (non-nude)


I Give It A Year


Rose Byrne (non-nude)

Film/TV clips

Here's Rachel McAdams and Olga Kurylenko in Terrence Malick's To The Wonder, this time in 1080p



America Olivo and lots of others in No One Lives (2012) in 1080p

Danielle Cormack in Rake (2010-2012)

Maria Popistasu in My Mother My Bride and I (2008)

Andrea Riseborough in Love You More (2008)


Sarah Shahi see-through in Static (2012)

Marta Dusseldorp in "A Place to Call Home"

Former Swedish Olympian (crossbow) Sara Boberg


A few from Celebrity Bottoms:

Alma Hasun on stage in Tales of the Vienna Woods

Freida Pinto in Immortals

Leah Ayres in The Burning

Mariah Bonner in Shadow People

Olga Arntgoltz in Russkoye

Sophie Quinton in Avril

Sylvia Hoeks in The Best Offer

Zoe Tapper in Blood